30.10.2021 - 03:07 PM

A Walk Through A Enchanted Forest

Now this is a gorgeous 10 out of 10 green chypre fragrance that lasts over ten hours on my skin. It is one of the most complex scents I have experienced as there is so much going on.

On the opening I'm getting green hay, galbanum, oakmoss and then these floral parma violets take over. If you remember those parma violet candies as a kid well it smells like that but it's really beautiful. Lot's of earthy forestry smells with floral elements. It's very mossy just how I like my Chypre fragrance's. It really keeps your nose on it's toes so to speak.lol........ Big wow for me with this one, the quality just shines through. Did not think they made them like this anymore but here we are.

After about three hours or so I could pick up more of notes tobacco, iris, furry musk, vetiver and the oakmoss is to die for if you love the accord. Such a mossy warmth infused with the spirit of the forest. lol....... don't mean to get poetic there but if you smell this scent you will know what I mean. It's glorious!

What is very interesting is the constant shifting of the notes upon the skin. Every time you smell the fragrance you can pick up different notes and it constantly changes as time goes by. A example of this is I sprayed my chest and wrist and several hours into the drydown both areas smelled different. The scent from my chest area smelled like fresh iris and on my wrist I was picking up smoky green vetiver. And then nine to ten hours into the drydown it changed again smelling like the drydown of Knize Ten. Giving you sweet powdery floral accord, really heavenly.

All in all this is a fantastic perfume taking you on quite the journey through a enchanted forest as it constantly shifts and evolves on your skin. This fragrance is like a tribute to the old greats like the Guerlains of yesteryear. A massive thumbs up and then some from me. Love it!

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