Rose de Siwa (2006)

Rose de Siwa by Parfums MDCI
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Rose de Siwa is a perfume by Parfums MDCI for women and was released in 2006. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesLychee, Peony, Hawthorn
Heart Notes Heart NotesMoroccan rose, Turkish rose, Violet
Base Notes Base NotesMusk, Vetiver, Cedarwood



7.4 (54 Ratings)


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8.8 (49 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    10
Rose fragrance with booger
I've always been interested in the fragrances of MDCI perfumes, but how could it be any different? It was mainly the great flacons instead of the fragrances themselves. You can say what you want (or call me a bottle victim, too... :D), but there's a good reason for the saying: "The eye smells with you"!
Hmm... or was it more like "The nose eats with you"? Am I messing up something here? :D If you consider that if you pull up your nose quite violently, you can get some boogers in your mouth (only to swallow them!... i hope you're eating while you're reading this, not something with raisins in it :DD), then the latter proverb is probably true... and yes yes, i know i'm sometimes disgusting :DD

In our niche perfumeries there are unfortunately no MDCI fragrances (or I haven't noticed them so far), so I haven't been able to test many of them so far (actually as good as none at all). But now I could finally test a fragrance more extensively on the basis of a sample. And as luck would have it, this is also a ladies scent :DD

Rose de Siwa was named after the roses in the oasis of Siwa in Egypt. The scent is supposed to seem like a fresh oasis in the middle of a hot desert, where you finally arrive, begging for "water... water!" and whining through the desert more crawled than walked. Then you are attracted by the fresh and sweet rose scent and then you are somehow pissed off to find beautiful roses in the oasis instead of water... no matter how pretty the roses are! Then one can only hope that the thirsty will not gather his last strength full of anger to kick all the roses flat with rage :D

The fragrance:
You can smell a beautiful rose right away. It appears fresh because the top note is generally fresh and clean. I also smell fresh or spring-like, but indeterminable other flowers, something fruity, from which I assume that these could be the lychees, and a powdery-sweetly clean note, which I associate with the violets.
Otherwise you can smell most of the roses, which smell nice, sweet, slightly sour and of course slightly sweet. And as I said, this rosy fragrance remains practically unchanged for quite a long time.
Only from the base do you gradually smell other fragrances, whereby the roses are of course still very present and therefore smell most intense. In any case, one begins to perceive a somewhat darker sweetness, which should come from the musk. This also smells nice and clean. Vetiver and cedar, I don't think you can smell them at all.
All in all, the fragrance has become a very beautiful rose fragrance.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is okay, or at least above average. The scent will be at one to be smelled without crushing anyone, of course if you do not exaggerate with the dosage. I think you leave a small scent cloud in the surrounding area for a short while.
I give the maximum shelf life as five to six hours. Despite a good dose, after about six hours only a mild breeze remained on my skin, which hardly smelled of anything.

The bottle:
Like all bottles of this brand, the bottle is based on antique columns, so that they are divided into base, shaft and capital. The normal versions have a gold-plated and cylindrical lid. The so-called Limogess Editions have a porcelain bust on the lid, which was made by hand and looks great for me. However, the busts edition is quite a lot more expensive than the "normal" flacons, which have also become beautiful, but besides the busts editions they look a bit less spectacular.

So, the scent smells mainly like roses. But what is the difference to other rose fragrances? Especially those from the mainstream, where there are also some nice rose scents, like Chloé's "Roses de Chloé", which is really wonderful? Well, actually not much, because it is just a well made rose scent without special strengths and weaknesses, which smells natural, fresh and beautiful, but strictly speaking olfactorically doesn't have more to offer than the good and cheaper main streamers.

With such fragrances, everyone has to know for themselves whether they are satisfied with a Chloé fragrance, for example, or not. But if you should then choose the more expensive scent, then you could also choose the most expensive version with the sculpture bottles to get a great bottle, but of course everyone has to know that for themselves.

The fragrance is of course very recommendable for rose lovers, but the fine differences to other (good) rose fragrances will surely only be recognized by professionals or true rose lovers. By the way, the fragrance fits wonderfully to the current hot days, as it smells fresh as described and is not overwhelming. In addition, the rose is always an alternative to the brightly coloured, sweet scents, if you want to use it for going out, but the colourful sweet scents make one, as I always say, more delicious, he he he.
But a rose scent is more elegant.

Hmm... somehow I feel a slight hunger... a raisin roll would now somehow be good, or what do you think?... :D
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