Varon DandiVaron Dandy (1924) Eau de Cologne

Varon Dandi / Varon Dandy (Eau de Cologne) by Parera
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Varon Dandi is a popular perfume by Parera for men and was released in 1924. The scent is spicy-woody. It is still in production.

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Mr Knizes Spanish domestic servant
Four years ago, the previous speaker Cappellusman certified that Varon Dandy was a close relative of the old Austrian Grandseigneur fragrance par excellence, Knize Ten. Not only the fact that we are obviously dealing here with a variation of one of my favourite fragrances, but also the fact that this should not be a tired, late imitation (1924!) made a test inevitable. No, a blind buy! Almost eight euros for 100ml work in consideration of the promise like mockery, lower smell concentration back or forth.

Unfortunately, the old, roundish flacon design doesn't look too good for me anymore, but the reduced-edge version doesn't look bad either. The plastic cap reveals a classic splash device framed with a metal ring (imagine Old Spice with minimal opening). It's also an Eau de Cologne, so why not the cold punch in the hollow hand?

So is Varon Dandy really a fragrance twin to one of the great classics of the twentieth century? No, he might not be a twin. But indeed, a close relative. The substructure, the base, the two surrounding "air" is very similar, almost identical. But the decor - I don't want to talk about "top note", because it lasts almost to the end at Knize - is not. What with Knize the infinitely elegant, brandy rose together with stone fruit compote, is here an ethereal-alcoholic note, which reminds me, not only because of the origin of the house, of Spanish Hierbas: gentle, green-spicy background anise sweetness. Somewhat more angular, but also quite elegant (thanks to an indefinite, "serious flower", as Mrs Konsalik would like to add). Among them was the same, strict, slightly birch-tar-like leather association chord, with which the idea of leather was evoked at that time (and unfortunately hardly any more today). In the base, which begins on me already after about an hour, finally a soapy leather musk note emerges, which I also appreciate in other fragrances - see my comment to Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme. I can't put it any other way: I'm impressed! Bravo!

With all the nobility less exalted, somewhat more angular, "touching" and quite reserved in durability: Not quite the Privy Councillor, but perhaps his domestic servant. On weekends, they say, he even uses Varon Dandy as aftershave. After all, his salary is enough even for this wasteful use.
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Carlitos01 15 months ago
Varon Dandi sells for peanuts and it's still the same juice from more than 25 years ago: A spicy woody barbershop potion for a nice day.+2

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Johannes Heesters - der Dandy par excellence!
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