Cuir Garamante (2013)

Cuir Garamante by Parfums MDCI
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Cuir Garamante is a popular perfume by Parfums MDCI for men and was released in 2013. The scent is spicy-leathery. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Richard Ibanez

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPink pepper, Nutmeg, Saffron
Heart Notes Heart NotesRose, Oud, Papyrus, Leather
Base Notes Base NotesBourbon vanilla, Labdanum, Frankincense, Sandalwood



8.1 (95 Ratings)


8.1 (75 Ratings)


7.4 (82 Ratings)


8.4 (75 Ratings)
Submitted by WRoth, last update on 10.11.2019.
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Helpful Review    7
Sniff before the hangover comes, or something...!
Hey hey, how are you snoopers doing? I hope you do :)
I'm here again, well, like almost every evening, and tell you about a scent (what else?...). Today we are talking about Cuir Garamante from Parfums MDCI, a brand you don't see so often every day... I think I've only seen this brand in KaDeWe in Berlin before.

Whatever. So I grabbed this sample from the rehearsal box, saw that it was actually an autumn/winter scent, but decided to try it anyway, before the new heat wave finally hits us and gets on our noses :D
This is similar to saying that I should have dinner quickly before the tomcat shows up :D Because... although he also gets his meal, of course, he must also have something from me... with meat dishes, I gave up giving him his actual food anyway, because then he gets half the chicken from my half chicken, for example, even if he should have eaten before *sigh* :DD
Probably he would even manage to eat a whole chicken all by himself...

Anyway, let me get to the scent. He was named after the Garamantes, an ancient Berber people who had lived in the Sahara desert. Claude Marchal (owner of MDCI) has always been fascinated by deserts, so this time a desert was the inspiration for this fragrance. And yes... the heat waves in the Sahara I do not really want to imagine at all... I already go through the current heat here on it!!

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with a wonderful amber sweetness, followed by a little oud and leather. Saffron provides a bit of a herbaceous-spicy mood and goes well with amber and oud. In addition to the amber (or ambry sweetness), the pink pepper also provides a further, beautifully spicy sweetness. In the background, the fragrance is also slightly powdery-gentle, which should come from the vanilla, even if you can't smell the vanilla immediately. Only a little later, the roses are also used, which gives the fragrance an oriental touch (matching the desert theme).
The roses and saffron soon become more intense, as do the vanilla and pink pepper. All these fragrances are enveloped in beautiful resins in an airy cloud of frankincense that makes the fragrance particularly soft and warm.
Leather and oud get smaller over time, I think that's good, because I find leather in particular rather unsuitable for soft fragrances, but that's a matter of taste. In any case, the fragrance is especially soft and gentle later in the base, which is probably due to the vanilla, the resins and the sandalwood. In addition one still smells roses, sweet resinous Labdanum and a remainder breath of spicy notes in the background. Much later one smells the incense the most, which works then also quite intensively, because evenly the other smell notes are so far weakened. All in all the fragrance is well done and just smells very nice, only you should like incense because of the later base!

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite good. Due to the softness of the fragrance, however, it may appear weaker than it actually is. Nevertheless, one is wrapped in a nice scent cloud, which others can also smell good for a while. The shelf life is quite long. You can smell the scent for more than ten hours. And even the next morning it is a little smelly on the skin.

The bottle:
The bottle is cylindrical, with a slightly thicker beginning and end, so that the bottle looks like a column with capital and base (or pedestal). On the gold-plated neck hangs a red-gold cord. The cylindrical and high lid is also gold-plated. Looks nice, whereby I find the (limited?) collector's flacons of the Limoges editions (with the sculpture/buste lids) many times more beautiful. My rating refers to the normal edition, the sculpture flacons would get the full score from me!

Soo, oh, yeah. I already liked that scent. Very much so. It is soft and soft, smells sweet, slightly spicy and fits well into autumn and winter. Its softness could possibly make it less noticeable from further away (or icy cold weather outside) at first, but if you then come inside from outside and take off your jacket, you would have to radiate a great, soft cloud of scent, which everyone else would have to like, if you don't have a scent banana or something against scents in general! As I said, the scent later is quite resinous, I personally would have preferred a slightly weaker incense at the end.

In any case, it is more suitable for everyday use, but otherwise it can also be used very well for going out. The fragrance is indicated for men, but I think it has become more unisex because of its gentle aura and fragrances like vanilla. But what doesn't matter anyway, since women often have the habit of snatching the scents away from us guys and using them themselves, ... argh, FINGER WEG, man! :DD

Anyway, I would advise anyone to try the scent!
Oh and does anyone know how expensive the bottles with the Limoges busts are? I'd really like to know!

All right, that's it, then. I wish you all a nice evening, and see you next time :)
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Could Have Been A Real Contender...
Cuir Garamante opens with all-encompassing saffron spice mixing with hints of supple suede leather. As the composition quickly transitions to its early heart the saffron remains now dirtied by the addition a pinch of supporting cumin, with the suede leather taking a back seat to a quickly emerging synthetic vague dark burnt woody accord that begins to develop. As the composition moves though its middle the synthetic burnt woods completely take over and become nearly the only thing detectable save remnants of the now supporting saffron and leather well in the background. During the late dry-down the synthetic burnt woods finally fade and then completely disappear, allowing cypriol to emerge and star (coming across as a radiant frankincense and woody vetiver hybrid) supported by smooth slightly sweet non-powdery vanilla and sandalwood through the finish. Projection is average and longevity is near outstanding at 12-14 hours on skin.

Cuir Gramante is a bit of a puzzler. For a composition that has "Cuir" in its name it is not as much of a leather composition as one might expect. Sure, the suede-like leather is there throughout, but it always is in a supporting role. First it supports the starring saffron spice before fading into near obscurity as the norlimbanol driven faux burnt woods emerge to dominate the heart, finishing again in just barely detectable support of the smooth woody vetiver and frankincense-like cypriol through the late dry-down. Aside from the leather not being the focus, there really is a lot to love about the composition. The saffron spice coupling with soft leather during the open is implemented perfectly and the result is intoxicatingly beautiful. The late dry-down is equally impressive as it is so refined and smooth, slightly sweet and entirely luxurious. Where things fall apart, spoiling the party is in the mid-section due to the near-certain use of norlimbanol, creating a synthetic burnt woody accord that overpowers everything in its path while present. The bottom line is the $250 per 75ml bottle Cuir Garamante has a lot of things it does exceptionally well, but its mid-section is a complete letdown that drowns out most of the composition's fine attributes, lowering the final score down to a "very good" 3.5 stars out of 5 and only a tepid recommendation. It merits mentioning that the open and close are so much better than the overall rating indicates, a real shame indeed.

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