Lady Million Empire (2019)

Lady Million Empire by Paco Rabanne
Bottle Design Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance
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Lady Million Empire is a new perfume by Paco Rabanne for women and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-floral. It is being marketed by Puig.

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Fragrance Notes

Cognac, Cherry plum, Magnolia, Osmanthus absolute, Orange blossom, White patchouli, Vanilla



7.0 (36 Ratings)


7.6 (30 Ratings)


7.0 (30 Ratings)


6.3 (43 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 14.11.2019.

Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is model London Myers.
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0 Reviews
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Less helpful Review    5
Cake :D ?!?
I was at the Douglas yesterday to get a present but of course also to get a taste of new products. Empire was also on my list and when I sprayed him on and smelled it, it smelled for me just like a sweet but also fruity cake... but not like you now maybe think it smells for me really like cake But not like you would smell a cake, but like you have an absolutely perfect fruity and sweetened piece of cake in your mouth but not artificial or like you're used to sweet scents.... yes yes I know I hardly describe the scents as some professional do it here, but I can't borrow too much for that either, although I love scents very much I always look at it differently. Luckily I got a sample of empire when I paid :D I showed the scent of my mama, and she also said it was enough for her after cake :D
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Greatly helpful Review    13
A chance for the nuance
Today I hurried again through Kstadt, because the husband was my companion and he is strangers to strolling.

But a new Lady Million operator slowed me down.

"You got everything! " it hummed from behind.

No ! Not at all! I don't have this shapely Brilli in pink with gold.

And the sprayerle made me stop.

The lady genes are present, but there is a fine nuance that I don't know yet - but which I like very much.
May it be the shot of Cognac, which in combination with the noble Osmantus pleasantly bizzelt?
Somehow this lady smells cheerfully humid.
But it's just a mica - a nuance - that attracts me because of it.

Patch joins friendly and the vanilla is a sweet cushion.

This lady is light-hearted and laid on to strokes and offers itself afterwards as a soft cuddly cushion on which one can dream unrestrainedly.

She will be accepted into the Lady Clique.

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3.0 9.0 10.0 8.0/10

468 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    44
The market, the rules..
"My Empire, my rules," that's what Number 45 likes to say in a modified form. World empire dreams and princesses - fantasies are excellently served here by the brand Paco Rabanne from Puig. The pink bottle has such a high trash factor that Barbie and Ken would love to have it in their plastic palace in the guest toilet. To Heidi and her drummer the styling would also fit well.

This can no longer be seriously considered as "cultural criticism", or?
If a heady inti fragrance for vernissage - permanent guests and true niche experts (among whom I really don't count) - costs 200 euros and is presented in a purist bottle of recycled glass from Kosovo, then nobody will bump into it. On the contrary. Rare distribution etc. If the content is also largely "natural", with ecologically grown roses from the Hindu Kush and jasmine from Idlib, guaranteed to be produced without child labour, yes, then the "Eau des larmes d'un enfant abandonné à l'extrême" (let's call it that for simplicity's sake) has a good chance of being very, very highly hyped.
Lady Million Empire does not need to perform such contortions. The name Lady Million is established and appeals to the masses, especially young women, who constantly post their latest achievements in fashion and cosmetics and would like to be "influencers", even if in real life it is only their clique that reaches them with their daily, multiple posts.

The perfume market is hotly contested, countless new launches wait monthly, almost daily for customers who want to get a feeling of social belonging with the purchase of a generally recognized perfume.
The acquisition of a fragrance such as Lady Million Empire increases the status within a particular social group.
Besides, the people of Puig are really, really clever. Through their constant and expensive market research, they always have their noses on the pulse of time, checking out what's hot and what's not.
Because Lady Million Empire doesn't smell bad at all.
On the contrary. It is a supermodern perfume, composed according to all the rules of the market, with a thoroughly exciting fragrance. The top note is an ingenious top-class fragrance chemistry. Fresh, impetuous, curious. Not at all as squeaky or flowery-fruity as usual with other blockbusters, but pleasant and lifting the mood like a cocktail of cognac and pink champagne. Sounds strange, but it works here. A certain dessert-like vanilla - gourmet note then determines the fragrance in the course. Apparently an artificial patchouli also plays the main role here with warm, but not too dark facets. The incorporated Osmanthus looks noble (1000 from Patou contains a lot of Osmanthus!) and not trashy at all.
I have to admit that I wouldn't wear Lady Empire myself, because I'm a boring classical fan who prefers to fog himself in with Mitsouko than with the latest Paco Rabanne. Although I would like to mention here now that I found my absolute favourite for life at that time, in the famous 80's, where supposedly all perfumes were better and every second was a masterpiece, namely a fragrance from Paco Rabanne. It's called "La Nuit" and it keeps causing me heart palpitations. It was or is a dark rosechypre with a supposedly "animal touch". He came out in 1985 and was not a big seller...

Lady Million and its male counterpart have been the cashcows of Paco Rabanne for years. Apparently the company has hit an absolute nerve here and serves its mostly younger clientele with cleverly composed perfumes.
The new Lady Million Empire could help Puig further expand its market power. In view of the fact that this is a European company, I am not so sad about it.
We live in this capitalist system and achieve a lot with our purchasing decisions. So suddenly a simple perfume purchase becomes a far-reaching act that says a lot about my personality and my attitude to life.
We buy complex industrial products with fragrances, whose references to our lives we should think about more often on different levels, not only on the purely olfactory one.
So. Enough chattering... i now want to take the opportunity to take it out in the end:
Guys, this stuff smells pretty awesome.

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Very helpful Review    8
My mantra - my Empire, my Rules :-)
i'm not a hardcore fan of PR fragrances, some I like very much (Calandre, Ultraviolet, Black XS) others don't like my skin chemistry (Olympea) and the LM Million range is nice but not necessarily mine. At LM Empire I admit I was attracted by the flacon & the advertising but I was sure I thought of another sweet mush. Then about 2 weeks ago I got a sample, the first sprayer...well fresh, flowery, becomes sweet, ok nice but like all new fragrances. At some point I noticed again and again a light but extremely pleasant note in me. Is that it? Could it be? Yes it can!

The scent starts with me fresh, flowery. The sweetness is added relatively quickly and remains for the time being. But no typical sweetness note a la LVEB etc. but a flowery pleasant soft sweetness. So after a good half hour it becomes more and more creamy, I don't perceive the cognac superficially, it underlines the other notes and produces in connection with the flowers and the vanilla an extremely attractive sweet note without killing or annoying the environment. The base remains well over half a day and is a harmonious mixture of all notes plus a fresh note which is added after the heart note and is only noticed by me from time to time. Whatever note it is, I don't care at the moment because the scent has already conquered me and that means something to me! The only small drop of bitterness is the durability, I would wish for a little more.

Now for the bottle: yes it looks a bit trashy but this pink is so beautiful :-) and also a bit funky and that fits the campaign. Oh yes and the saying my Empire, my Rules is a mantra from me

Conclusion: LM Empire is on my skin a modern floral-sweet sexy fragrance with that certain something and almost everywhere wearable. It's worth a test in any case!
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