Puressence by Ecobeauty by Oriflame

Puressence by Ecobeauty 2012

17.06.2013 - 04:31 PM
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Pure essence of green.

Puressence like a sparkling moisture on the side of a "sweating" glass in the summer heat. Or it's like a refreshing green ice tea with ice cubes inside without sugar.

I like Puressence. I like it, because it's not like another typical Oriflame creation with fruity and sweet elements inside. Puressence is different.Literally a pure essence of green and herbacious ingredients.Refreshing yet smooth and harmonious mixture of the notes.

After the vehemence and loud start the pungent bitterness of the orange blossom settles down quickly into a fizzy-smokiness.Piquant basil and earthy vetiver sweetens by ylang. The final result is like a green basil smoke.

It's understandable, this new innovation is divides the camp of the Oriflame fans, but I like the conception of this perfume, finally Oriflame entered the new perspectives of the unisex olfactory challenges.Yes,I think chemistry of man's skin would beautifully amplifies the vetiver in this fragrance.

Due this is an eco perfume, unfortunately it's doesn't last too long on the skin but it otherwise it feels made from quality ingredients and it smells very natural.

...and last but not least...generally I don't care perfume bottles.I purchase my perfumes for the liquid inside.But I have to say this bottle is adorable.I like its design, the colour and the shape of it and the wooden cap is just genius!!:)

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