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Interesting Facts

To say that "Paco Rabanne" is a trend-setter doesn’t do the brand enough justice. Some would also say that this brand is constructive and unusual too.

Born in 1934, Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo was interested in unusual materials, new forms and modern techniques from an early age. Therefore, he began studying architecture in 1952, but then immediately worked as a fashion designer for many popular brands at the time. His creations quickly drew a great deal of people’s attention.

This was followed by the first collection (1966), groundbreaking film costumes (1968) and fashion fairs, which, as a novelty, were accompanied by current pop and rock music.

Today, the "Paco Rabanne" brand sells clothing, shoes & bags, accessories and, of course, fragrances and perfumes which make up a large part of the brand’s product mix.

Many of the label's fragrance creations are characterised by an emphatically fruity note and a slightly sweet aroma. This is especially true of the "1 Million" Eau de Toilette, the iconic "Paco Rabanne" fragrance. Here, peppermint, rose petals, mandarin and cinnamon were the main ingredients.

Also in great demand is "Black XS", a fragrance offered for men (Eau de Toilette) and for women (for Her).

Third place in the hit parade of fragrances is occupied by "Paco Rabanne's" creation "Invictus (Eau de Toilette)". Again, this is a rather sweet fragrance who’s aroma is based on jasmine, grapefruit and amber. Invictus" is available as an eau de toilette, as "Invictus Aqua" and as "Invictus Silver Cup" (men).

When it comes to marketing, Paco Rabanne’s fragrances always know how to skilfully stand out from other brands. The bottle of the Eau de Toilette "1 Million", which looks like an imitation gold bar, is almost legendary.

Paco Rabanne likes to use fresh and unfeatured faces for its own PR campaigns. Some examples include Mat Gordon (model), Nick Youngquest (rugby player) and Luma Grothe (model).
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