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Delina is a popular perfume by Parfums de Marly for women and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesLychee, Rhubarb, Bergamot, Nutmeg
Heart Notes Heart NotesTurkish rose, Lily-of-the-valley, Peony
Base Notes Base NotesVanilla, White musk, Cashmeran, Woods, Frankincense



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Greatly helpful Review    13
I hate that I love you
There's this one guy who twisted my head. At first he tried to get at me until I was completely addicted to him, now suddenly he is no longer interested in me. "We're gonna be friends, okay?" - "Yeah... sure." We see each other at work almost every day, he is always friendly, polite, but also a bit rejecting and reserved towards me. I hate that I just can't get over him. And that for half a year now.
Last but not least, this man is to blame for the fact that I started looking for a new perfume. I wanted to change something about myself. That's how my time here on Parfumo began. I'm almost a little grateful to him for that.

But what does this story have to do with Delina? Well, for several months now I've been trying various fragrances and in the course of that I met Delina among others. From the description, it sounded great, so I ordered a sample. I just had to test it. Secretly, however, I hoped that I would not like the scent and that I could stick with my previous finds. Delina is not quite cheap after all.
But unfortunately it came differently. Already at the first spraying I was in love with the shock and the longer I wore Delina the better I liked the scent. Now I am addicted and even if I put on another fragrance I long sometime again for Delina.

I took a lot of time to test it before I wrote a comment.

The scent:
Delina starts very sweet and fruity, that will be the lychee. But it is by no means too sweet, as the rhubarb gives the whole a sour note. And I personally perceive a little pepper in the top note, which tickles the nose a little spicy, but not unpleasant for me. The whole thing reminds me also somehow of the smell of a mango, in any case exotically fruity.
The rhubarb stays for me almost in the whole fragrance, even if it gets less sour after a few hours.
In the heart I smell peony and rose quite clearly and they give Delina a touch of fabric softener scent (but in the positive sense, because for me it smells very well-groomed and clean) From the heart, the scent for me also has one with "Chloé (Edp)". However, I don't find him as powdery as Chloé and unlike Chloé he doesn't burn in my nose either. Every now and then a pinch of lily of the valley blows up under my nose. However, I only notice them in the Sillage and not directly on the skin,
It stays fresh with me until the end, I hardly take incense thank God when I was, then only when I smell very close to the skin. Vanilla and musk make the fragrance a little softer at the end without becoming too sweet.

All in all, I would classify the fragrance as fruity, flowery, sour. I don't think he's excessively cute. But this acidity exotic fruit mixture mixed with a hint of Chloé, wow, I really like that.

In my opinion the scent is not really girlish, not really playful, not really sexy, not really elegant, but a little bit of everything. A very exciting mixture.

Durability is great, lasts all day! Honestly, with the price I assumed that too.
At first I was disappointed by the Sillage, but after half an hour it seems stronger to me than right after spraying on. I quickly get used to Delina but when I leave the room and come back there is a pleasant fresh clean scent in the air. And even with certain movements Delina blows a little stronger into my nose, and I am always happy about it.

I can't say much about the bottle, I bought the Travel Edition with the pocket sprayer, because I often travel and want to take my fragrances with me. But it's very chic, chrome-coloured and plain with the PdM logo on it.

If Delina is too sour for you, you should try "Delina Exclusif". It's a little softer, more powdery and the incense is more noticeable. It smells too dusty for me, but I don't like incense either...
And if Delina isn't sweet enough for you, I recommend "Girl of Now forever" by Elie Saab, whom I would call the little, louder, ruder and a little chubbier sister. It has more fruit, more vanilla, but also a certain acidity, which is very similar to the Delina concept. Instead of exotic fruits there are red berries.

Well, that's it with my gushing love letter to you, Delina. I'm glad I met you, even though you're damn expensive. Now all I need is a man who suits me just as well
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10.0 8.0 10.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    20
My bosom girlfriend? - Delina.
Not that I don't have girlfriends,
i have some, but I can count them on one hand. Our relationship has existed since our student days and we cultivate a loving relationship with each other. We'll have breakfast together. Let's go for a leisurely stroll. We'll just reserve the evening for the two of us. You know, I like to take time for each of my girls separately, so we can maintain the relationship sincerely. We have loving contact, great time...
But that day I was alone in downtown Stuttgart. None of my friends had time. And secretly, I was looking for a new girlfriend. I know it's a little mean, but you can't have enough friends, they say.
So after a short stroll I ended up in a fine privately run perfumery. The nice owner showed me one fragrance after the other. But my spoiled nose didn't like this either. I was about to leave when, almost at the door, one of them pawed at me. In pink dress, finest lace, valuable cord around the neck, expensive hat decorated with zirconia.
"Have you met Delina? From de Marly?"
"No, we haven't met anywhere before. I mean I've heard of"
"May I put these on your wrist so you can get to know each other?"
I hesitated, as if I suspected something, but stretched out my hand towards the seller.
Puffed up Puffed up Hmm... Ohh... that's great, so sweet-floral-fresh...
"Why don't you take her for a walk, the scent must unfold!"
So I walked away, with Delina by the hand. Continue through the botiques of the shopping street.
It was nice with Delina, she talked quietly and cheerfully with me, lovely flowery, nice.
"Coffee? I have to sit down." We looked for an upscale cafeteria and let ourselves fall into comfortable armchairs. That was the first time I noticed anything strange about Delina... Her dress was a little weathered... The neckline, almost vulgaire. Oh, dear, are those stains? She suddenly smelled a bit old-fashioned and became loud with her language. I got a little queasy, I didn't want to attract attention. But the Delina didn't care about my discomfort, she talked and talked. Private, intimate, from earlier times... Loud and uninhibited. And then, her smell, old powdery, rose, pure old rose.
Oooo that's not how I imagined it, our being together.
What am I gonna do now? I brought you here.
"Delina" "I'll visit the porcelain exhibition"
"Wait, I can use bissle culture too"
I fought them off with my hand, "I'll be right back"
Moved towards the toilet. So now you need a plan, I thought. Sneaking out of a restaurant that easy? Is it then noble?
Never mind, up and away. That was the most embarrassing moment in a long time. Yes, I let the Delina sit and ran as fast as I could.
"Sorry, Delina, we won't be bosom friends."
If anyone meets Delina, you don't know me. Okay
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10.0 10.0 8.0 10.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    22
The compliment doesn't get any better than that...
I have my wife this year a fragrant Adventskalender "tinkered".
Thanks at this point to Eltini who sent me 24 great samples.
For the Advent Sundays and Christmas Eve there were bottlings, thanks here to Beautycase, Flaconesse and EllyW.

Due to a Youtuber I discovered Delina and tested her in the perfumery.
I was completely blown away, this composition is absolutely perfect for me. A pleasant sweetness,
the lychee in which one would like to be called hibeinbeisen and the whole rounding rhubarb note... wow, simply wow.

I had packed the bottling for today, Christmas Eve in the calendar and absolutely hit the mark. My wife sprays herself 1x on the wrist and over hours one takes her war. Sillage and projection are top. When our daughter, 2 years old, never said anything about perfume before: "Mama smells so good" it was clear to us that it couldn't get any better...
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Carlitos01 125 days ago
My wife discovered this perfume by trying its 99% clone, Lady Diana from Alexandria. A fantastic early twenties fruity female fragrance!+3
MRoth 12 months ago
A teenager's fruity floral tuned to perfection. Apple shampoo opening, then peony/rose supported by lychee and rhubarb. Never screechy. Yum!

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