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Parfums de Marly is a French noble brand that features several essences with their own personal olfactory experience and traces of French elegance. Julien Sprecher, who launched the brand in 2009, wanted to memorialize the fragrant 18th century with his perfumes. In those times, fragrances and perfumes made up a large part of social life. Especially in aristocratic circles and at the court of King Louis XV, it was not uncommon for distinctive or natural perfumes to be the only thing allowed to touch the skin of noble society. Accordingly, the name "Parfums de Marly" is also derived from the French Château de Marly and is now an ode to the fragrant 18th century.

The brand’s aromas are based on natural scents. A scent of citrus and pepper ("Galloway"), mandarin and wood ("Perzival"), or fern, vanilla and almond ("Pegasus") pours from every single bottle.

Among the most popular women's perfumes is the Delina series, which exudes either lychee, Turkish rose, rhubarb, lily of the valley and peony ("Delina") or bergamot, pear, lychee, amber and bergamot ("Delina Exclusive").

For men, "Parfums de Marly" has a no less multifaceted product range ready. Creations such as "Sedley", "Kalan", "Layton" or "Godolphin" meet every conceivable scent preference and cover the entire spectrum from masculine to playful to oriental.

In addition to the unusual fragrance creations from worldwide plants and fruits, the flacons of "Parfums de Marly" also have a unique selling point. The noble bottles (75 ml or 125 ml) always have the same basic design: a bottle with two horses (another passion of founder Julien Sprecher) and a silver or gold cap. The only differences are in the colors and materials of the flacons. With light or dark colors (transparent or opaque), the final aroma of the fragrance should be as close as possible before the first use.
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