Layton Exclusif by Parfums de Marly

Layton Exclusif 2017

27.04.2021 - 04:27 AM

Read before you stone me

before i begin this write up, I just want to say that i think this is a well done, and fairly unique fragrance, especially for PDM standards: this is not for lack of quality in either the blending or ingredients.
but man this shit might just not be for me. my relationship with oud is fairly open, as im cool with it in my juice(you can say we're polyandrous) as long as its not the overwhelmingly dominant note in the fragrance. its not even in my top 10 of fragrance profiles, but i do possess and have tried other oud based or included scents that i enjoyed rather muchly.

ok so the fantastic. i mean its really brilliant in the way it takes some (not all) of Laytons strengths and blends it with PDMs choice of oud; makes for a unique and sublime experience really.

but that opening only lasts for about an hour (at least on my skin), and then its just straight wood. and ots really not even an unpleasant wood either, its just not my cup of tea. after about 8 hours or so, i feel like ive been going on adventures with Star Lord and the gang cause brother, I Am Groot.

now, i am holding out. a sliver of hope. when i first smelled Layton, im gonna keep it funky; i wasn't impressed in the slightest. it smelled of a high end version of body wash in spray form, you know the kind they hand out in goodie bags at the Illuminati meetings. but as my nose has opened up and ive gotten a chance to lay my honker on other fragrances, i went back to Layton and came away intrigued and wanting to spend more time with it.

the more i wore, the more i whore; wait, sorry wrong group. the more I wore Leighton the more interesting intricacies I picked up the more respect and adoration I gained for it so I'm hoping that exclusif is something similar.

the longevity is pretty good as i get about 9 -11 hours, sillage is fine and projection isnt super loud but good enough. you can find this on certain sites for $200 and at that value or slightly higher, its well worth it...of you sample first. well you should samlle before you buy most of the time (blind buying is such a rush so i wont ever discourage that).

again it''s honestly a great frag, just not for me.

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