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Layton Exclusif 2017

09.06.2019 - 02:24 AM
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The Châteaux of the Loire alluring scent

I tried several times the regular Layton and enjoyed it without however being amazed.
In brief, the "regular" Layton opening show us a dominant apple over an also strong lavender. Then you perceive romantic and shy embarrassed floral notes. After a bit of pepper, the scent evolves to a creamy, spicy, woody finish rich in patchouli, vanilla and sandalwood... a bit common although very well blended.

I've had this Layton Exclusif for more than 24 hours and I've waited patiently until now - with a clean nose and unscented skin - to hit 3 sprays on the back of my hand.
This Exclusive version is a bit more unique. By sprinkling the "Exclusif" for the first time, I received my first surprise. I do not understand why this perfume is not an "independent line" instead of being a flanker, because its relationship with the regular Layton is close to nil. To the usual comment of "The two Laytons have the vanilla in common" ... I can only object it to be a weak argument because, in all PdM vanilla, is a note that never to be missed.
This "Exclusiv" opens without any apple (thank God) but with a strong almond somewhat disconected from the other notes. This opening polarizes opinions, either on disliking this bewildered almond note, or on the wonder of staying with an almond olfactory block. This second option is only valid for noses of loving a cloying almond note.
The perfume becomes unique again with the three drydown musketeers: Laotian Oud, Vanilla and Coffee. Cardamom, as well as sandalwood and gaiac, are detected but they do not command this ship.
The coffee note, although quite sweet, is unusual and different from the breed of aromatic coffee beans we experience in A*Men or Kilian Intoxicated for instance. It smells more like an espresso syrup of coffe and sugar you see in the bottom of a cup ... interesting ... I like it a lot. The note of oud is very well behaved and far from being a reminiscent of the very intense, dry and animalic Laotian oud. I imagine that the gaiac wood and the sandalwood play an important role here, surrendering to the strength of the oud note but taming it at the same time. The vanilla also joins the party, almost as per PdMarly's signature obligation, but in an intensive way and not inconspicuously.
The civet note? Where is it?... it just did not leave the den!
The performance is well above average with a longevity of up to 10 hours, with a dispersion of more than 8 feet and up to 3 hours of projection (with three sprays on the back of my hand).
In my closet, this flask has two seats available. I can park it with well-behaved Easterners such as Swiss Arabian Shaghaf Oud or Ajmal Shaghaf, or along with its brother Herod.
Can it be considered a masterpiece? I would respond with a YES, always remarking that its price is above its real value. The good presentation of Marly's Parfums makes it easy to sell this perfume.

Rating the exclusivity of Layton:
Scent Opening:.........8,0 (nice almond and florals)
Scent Drydown:........9.5 (great oud, woods, coffee and vanilla notes, very well blended)
Longevity:..................8.5 (above average, 8~10 hours with 3 sprays)
Sillage:.......................8.5 (average for the existing notes, 6~7 feet with 3 sprays)
Uniqueness:..............9.0 (a lot more "unique" than the rtegular Layton)
Wearability:...............7.5 (Spring nights + Winter + Fall nightss)
Versatility:.................8.0 (clubbing and night out; formal occasions)
Compliments:...........8.5 (above average but not in a podium place)
Quality:......................9.5 (quality ingredients; excellent packaging and bottle sprayer)
Presentation:............10.0 (very nice although similar to all Marly perfumes)
Price:..........................5.5 (75 ml Eau De Parfum - € 160.00 plus taxes)
Overall rating: 8.50/10.0
between 7 and 8 =above average;
between 8 and 9 = recommended;
bigger than 9 = don't miss it;
A very nice but expensive tamed oud fragrance for clubbing and dining out.
No! Do try it before you buy it, if you want to risk paying such an high amount. Nevertheless for PdM fanatics it's probably a "must have".

Music: Pink Floyd - "Brain Damage, Eclipse"
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