[⁸⁰Hg] Mercury (2013)

[⁸⁰Hg] Mercury by One of those / nu_be
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[⁸⁰Hg] Mercury is a perfume by One of those / nu_be for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is synthetic-fruity. It is still in production.

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Antoine Lie

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesAldehydes, Mandarin, Rhubarb, Blackcurrant, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesGeranium, Violet
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli, Sandalwood, Tolu balm, Cedarwood



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Greatly helpful Review    28
"He's got a dare!"
...I thought.
Not for the first time when testing a fragrance from the retort of Antoine Lie, not for the last time probably too.
He's got a little nerve.
He makes fragrances without regard to losses, to personal sensitivities, makes fragrances for wrinkled noses, raised eyebrows, for corners of the mouth that don't know what to do anymore.
Fragrances like "Sécretions Magnifiques", which experiences a negative hype like hardly any other.
Fragrances like "Divin' Enfant", the fallen angel, like "Eau de Protection", the metal thorn rose.
Fragrances that shake us, shake us up, do some things to us - but they don't do one thing: they don't leave us cold.

And "[80Hg] Mercury" began rather harmlessly, lulled me to safety for two, three, four seconds - aquatic men's mainstream rose from puddled skin, unspectacular, well-known, disappointing.
After these few seconds, "[80Hg] Mercury" began to shine, to shimmer, metallic icy ozone flowed out and pushed my synapses into "Sécretions Magnifiques", the fear boss of dozens of noses.
The same harsh cold, the same sharp white, the same "close your nose".
Of course, dimmed down here, but a sibling, an uncle or nephew.
You have to - like it, certainly.
First of all, however, endure, because a perfume, a fragrance that is now rather not.

Mercury, the eponym of "[80Hg] Mercury", is regarded as one of the most fascinating and at the same time most toxic elements of the periodic table.
Known as liquid silver, as bold silver, with its silver-white, drop-forming surface it appeals both to the aesthetic sensation and the play instinct - an attractive, repulsive play with death, which Antoine Lie does not play analogously with my nose in "[80Hg] Mercury", but which he makes comprehensible to me, by juxtaposing the cold, clinking facets with sweetish nuances, silky soft powders and dark, almost coked, smoke-blackened notes of wood that can only be discerned at some distance from the skin, while the relationship with "Sécretions Magnifiques" remains predominant right up to the end, close to the skin.

Between these two poles, a fundamentally different perception of smell develops with increasing wearing time, which contains sweet, floral, unpleasant alcoholic aspects that remind me of Josh Meyer's "L'Orchidée Terrible" and my cellar spirit associations there - a memory that I had previously successfully suppressed, but which now floods my senses with power.
That is and does not do me good - it pinches me in the stomach, gives me a leg to my well-being.
Is that supposed to be a warning, a "Don't come near me!"?

Three days we spent together, "[80Hg] Mercury" and me.
Three days in which not much has changed in my perception - apart from this third day, which began rather citrus-fresh, before the blink of an eye later showed metal and icy cold.
Three days in which people didn't come quite so close to me, in which many a glance grazed me, which I don't really know how to interpret - but in which I am very happy that the man at my side is not at the place right now.
He would - I know that - be heavy with this scent, heavy with me who carry him.
And a fourth day, forgive me, I won't do it to myself...
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Secretions Manifiques Deux?!?...
Mercury is a composition where emotions completely drive the experience more than any note breakdown could. As such, skipping the usual more objective note breakdown, let's just jump to what kind of emotions it conjures to *this* person...

When first applied on skin Mercury starts off quite fresh and moderately pleasant smelling. That is the highlight of its development. It is all scary bad from here on out unfortunately. After the fresh opening, the composition turns quite milky and very metallic smelling conjuring up a cross between coconut milk and blood. The sharp violet driven metallic bloody aspect is the dominant heart component with the coconut milk used in odd unsettling support. Things are pretty linear through the late dry-down as the composition only softens but keeps the same profile throughout. If "blood" and "milky accord" sound vaguely familiar, keep in mind the perfumer behind this sadist offering is none other than the one who conjured up my least-liked composition, Secretions Manifiques by ELdO. There are far too many similarities between these for my comfort zone to withstand and to call this a slightly less intense version of that disgusting composition would not be too far off the mark. Projection is above average and longevity about 10 terrifying hours on skin.

The bottom line is that Mercury is yet another horrific composition by Mr. Lie that should be avoided at all cost unless you are one of the select few who enjoyed Secretions Manifiques. If you did enjoy it, then Mercury will near certainly appeal to you. Just one polite request... If you plan to wear either of them, please make sure I am nowhere in the same vicinity. The $150 per 100ml bottle Mercury gets an almost unheard of "extremely poor" rating of 1/2 star out of 5 and the biggest avoid recommendation I can muster. Please Mr. Lie, no more!
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