Delina Exclusif by Parfums de Marly

Delina Exclusif 2017

05.06.2021 - 07:23 PM

Nothing subtle here

This is my GFs "I want you now" scent, and she pulled it out once her intentions were clear. I think its very well suited for the purpose. You can stop reading right here.

At first it was too much to handle - and in some way, still is. There is nothing subtle about the scent, nor about the message it sends - it's a men catcher. It's still hard for me to say if I really like the smell itself - but I like it on her: the intensity, the endless silage, the clearly erotic connotation. It's anything but a cheap smell, it's definitely not heavy, vulgar or sluty - it's "Come to my room, let's taste this" kind of a smell. It's a special fragrance for a special type of a woman - libertine if not promiscuous, confident in her appeal. If you can wear this fragrance - I wanna have your number.

I'd say the scent is most appropriate to wear "in her place", or in a "for you only" setting. I don't think it's fitting for many other occasions, it's definitely not a daily wearer irrespective of the season.

Girls, this is definitely not made for you. Ladies, if it fits your style - mind the consequences, and use very little at first (massive projection for hours and hours). This Delina could be considered a sexual invite as legal as an explicit consent .
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