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Darley is a popular perfume by Parfums de Marly for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is spicy-sweet. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Mint, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesLavender, Orange blossom, Rose, Rosemary, Cinnamon
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Gaiac wood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tonka bean



8.0 (94 Ratings)


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7.9 (75 Ratings)
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31 Reviews
Helpful Review   
Darley (@Nose.Knows.No.Notes)

Darley is one of the less spoken about Parfums de Marly offerings, but I found it to be quite the pleasant surprise. It opens with a bright bergamot, but immediately cinnamon kicks in. There are a lot of florals in Darley, but I would say they aren't very strongly represented. You get wafts of rose and lavender, but they are overpowered by an amber and tonka sweetness and cinnamon. The sweetness is balanced with mint (mainly in the opening).

Sandalwood in the base gives it a bit of creaminess, but texture wise, Darley feels more powdery, with a slight talc powder scent as well. I didn't have as strong of a baby powder connection with this one as I had with Pegasus, but it shares a resemblance. A lot of people compare this to Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, which I only smelled in store, but on first impression, I don't think they are similar, aside from the powdery laundry detergent with sweetness combination. There's something in here, that I can't find in the notes, that saves this fragrance for me. I get hints of a slightly nutty and boozy accord, that sort of reminded me of a subtler YSL La Nuit De L'Homme. There also seems to be the tiniest bit of musk hidden underneath it all.

Overall, I liked this more than I expected based on the listed notes. Is it full bottle purchase worthy? For me personally, probably not. The pricing is a bit steep for the quality and performance that I experienced. And even though I enjoyed wearing it, Darley pales in comparison to Amouage's Reflection Man, which I would put in a similar category of scent profile •

Please follow my IG @Nose.Knows.No.Notes for more reviews and fragrance photography.
7.0 6.0 6.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    41
Mother's Day
On Mother's Day I wish all mothers a great day in this forum. Sometimes you can't even imagine what mothers can expect and how exhausting it can be here and there. As a father you sometimes see a lot more relaxed or funny, which is actually also funny in retrospect. Later mothers have to laugh very often.
E.g. when I was 14 years old, driving on my friend's moped through a pedestrian zone without a driver's license, and the police stopped me by chance and brought me home at a cost of 60 marks, she did not feel like laughing, admittedly it was also a surprising visit, so unannounced and liable to pay the costs, that she was still upset. It is understandable, of course, but today we laugh about this story.

Today I am a father and my son is 11, so far he has only done nonsense, which I taught him by chance. Yes, really, by chance, without ulterior motives. When he was even smaller, I was on the road with him and had a can of an energy drink with me that you could close at the top. I told him I could do magic, took a sip and secretly closed it and turned it upside down. Nothing came out, of course.
A few days later I got a call from his mother....he had just taken a can of Fanta from the fridge.....and said he could do magic.......Well...that didn't work.
When asked who taught him that shit, the answer was...Papa!

He had also once made sure that a boy from the kindergarten had to be picked up by his parents in tears. Since my son was and is a big Star Wars fan and watched the Clone Wars series back then, where Anakin Skywalker is one of the heroes, but he eventually becomes the evil Darth Vader in the movies, I thought it was right to tell my son the truth and prepare him for it. Now this is exactly what he told the boy, who then cried terribly. Auich my son had to be picked up by his mother.
To the question who told him that was the answer..Papa!

So I understand very well what you can go through as a mother, she has not only given you your life, but also has to take the rap for the shit that the gentlemen are pegging. Those were just some of my memories.

My fragrance today has nothing special to do with mothers, but worn on Mother's Day it would fit very well if someone visited his mother.
For me, it is not spicy sweet as indicated above, but rather fresh sweet. He does have a Le Male vibe, some see him closer to Reflection Man by Amouage, which can be true, is the Darley, a little sweeter in the top note, but just as flowery as Le Male. Mint and lavender quickly set the tone here, at the end it becomes a little woody with a hint of vanilla through the tonka bean.

Quite honestly, those who know the fragrances mentioned can get an idea of them. That's close enough. Perhaps the metallic and above all the scent veil is missing. The scent will only last for one visit, which is a big drawback and probably why it is so unnoticed. Le Male or also Reflection Man last forever, at least with me and this one was after felt 4h absolutely only skin near to perceive. Very unfortunate for the otherwise rather long-lived brand PdM. Sillage, which is also important for many, is also rather discreet. Who has smells of this direction, that can do without this here also.

Mothers themselves can wear it easily. Since it is bright, flowery, fresh and a little sweet, I imagine it also to be good for the female sex, especially in spring.
In general I think that your mothers would like him too, he is not intrusive and certainly not exhausting as we were as children back then.

If you used to always have this echo in your apartment when your mom called "Now" and it echoed back a "Like".
If you were allowed to take one thing for a walk with you and your mother had to carry the truck full of sand and the child at some point.
If Mum had to cut off the corner of the schnitzel where the lemon and the lettuce leaf were lying.
How Mama could freshen up again, until she finally had her shoelaces tied.
How Mum could learn what a banana that had been in a drawer for weeks looked like.

As a father, but also as an adult, you have much more respect for what it means to be a mom. When I wasn't a father yet, I often thought that a child was mistreated in the house next door, today I know that he gets his pyjamas on and that means defiant phase, because you love the 4 year old anyway. Kids give you so much back... sometimes all the time but.

I think a lot of people know the phrase, "If you don't clean up your room, I'll throw it all in one bag and throw it away." Always!

For the patience, strong nerves and the little sleep we can only apologize. You're great.

Happy Mother's Day!
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5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Very helpful Review    9
Crowdpleaser with unobtrusive performance
My last comment for now on a perfume de marly fragrance. Some may follow if the opportunity arises. My summary for this beautiful brand: Most fragrances are very safe and will probably appeal to the masses. I tested Layton, Pegasus, Herod, Godolphin, Oajan, Carlisle and also this Darley. The others didn't like me so much about the pyramids yet, but the ones I tested are very solid and some are worth buying. Some however a little overpriced.

Now for the Darley: A fragrance with little attention here. 3 comments and 2 statements. Justifiable or definitely worth a test? In my opinion a fragrance with little recognition value, where I expect more for the money. A really pleasant fragrance that will not make you feel uncomfortable anywhere.
Indicated here as a fragrance twin is Reflection Man. Rightly? Roughly speaking, perhaps in a similar direction, but very big differences if you look more closely. Even though this Darley has light floral notes, these are rather in the background. At the beginning it begins with a lot of mint, very pleasantly fresh paired with subtle citric notes and fresh lavender. From the DNA I find him more similar to Le Male than Reflection. Here however clearly more easily by much fresh mint. A pleasant freshness with a little sensuality. Pleasant also by the beautiful base with soft woody notes, amber, patchouli and a beautiful but subtle sweetness by the tonka bean. The design is very balanced and it does not move too much in one direction. Very gentle fragrance that should please many.
The performance is decent, but the Sillage is very close. Also freshly sprayed rather discreet and disappointing for this DNA. The shelf life is fine with a few hours. Thanks to the rather weak Sillage this is versatile applicable.
Unisex is justified, although I find him more masculine. Especially due to the similarities to its twin fragrances.

Due to the high price there is no recommendation to buy from me. Price is 185 Euro a 125ml. In many shops you can get it a little cheaper, but still overpriced for this DNA. Reflection is also not much more expensive than this.
I consider Rasasi Maa Arwaak for him a cheap alternative. A great low budget fragrance that goes in a similar direction and has a much better performance.
I give 8.0 because it's really very pleasant. But I wouldn't buy it for that price.
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