Invasion Barbare by Parfums MDCI

Invasion Barbare 2005

04.07.2012 - 05:57 AM

Richer more herbal Opus II infused with yarrow flowers

Not much to say. Balanced mix of lavender, cardamom and yarrow flowers. The sweet note has a violet feel to it, as in round and deep/dark. Not silly girly kinda sweet. But for me lavender, cardamom and yarrow pretty much sums it up :) Rich, dry, oldfashioned meets new. If The Body Shop were to launch a lavender-yarrow handcream in the same line as their hemp one, this is what I would expect it to smell like. Like it should have healing properties in say wound care. And don't get me wrong, I'm excited about it. But if you think Opus II was too "old man" well then you'll find the same lavender/cardamom combo here. If on the other hand like me you like Opus II but find it abit watered down/too much space between the ingredients, then this should fit just right :)
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