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Hyouge / Oribe by Parfum Satori
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7.8 / 108 Ratings
Hyouge is a perfume by Parfum Satori for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-green. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Top Notes Top NotesGreen leavesGreen leaves
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmineJasmine
Base Notes Base NotesWoody notesWoody notes



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Interesting Facts

The name of the perfume refers to Furuta Oribe (born as Furuta Shigenari), a daimyō and warlord of the 16th century who was a master of the Japanese tea ceremony. Besides establishing his own "Oribe-ryū" school, the ceramic wares ("Oribe-yaki") produced by his crafters are highly appreciated for their unconventional styles until today.
Oribe, of a rebellious spirit and defiant attitude towards authority, was regarded dangerous for his influential powers and was ordered to commit seppuku.
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5 Reviews
Dedicated to the talented disciple of the Japanese tea master, Sen no Rikyu
Being a green tea fan myself, I had this preconceived notion that Oribe would be a relatively sweet and light fragrance. As I slowly take a soft whiff of it, I was welcomed by the gentle rush of airy freshness, mirroring the frothy top layer of the tea where it's light and airy. I was like, that was not so bad until the moment I inhaled deeply.

A sudden surge of intense green notes instantaneously hit me. Satori-san's verdant combination of green leaves and mildly peppery sage produced a vibrant, aromatic top scent refreshes me. Similar to the initial stage of drinking authentic matcha tea, the first few sips were indeed high as your taste buds were getting used to the feeling of green freshness.

As the genderless perfume transitioned to its heart stage, I could definitely detect the comforting waft of green tea. Surprisingly, it was delicate and definitely bitter with a subtle sweetness, as opposed to overly sweet and vigorous that I had noticed in the market.

Satori-san elucidated, "In Japan where you experience [a] tea ceremony, you'll find that this note is a little bit bitter, soft and sweet. This is how you identify authentic Japanese green tea in [its] powder form. You can find much green tea fragrances in the market shops, but I think this is very unique."

As I looked at my notes, there was no matcha accord. How strange! In fact, her usage of jasmine, violet and patchouli gave the exact same scent profile effect as green tea. The earthiness of patchouli dances around with the powdery accords of violet, while the heady profile of jasmine kept making me taking multiple whiffs on my wrists subconsciously. Such endless euphoria!

Towards the end, Oribe mellowed down softly on my skin, guiding me towards a woody undertone. In fact, I did still get hints of the heart notes, despite it being very faint. Satori-san love for iris could also be detected here – delicate, powdery – mimicking the after effect of consuming a cup of matcha tea down.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with Oribe’s performance on my skin. The absence of sticky notes made it extremely suitable for gents (and ladies) to wear all year round, all-occasion due to its versatility. It was not overpowering to me and actually encapsulated the true meaning of matcha scent in a bottle.

My only wish was that its performance on my skin should last even longer. That would truly be a winner in my books. Speaking of which, all of this matcha talk only intensified my sudden craving for matcha tea. And matcha Mille-Feuille. And matcha ice cream. And matcha milk tea. And the matcha cake… ????

Rating: 9/10

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