Mandorla (Eau de Parfum) by Ortigia

Mandorla Eau de Parfum

16.02.2020 - 07:03 PM

Almonds, then Baby Powder

Mandorla opens at first spray with the scent of a freshly cracked, green almond fruit and its raw almond inside. Smells a little green along with the gentle aroma of the white raw almond and it feels a little starchy.

Quickly it transforms into the scent of dried bitter almonds (which, despite the name, they don't smell bitter) with black cherry undertones. It reminds me of amaretti or marzipan without much of the sugary aspect.

Shortly after, the perfume enters its second longest stage. There are only a few traces of the almond left, leaving the spotlight to sweet, strong, warm babypowder. It feels clean and a little bit of old soaps.
My roommate said: "Hey, it smells like Iris by Erbolario!" I guess it is a little true, especially for the warm powderyness they share. Although similar, I don't think they're identical.

It ends in a soft vanilla pod drydown.

It's a feminine perfume that begins with a brief but lovely bitter almond scent and transforms shortly afterwards into something more like a babypowder cloud after a bath.
I like it, although strong, but I wish the almond scent lasted longer...

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