30.08.2019 - 09:21 PM

Cleaning Product Dupe

This is super-strong on my skin, and how I wish I could enjoy it more. I received it in a box-lot and it wasn't what I was going for, so it became part of the collateral afterwards to check. I have worn it through 4 seasons, and it always remains the same, strong almost stifling, cold and hard to embrace. This is not a cuddly perfume by any means. One would think a fruity perfume with vanilla would hopefully be, but for my skin, sadly, it is not. Perhaps it is the combination of both cassis and black currant that is giving this more of an ammonia-like power scent. It is definitely heady and at times, over-whelming. Not a whiff of vanilla for balance, or even ylang-ylang is not showing. Imagine a cleaning product based in ammonia, wrapped in a berry scent for the masses with musk as an undercurrent. There you have it-Meliora. It lasts for hours upon hours and radiates wonderfully. Just not for me. Perfume behaves so differently on each individual.

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