Mirage by Oriflame

Mirage 2010

27.10.2020 - 07:50 PM

Dark, enigmatic and borderline gourmand

Mirage is easily one of the best from Oriflame's numerous perfume products.

The rich and enigmatic mixture of cool greens of elemi and vetiver with spicy, sweet, almost sticky combination of orange peel, cinnamon and amber. It doesn't feel like it has the classic "three steps" pyramid development, because all the notes have a tendency to reappear again after some time.
It is balsamic, slightly fruity and sweet, borderline gourmand, but not really edible, and finely balances on the verge of falling into gourmand category but never quite does it.

When it first came out and I just started to wear it I was overwhelmed and all I could feel was cherry jam (that is how I perceived cinnamon back then) with a hint of something cold and minty (elemi and vetiver). But after several years of periodical use the main notes for me became cinnamon, cardamom (not listed in the pyramid) and soft amber.

This scent is certainly on the heavy side, and my only concern with it is the projection, which after a while feels quite subtle, but than again if it were more pronounced it perhaps would lose some of its magic for me.

I wasn't able to find any substitute as of today, but thankfully I still have 4 bottles of this beauty stashed.
A very uncommon fragrance which stands on it's own not only among any other releases from the brand, but on the perfume market in general.
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