Ambre Russe by Parfum d'Empire

Ambre Russe 2005

02.12.2019 - 06:09 PM

Tsaric Splendor

I read that another reviewer found that this mind-bending lustrous concoction , starts off like the tigress-natured "Obsession" CK. Only to transform into a primordial Amber, may I add.
The depths of Hades, of the original edition , "Amber Sultan" Serge Lutens, the Ancients invoking "Akkad" Lubin and animalic nature "Labdanum18" LeLabo, have a new star amongst their RADIANT constellation.
The clear alcoholic opening is followed by a stellar explosion of amber. So bright that it's almost blinding!
There are constant micro bursts of cinnamon, spices, incense and heavy labdanum/dark vanilla.
The sky, in which "Ambre Russe" radiates is crystalline cold, but as soon as it touches ones warm skin, it starts vibrating, summoning Helios, himself, in his chariot of fire. Burning across the sky, smokeless.
Unfortunately I don't get any birch, leather.
The sillage is big and the longevity even bigger.
I think for now I've found my extrovert-solar-Amber universe.
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