Ma Nishtana (2019)

Ma Nishtana by Parfum Prissana
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Ma Nishtana is a new perfume by Parfum Prissana for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is smoky-spicy. Projection and longevity are above-average.

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Prin Lomros

Fragrance Notes

Saffron, Amber, Aldehydes, Frankincense, Myrrh, Styrax, Rose, Nutmeg, Pink pepper, Caraway, Black pepper, Cardamom, Cumin, Labdanum, Castoreum, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Smoke, Leather, Norlimbanol™, Clove, Pimento



9.1 (12 Ratings)


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8.0 (7 Ratings)
Submitted by Maggy4u, last update on 22.11.2019
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9.0 10.0 9.0 10.0/10

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Jungle Temple Incense
I have found my holy-grail incense fragrance in Ma Nishtana. It does not smell like the airy Catholic-church incense of Avignon or Cardinal. It is like being immersed in a thick cloud of smoky incense in a humid temple where the stuff has been burning without pause for years. With the smoke comes waves of oriental spices and thick amber. Brilliant creation. This projects well and lasts for a long time. It transports me in a way that only a few other fragrances I have encountered on my journey do. Very spiritual. 10/10.
8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    9
What artistic smoke clouds have to do with freedom and slavery...
An exciting fragrance that makes me helpless. This is probably real niche. A fragrance that reveals the mastery of its creator, who is nevertheless very individual. But maybe I'll start with a little background.

Ma Nishtana is one of three fragrances of the perfume artist's new series Gods & Monsters, that's what I want to call him, because he is truly an artist, the perfume artist Prin Lomros under the label Parfum Prissana, which - as far as I'm informed correctly - should be named after his sister. In addition to Ma Nishtana, this series includes NESNÁS QAREEN and MANDARAVA, which have already been presented here by Can777 in a very impressive, poetic and knowledgeable manner. His hypnotic description of Nesnás Qareen prompted me to search for these fragrances, especially since Prissana perfume is probably only available on the Internet. It was really just a matter of maybe getting a sample or two. But while searching for the fragrances I got lost in the internet and finally at an advanced hour, it must have been between 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning - well, I'm probably a little crazy - ordered various fragrances, including samples and a bottle of MA NISHTANA.

Ma Nishtana, according to the website of Parfum Prissana, is the first two words of a phrase that reads: "What distinguishes this night from all the other nights?

With the poetic power and creativity of a Can777, one could certainly connect these words to this fragrance. I alone lack all these abilities, which is why I want to leave it to a sober consideration and leave art to those who master it, for art, in my opinion, still comes from skill, even if many a "work of art" of modern times makes me doubt this conviction.

But before I start into art theoretical considerations, perhaps a last one on the background of the words "Ma nishtana". Wikipedia teaches me that this is probably a Jewish tradition. On the eve of the Jewish Passover, during the festive dinner, one of the famous songs from the Haggadah was sung. The youngest member at the table asked "the four questions" that begin with the words "Ma nishtana..." ("What distinguishes..."). The text is part of the Maggid, the story of the Exodus, the exodus of the people of Israel from Egypt. The questions are intended to encourage children to think about the difference between slavery and freedom. A - as I find - still hot topic in times, when even here in Germany there are more and more people, who obviously yearn for slavery or are simply not aware of the fact that supposed "protest" in an election can also be a way into slavery.

But wait! As always I digress, even more into the political... I ask for indulgence and permission to start again:

It is therefore a matter of celebrating the transition from slavery to freedom and of understanding that questioning, questioning, is already an essential part of freedom, for slaves should not ask questions. One of the purposes of the Passover was to be freed from its inner constraints. This is probably also a spiritual search.

So what does all this have to do with the scent? I know, I honestly don't, but it's a beautiful story that makes you think. If a perfume - or better: its name - can do that, then its name is already well chosen.

But now finally to the scent. But again I reach my limits. But once started, this attempt at description should be completed.

In the beginning I smell smoke, clouds of smoke, I feel transferred to a charcoal burner's hut. My wife says it smells like smoked bacon, and I have to admit that I cannot entirely deny that impression. In the background, however, one can already sense the further development of this fragrance. Saffron, I think, and an anticipation of all those ingredients that are also listed here on Parfumo. But at first the smoking aspect is so dominant that until then it is only a vague, yes, hope, I will call it.

In fact, after 2 hours, possibly 3 hours, the smoke disappears and turns into something floral and spicy that I cannot describe. It is, as Jakobolino described it, a basket full of fragrances that are harmoniously interwoven. I haven't found such a scent before. The smoke however, the smoke never disappears completely, it always stays there. But that's also authentic, because anyone who has ever been to a smokehouse knows that he doesn't get this smell out of his nose so quickly and certainly not out of his clothes.

I must acknowledge this fragrance as a work of perfume art. It seems to me to be a masterful composition. But can you wear such a scent?! Certainly, with a soft spot for niche and a healthy amount of self-confidence. I don't miss the former, the latter... hmm. That decision was taken from me. My wife shows me the dark red map. She doesn't like "bacon on a board" and since she already tolerates some scents from me that she doesn't like, this bottle is allowed to move on, even if its contents are something special in my opinion, to say it: not everyday, for a perfume anyway.
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