Velvet Oudh by Panah

Velvet Oudh 2016

17.06.2018 - 12:21 AM

Classy Wearable Oud

This scent piece takes an elegant spin on modern oud fragrances. It's rosey with a champagne vibe(bitter and sweet on the backwash). I think it's the ambergris in the background that gives it that type of aquatic and bitter vibe to it. Still the florals are the key to this one. Rose and patchouli make this slightly green and floral but totally sexy on any woman or man who wears it. It projects about 4-5 feet for a good 6 hours on my skin and is a sweet skin scent after that like most rose-oud combinations. It's important to note that hardcore perfume people might complain if they don't get the medicinal oud smell( I love that skanky smell) on the first pump but you get a natural oud smell in the cloud that will linger for the few hours you have it on your skin.

If this were a designer it would be a Dior. It's not the first house to mix rose and oud but they made it out to be a floral oud and this fragrance would definitely fit amongst the more prominent houses that feature ouds like Tom Ford or MFK which I consider the top of the line when it comes to Oud. I think the Panah Company in London reached back to their roots in India to make a pleasant scent for the casual user whether the the user is a fan of oud or not. Both the simple and sexy design of the bottle make this collection worthy. This doesn't kick the same way some way an MFK scent would but that's part of what makes this a daily reach and viable in any weather/occasion. This perfume checks the major blocks on wearability and compliment factor(if you even care about that type of thing.)

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