Pure XS Night (2019)

Pure XS Night by Paco Rabanne
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Pure XS Night is a new perfume by Paco Rabanne for men and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-synthetic. It is being marketed by Puig.

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Ginger, Vanilla, Myrrh, Salted caramel, Cinnamon, Cocoa



6.2 (25 Ratings)


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7.2 (30 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 06.07.2019
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Very helpful Review    14
The Shisabar scent
"Pure XS Night" is a mixture of "Le Male" and "Eros", only more aggressive, more sugary, with caramel glaze and still a fresh kick. Close to Origianl but a little darker, a little more mature, but sometimes even more prolific, if you want to express it badly. I still kind of like him. It is very tasty, super sweet, super young, surprisingly never too scratchy on my skin (with light dosage). If I would still (often) go to parties and make the Cologne rings insecure, for example - this one would be absolutely on the shortlist. Because that's where he belongs. Into nightlife and neon lights, to shishabars and sex seekers, close to clubs, twerkers and vodkaredbulls. But with over 30 years of age it is difficult to integrate it into your everyday life...

"Pure XS Night is a beast. An alpha male through and through. Only naive 16, but eggs to the ground. You have to smirk. "Pure XS Night" goes all in for its artificiality. A caramelized sugar coating with a little myrrh and lots of vanilla. He'll stand out, he'll wake you up, he'll want anything. Get rich or die. Like the original, I like it. Bad taste done right. He's got something trashy, something immature. Naughty, frivolous and ungentlemanly. Embodies everything that has made men's designer perfumes great (and infamous and notorious) in this decade. In contrast, the One Million from ten years ago looks almost like an elegant gentleman. Pure night, pure eroticism. Just fresh out of the slimy head of a half-breed. And that of course has neither style, experience, skill, nor real sex appeal. Nevertheless: whoever can wear it with self-confidence and a sweet nose (discreetly dosed in the best case), has stayed young, should do so. I don't see why not. I'd certainly like to a few years ago. He's not embarrassing. At least if you know how to wear it. The right outfit, the right location, the right clientele. More cheap than cheap. But you can definitely wear it with a wink. Extroverted and anti-elegant.

Flacon: thick glass, beautiful colour gradient, great sprayer. Jung meets Kitsch kisses edel.
Sillage & durability: a bumper for club and bar. Hardly stops. Nine hours. More like more.

Conclusion: a typical Paco Rabanne, with all its advantages and disadvantages. Tough, sweet, youthful, playful, sexy (to a certain extent). And all this squared. For the target group a synthetic caramel cracker that does exactly what it is supposed to do: stick, attract attention, attract attention, sugar everything and everyone. And at best, panties drop. But you have to take care that these panties don't have Hello Kitty and Co. on them..
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Tastes may be different, but who wears a bite like this voluntarily?
It is well known that Paco Rabanne relies on those who project strongly in many of his fragrance creations and who are often offensive towards their fellow human beings. The XS Night is supposed to be a typical club scent. The bottle is relatively modern and captivates with a discreetly mystical blue exterior.
Let's get to the list of ingredients. Vanilla is included - already reads well. Cinnamon is here? Oh, very nice. Cocoa too? Look ... therefore the declaration as gourmadig-sweet scent.

Let's spray a small sprayer from the sample atomizer, which was enclosed with my delivery from a well-known online shop, onto my wrist.
Oh, it's loud. But it's not just loud. The opening is biting and brutal. I'm someone who doesn't find a slightly stinging beginning so disturbing, because after all I own the iris fragrance Prada L´Homme Intense, but this stinging synthetic nature doesn't let up at XS Night somehow. I know, of course, that you shouldn't judge a fragrance by its top note, but here I really feel the need to soap my wrist and treat it best with lye or sandpaper. However, I remain brave.

What is the next step?

Well, the synthetics remain, but the stinging, the biting, eases a little, but never in such a way that one could say it would be justifiable now. I actually smell the salted caramel slightly, as well as the vanilla. Otherwise, the fragrance remains surprisingly linear and retains its pungent top note character. It's about as exhausting as an iris scent retaining its top note. Who knows the iris bomb par excellence, Valentino Uomo Intense, should know how exhausting and penetrating this would be in the long run.

My conclusion:

One of the biggest failures of this brand. In the still quite nice looking bottle there is a sweet chemical broth with a pungent burning character, which gives the impression of wanting to kill everything within a radius of two meters - the Sillage is heavy ... unfortunately
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