Enlèvement au Sérail (2006)

Enlèvement au Sérail by Parfums MDCI
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Enlèvement au Sérail is a perfume by Parfums MDCI for women and was released in 2006. The scent is floral-sweet. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Mandarin, Ylang-ylang
Heart Notes Heart NotesAegean wallflower, Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Vetiver



7.3 (33 Ratings)


7.8 (23 Ratings)


6.8 (23 Ratings)


8.3 (30 Ratings)
Submitted by Andi136, last update on 05.05.2019.

Interesting Facts

Because of the IFRA guidelines the fragrance is no longer produced.
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SherapopSherapop 7 years ago

„Well now, this is truly beautiful!”

One of the most delectable perfume testing experiences I've had has been taking my time meandering my way through the wonderful box of 10ml bottles...
TarTar 7 years ago

„Seventh Sin”

I am going to feel remorse. I know that Francis Kurkdjian is a well known name amongst parfumeurs, and I know many parfumes of this talented man, what's more I like...
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261 Reviews
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Seventh Sin
I am going to feel remorse. I know that Francis Kurkdjian is a well known name amongst parfumeurs, and I know many parfumes of this talented man, what's more I like many of them. But only if they are unisex or man perfumes. This is the seventh fragrance for women of him tested by me, and the seventh disappointment - and I began to feel that something is wrong with me, not with his artifacts.

First of all: this juice is strong enough to run 3 meters before you on the street.
Second issue: it is strong enough to gluing to the wrist after 3 scrub.
Third: a nice, delicate and refined Jasmine is hiding there.
Fourth: the bottle is beautiful.
Fifth: the scent is complex and special, can not be compared exactly to other fragrances, and totally recalling the notion of a serail.

On the other hand:
Sixth: Why did they put a Greek head on the top of an expressly oriental frag? I know Parfums MDCI has the same head for every women parfume, but c'mon...
Seventh and main point: I feel a (sexually) filthy, resinous base behind my nose, which makes me drowning, I do not know why. Enlèvement was done not for philanthropical reason. This is the cause what estranges me from Enlevement au Sérail.

Anyway, contratulation to Francis Kurkdjian for this well-created fragrance.

1239 Reviews
Well now, this is truly beautiful!
One of the most delectable perfume testing experiences I've had has been taking my time meandering my way through the wonderful box of 10ml bottles of the Parfums MDCI Paris collection. I don't recall exactly how much I paid for this pleasure (although I'm sure that it was less than one of their bottles), but it has been worth ten times that amount. This box is bursting with beauty.

A case in point, ENLEVEMENT AU SERAIL is a classic oriental featuring big, luscious jasmine. There's really no comparison to true, high-quality jasmine in a complex perfume carefully composed, and that is exactly what ENLEVEMENT AU SERAIL is. I was wearing Creed JASMIN IMPERATRICE EUGENIE yesterday, which is also gorgeous, but it is a much simpler creation, featuring a rich vanilla base and glorious jasmine in perhaps historic concentrations.

With this MDCI Paris creation, I feel almost as though the core of JASMIN IMPERATRICE EUGENIE is present, but it has been dressed up a bit with some complementary flowers--ylang, tuberose, rose, and wallflower are all listed among the notes--and enough patchouli and woods to add depth but without turning this into a patchouli perfume.

There seems to be a dosing issue these days with more and more patchouli being added to perfumes perhaps in response to consumer behavior, but I do not think that every floriental perfume needs to be a patchouli bomb, and ENLEVEMENT AU SERAIL is not. This is a well-balanced use of patchouli and woods to enhance not compete with or mask the flowers. I cannot say that I smell the other flowers--beyond the jasmine--as individual notes, but again I feel that they are there supporting the jasmine and making it seem much richer than even the finest soliflore.

I really love this perfume. It's perfect for wintertime and a welcome reminder that real perfumery is still being done here and there... Call me a "bitch" if you must, but I do not believe that every single person on the planet was meant to be a perfumer. It takes both talent and hard work to create fine perfume. The person who created ENLEVEMENT AU SERAIL, Francis Kurkdjian, has earned the right to be called a perfumer.

Needless to say, I respectfully disagree with Callas, below, and I also have no idea why anyone would even begin to compare this perfume to Guerlain MITSOUKO, with which it has very little in common, it seems to me. This is a floriental perfume, not a fruity chypre.
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Kidnapping without heart
The kidnapping out of the seraglio takes place with me without good end.

MDCI, for women is described as a masterpiece by Francis Kukrdjan. I find this statement gripped very highly.
I am disappointed about this smell.

At first I am reminded of Ma Griffe by Carven although no lemon or tasty notes are existing here.
A gentle Chypre has shown himself later only for a short time. The transition softly and charmingly follows to Jasmin and Rose. I still could like him to here although sweet is a little too much already available. The base locks playing in the sandelwood with light vanilla and a trace.
Nice but also no more. The durability is miserable. I have tested Enlèvement Au Sérail repeatedly. After almost three hours he had to be foreseen only.

In other fora the smell is compared with Mitsouko. I cannot sign this even if head and heart note is contained in Mitsouko of MDCI.
MDCI cannot hand Mitsouko the water or the depth. For this the smell is far too superficial.
Also for this expensive bottle I wouldn't have myself kidnapped.

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