Osmanthus Interdite (2007)

Osmanthus Interdite by Parfum d'Empire
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Osmanthus Interdite is a perfume by Parfum d'Empire for women and men and was released in 2007. The scent is floral-fresh. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesOsmanthus, Green tea
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmine sambac absolute, Rose
Base Notes Base NotesWhite musk



7.4 (83 Ratings)


6.5 (66 Ratings)


4.9 (59 Ratings)


7.3 (50 Ratings)
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The Empire sniffs back
Yes, yes... I know what you're thinking! The Star Wars Nerd is back, isn't he? But what should I do if I can't think of anything to say about a fragrance and I see the word "Empire" in the brand name? And since the Star Wars fans are really into Star Wars right now, since not only the latest movie came out the other day, but also a pretty good new Star Wars game (which is of course a small consolation for the disgustingly bad new Star Wars movie...!!!!), it's no wonder that my level of Star Wars is at the top again, no matter if I liked the movie or not.

Besides, Osmanthus Interdite by Parfum d'Empire (one of Darth Vader's favourite brands, by the way!) is unisex anyway and not a pure women's fragrance, so I could mention Star Wars more often in this commentary, because if I should scare you ladies away with it, I hope that I still have the gentlemen as readers :D

All right, let's get to the scent. By the way, I didn't know the brand before, so I don't know how the fragrances of Parfum d'Empire (did I mention that this is one of Darth Vader's favourite brands? :D) so are.

Of course it can also be that the flowery sweetness comes from the osmanthus, here I always have my difficulties. Osmanthus smells very sweet, but in some fragrances it sometimes seems muggier or at least heavier or more opulent. In some scents it smells again rather "normal", so that I then find it harder to distinguish between other flowery sweets, and this although Jasmine is often unmistakable. But I have a general weakness for flowers, so I hope I'm forgiven if I can't describe floral scents in detail.
To cut a long story short: even later it smells sweet and flowery, and I would recommend a mix of jasmine and osmanthus. The tea gets a little weaker as the fragrance progresses, but still comes through well and smells fresh and great.
The fragrance is still tart towards the base, perhaps even more tart than the middle part, which is due to the fact that the floral sweetness weakens a little and these scents are almost as strong as the green tea, even if another sweetness should appear with the musk. Later, however, the fragrance becomes even more astringent, so that you can smell the green tea better than the other fragrances. All in all I find the fragrance successful and beautiful.

The silage and the durability:*
The sillage is a bit below average, so that it can smell good for a while by itself, but others would probably have to get a little closer. Therefore, the shelf life is also rather moderate, so that after less than three or four hours the fragrance is already very weak.

The fragrance is fresh and tart as well as flowery-sweet, whereby the tart notes mean that the scent does not become too flowery-sweet despite the tea being slightly weakened later. At first it smells more feminine than unisex, but I think that men could also use the fragrance from time to time on hot days, something similar to using fragrances like Un Jardin Sur le Toit by Hermès, which also smell fresh and rather flowery and go more in the feminine direction (by the way, Un Jardin Sur le Toir with its somewhat unusual fragrance is highly recommended for testing!) Especially at the end the fragrance is more harsh than flowery anyway, so for me the fragrance is clearly unisex.

Anyway, I think the scent is very well done, so I think it's worth a test, especially if you like Star Wars like me... no! I meant, of course, if you like tea scents as much as I do! D
As mentioned, it is especially suitable for spring and summer and smells loose, light and in a good mood, making it a simple, nice little day scent.

Okay, so I'm done for today and wish you all a nice evening :)
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7.0 5.0 6.0 8.5/10

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The girl who jumped through the sun
"Osmanthus Interdite" is a sparkling light wellness fragrance, much more comparable with the tea scents of Bulgari than at home in the stuffy Osmanthus world. If Bulgari would put a yellow bottle in her tea row, it would ideally smell like this. Sunny, summery, fresh and pure. Pure luxury, but never priceless or snobbish. Innocent and undefiled.

Parfum d'Empire is a brand that deserves even more attention. Now they even manage to make me a "Osmanthus" palatable... "Osmanthus Interdite" is playful and naive enough to radiate pure joie de vivre, but she also seems mature and mature enough to know what she's getting into. Eye winking and completely resting in itself. She almost has something Indian about her, although she is blonder than ten Swedish girls. Rose petals are also distributed in the luxury suite, which makes the scent no less attractive. With romantic approaches and seductively fine. Free the soul and let everything dangle. Needs no clothes.

Flacon: Wellness and minimalism
Sillage: easy to carry and unobtrusive
Shelf life: good, even if it is already deficient after 4 hours... nevertheless it fits here somehow

Conclusion: let go, feel good, doze off... "Osmanthus Interdite" is a dreamlike tea scent with slight shadows of jasmine and its eponym, but hardly disturbing. Very sunny, very juicy, very yellow. Yellow yellow yellow
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