10.06.2021 - 03:35 PM

Sharp citrus/floral/woody mix, unisex cold-weather-leaning, under-discussed, perhaps reasonably so

Parfums de Marly Lippizan is one of the pre-Herod releases (2009-10 or so) that flies a bit under the radar, a fresh spicy aromatic entailing a fairly sharp citrus/floral/spicy ensemble of notes, including a medley of citruses, and some standout spices like clary sage and cardamom and florals of rose and iris, with some bassier supporting notes of vetiver, leather, and oakmoss. Vanilla is listed as well but it’s really not a sweet mix, which is perhaps why it is not as often discussed in the current market.

The overall effect is that of a slightly fresh and invigorating (due the zest of the citruses/spices and brightness of the florals) but is mostly woodier and spicier, and slightly dark. To its credit, though, it’s not overwhelmingly spicy, floral, or citric—it maintains some semblance of balance.

I don’t regard it as particularly masculine (Shagya, by contrast, feels more like a men’s signature scent), as there’s something floral, leathery, and resinous that sort of fits the unisex cold weather mold of a lot of niche scents, or is it something I’d recommend reaching for in warm weather.

Lippizan is interesting but is a notch below some of its kin—Nisean, Shagya, and Carlisle are more interesting, for example—but I’d still recommend that fans of the brand, especially, give it a try.

It performs fairly well and is priced at $153 on FragranceX and $149 on FragranceNet for the standard 125ml size, which is reasonable, given the quality, in my opinion.

7 out of 10

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