Verité by Parfum-Individual Harry Lehmann
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Verité is a popular perfume by Parfum-Individual Harry Lehmann for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is oriental-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Submitted by Apicius, last update on 20.10.2019.
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Santos for her, or I don't want to, but I have to.
Is there a "Lehmanniade"? Many of the fragrances from Harry Lehmann, which I have been able to smell so far, have a constant core chord for my nose, which - sometimes quieter, sometimes louder, but almost always perceptibly resonating - creates the relationship of the Lehmänner, similar to the famous "Guerlinade", which (still?) can be found in all fragrances of the house Guerlain. I am not capable of deciphering, but I think that a combination of moss, aldehydes and grassy-fougère-like notes regularly forms a nucleus around which the sometimes very different Lehman scents were composed. The impression conveyed in the background is always a very soigned one and a bit more decoupled from the world and the present. A well maintained manor house - which also makes the unisex claim of Lehman fragrances plausible to a certain extent. Not only the Grande Dame lives in such a house, but also the Grand monsieur. Even the formally feminine looking Lehmänner can be worn by self-confident gentlemen by their somehow strict core fallen out of time; conversely, the same applies to the more masculine fragrances for free ladies.

Also with "Verité" I mean to be able to make out this - in the truest sense - "brand core" in variation. Especially in the first hour all sorts of bitter ferns and garden herbs lie over the mysterious dark red underground. When these have distorted, it becomes warm and austere: the seriousness of real eroticism. A cinnamon-patchouli dual on warm vanilla, which never becomes "cuddly" or cosy due to consciously used floral notes and remaining aldehydes, no: Verité remains aggressive, fixes the opposite. Promise and threat at the same time. Wait a minute, why am I writing so awful?! Do I publish penny novels now? "Tender robbers, anthology in large print"? Got a real heartbeat (no kidding!). A truly remarkable perfume, with deeper vanilla and floral notes, that makes me think of Cartier's "Santos" as a slightly more feminine, femme-fatal-like version, almost on a twin fragrance level in the last third. And one that really briefly blocked my analytical distance.

Then I scroll through the previous comments to find out the approximate age of the fragrance.




Very old so, one of the early Lehmänner.

Roaring Twenties in Berlin? Fits.
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A Berlin Style Oriental
Verité is a true oriental like hardly any other. Patchouli and vanilla, maybe also ambergris paint an picture of sheer opulence, strength and intensity. At Harry Lehmann they do not release scent notes but at least the current owner of Harry Lehmann (it seems still family business!) told me that patchouli is in it. You feel it right from the start where it is lightened with a light citrus note. Soon something vanillic is joining in making Verité a nicely inexpensive alternative to Nobile 1942's Anonimo Veneziano or – among the gent's perfumes – the Eau de Parfum version of Boucheron's Jaïpur pour Homme.

IMHO, a vanilla and patchouli bomb is always at the brink of being cloyingly sweetish and broad. A hard to define medical note at the beginning holds against that tendency, but it fades away after a while. Nevertheless something else which is not so easy to discover soon takes over the opposite part to patchouli and vanilla. I finally got it during my last wear – it must be lavender!

Lavender is very discernible in all kinds of lavender waters but in a fragrance that is not entirely focussed upon that herb, it may hide very well. Here the vanilla and patchouli are so strong that a huge dash of lavender was admitted into Verité. Actually I never found a lavender note being so strong and even long-lasting in any perfume that is not a lavender soliflor. In fact that what I perceive as lavender is going a long way all though the drydown which is not very typical for that fleeting note, and so I am not so sure if my note-guessing is helpful. Anyway, whatever it is, it does its job.

Patchouli and vanilla bombs are not for the weak and shy. I'd recommend Verité and the other fragrances of that group rather for the cold seasons. Verité is wonderfully opulent and old-fashioned. It is truly a try if you dare perfume, and a good choice if you do not want to pay the niche perfume price for Anonimo Veneziano.

Harry Lehmann perfumes are something very special considering the price – they are really, really inexpensive. Harry Lehmann - founded in the 1920's - is one of the very few traditional perfume manufactures in Germany that has survived the times, probably due to political reasons. Their location in the formerly enclosed West-Berlin must have had a kind of preserving effect. Their shop in the Kantstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg is a must see and an insider's tip. It still has its original design from the 1950's, and it apparently hasn't seen much paint since then. You don't see the perfume at first – the room is stuffed with silk flowers of all colours and kinds – whereas the perfumes are displayed on one side of the room on a table in big balloon bottles! You can have a sniff at the glass stoppers. You simply buy a flacon there for small money which they will fill for you - or bring your own. Fillings start at 4,50 € per 10 ml for Eau de Parfum (Eau de Cologne is cheaper). What an idea to have a shop for silk flowers where the scent is provided by perfume!

Today, the Charlottenburg neighbourhood is inhabited by a well-off liberal and bourgeois crowd – but it wasn't always like that. Kantstraße used to be quite derelict for many years, which may explain that they never had the chance to ask for the usual prices. It seems, some time ago, they made an attempt. They have tried to go posh with the brand “Frau Tonis Parfum” and rented a fancy little shop in Mitte near Checkpoint Charlie, where the tourists go. I remember they started with niche price tags but by now they are down to mass market prices. As the current mayor of Berlin once said, this city is “poor but sexy”!

I really hope they will make it somehow. The importance of Harry Lehmann lies in the fact that a considerable amount of their perfumes are traditional formulas from the 1920's. For very small money, perfume enthusiasts can order a set of straightforward and maybe not so refined reference fragrances: a typical Fougère, Kölnisch Wasser, Russisch Juchten (Russsian Leather), and Lavendelwasser. Or go for the traditional soliflors like Reseda, Maiglöckchen, Veilchen or for Weißer Blütenzauber – White Flower Magic!

Nothing in life is constant and I have the feeling that Harry Lehmann may not have a successor once the current owner retires. Don't wait too long!

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