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Percival is a new perfume by Parfums de Marly for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is fresh-spicy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Mandarin, Aromatic notes
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmine, Coriander, Violet, Cinnamon, Geranium, Pink pepper, Lavender
Base Notes Base NotesSpices, Pepper, Nutmeg, Tonka bean, Balsam fir absolute, Musk



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Helpful Review    5
Proudly priced mainstreamer with exclusivity.
On my professional away trip in Frankfurt I visited the perfumery Albrecht in the Zeil. A perfumery that is actually almost exclusively composed of exclusive fragrances. All in the high price segment. I was looking for something new for the buzzer. Roja Elyssium was too heavy for me, Virgin Island Water too coconut heavy and the Interlude Man was simply no summer scent for me.

I went to the Marlys' shelf a little sad. Actually, I've tested everything but Percival. A sprayer on the hand. Hmm, somehow smelling quite good, but reminds me of the Sanifair furnishings one floor above. I went outside and was a little disappointed. When I sat in the extra sheet afterwards, a more pleasant cloud came into my nose with each wind draft, which I referred only after some time on my hand. Percivals dry down is so beautifully rounded. - Many compare him to Fierce and Bleu de Chanel - they're not wrong about that either - but for me it's the golden mean of the two with an absolutely smelling potential. So I'm back and I had to take it with me. Percival wouldn't let go of me because the sillage on my hand alone is stronger than what I ever smelled of Bleu de Chanel.

For me a mainstreamer that maybe doesn't fit to the rest of the Marlys, but if there was another brand on it less people would have looked at it as critically as here.

An absolutely successful fragrance that is wonderfully rounded off and makes your surroundings smile. As with all Marlys, durability is enormous and totally pleasant for me. A great fragrance for every day, even if it's expensive.
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Helpful Review    6
Gaussian blur
I understand any criticism about this perfume here, no matter what you think of it as, it just seems way too lapidary to be considered special for the price.

But I think it's funny how many people fish in turbid waters here to classify it and compare it with other products.
I don't mean anything bad now, but I can't see the main commonality, which is also mentioned here in other communities with "Fierce". In the opening there are a few fresh-fruity notes for a moment, but that's it with the similarities...

But what comes to my mind very quickly is this spicy, pseudo peppery attitude of "Heaven" (Chopard). It's something I would commonly call "aftershave note", but not in a negative sense, not a cheap aftershave note. But that's the direction. An ethereal, sharp note, perhaps also surrounded by lavender.
I also put this note in Creed's new Viking. And although I don't think the grade is bad, I don't feel it very well, so it doesn't dress me in any way that I really need.
Burberry for Men (1995) also has this touch, by the way, if you need another support to know what I mean.

To put it more clearly, Percival reminded me from the first second on extremely of Heaven / Viking. If they've copied anything, it's one of them. I could imagine that Heaven the younger generations know less, since it is already old, and no longer available. Therefore it is paraphrased with other things instead of recognizing the clear relationship.

Now the people who know Fierce and Heaven / Viking are allowed to disagree with me, I am open for constructive criticism, but for me and my scent perception it is really very clear.

And as I said before, this aftershave note is more associated with the aftershave note or the old perfume Dad wore when we were little. That's why it rather reminds you of scents of the league "Cool Water" or something like that, and you're rather disappointed that something like this became such an expensive product. (And not Parfums de Marly After Shave 1990)

I find this aftershave note at least not exhausting, but ginger spiciness in perfumes, for example, is.

So it could be a lot worse.

But it's just irrelevant.

I look forward to your opinion on my opinion. :)

Your N471v3!
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10.0 6.0 8.0 5.0/10

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Helpful Review    10
He who seeks, finds.
I basically imagine it that way, without wanting to offend anyone:

"PdM has a new fragrance? I'm sure it'll be very good."
After the test: "Hmm, but not so the roar. It doesn't have anything special. But wait a minute. How much did I pay for it? It must be something special. The packaging says Parfums de Marly. So... it's actually something special. Okay. Okay. Yep. Right. It's damn good."

It is both a relief and a disappointment that I did not like this fragrance. Relieved because I now have no more fragrance in my wish list and disappointed that this fragrance really has nothing to offer.

Percival is really overpriced for what he is. Also I don't smell the alleged peculiarity and quality at all. I never thought I'd say this: but I even find Bleu de Chanel much deeper and more complex than this shallow and yawning water
If you ask me, this fragrance could have come from Jean & Len and been in "dm" stores as well. But then it would be hardly noticed and rated much worse.

I do not want to make a large description to this smell also at all, but I give my smell impression independently of the price again.

Bergamot and tangerine? Those citric notes don't show up on me. Instead, the fragrance starts fresh, spicy and slightly mineral. It is not a real aquate, but it already has something slightly showery and damp/wet. It has a minimal green-mossy-woody twist in the background. After the top note, it has a very subtle, bitter sweetness.

Percival is mainly fresh and spicy. Unfortunately, however, the spicy notes are so shy, so compressed, so flattened, so rounded that the fragrance appears very flat, without any depths, corners or edges. The only thing that seems to leave the flat zone a little is a peppery note that tickles the nose slightly and gives a synthetic pungent impression.

After three hours Percival also has "invictus-like" facets, which again negatively influence my scent impression. But this makes the fragrance appear a little more ambry, which enhances the shower gel feeling. I suspect that this is due to the Balsam fir Absolute.

So when such a fragrance is celebrated and there are 7.8 points up there, I am probably mutated into a critical Parfumo-Mongo. Because with all due respect: with many fragrances that have a high rating, but for which I would rate rather low, I could usually understand why a fragrance is so popular. But for the first time I have to be astonished that such a meaningless fragrance, which has zero unique selling points, could convince so many.

Is he sooo bad? No! He's not hurting anybody. But he doesn't help anybody. He's decent, nice and no end of the world. And yet there are so many other great little waters that can be created cheaper and thus have a fragrance with character.

It seems to me that one has inevitably tried to see something special in this fragrance. One has searched and found, even if in the end it seems to be only an illusion.
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7.0 8.0 8.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    14
I like him, I don't like him...
Basically, I have to choose a similar entrance to Flanker's comment: "With Parfums de Marly, I simply haven't been convinced by any fragrance. Gourmands / very sweet scents I can't stand and with the rather spicy-woody, slightly oriental representatives of the brand there was nobody who inspired me. Percival, another mass-produced fragrance that follows the trend of 'shower gel vibe', was launched last year. As is well known there are countless examples of this, from very cheap to expensive, and this is where it already belongs to the high-price level. Both can serve as KO criteria - if a fragrance is really well made, I am open to it, well aware that the label 'shower gel' rarely promises elegance and really unique qualities.

Percival starts with a top note that is basically similar in structure to that of Dior Sauvage or Versace Dylan Blue: A slightly aquatic freshness, combined with a slightly synthetic-fruity citrus note and lots of ambroxan. The difference that exists here can indeed be explained by the 'aromatic notes' that give the fragrance more fullness. Pepper, coriander and some cinnamon on a slightly sweet base (tonka bean) are easily recognizable. Without the enumeration of the fragrances it would have been more difficult for me to filter them out individually, because the spices are quite tightly interwoven. Lavender and rose geranium in particular also create a fougère chord, as was common in many fresh aquatic fragrances as early as the 1990s. When the opening notes have vanished, Percival flattens out a bit in my opinion, because the base consists of the discreet peppery spicy note and above all of generic woods, as I also associate them with the 90s, and some musk.

Since I was born in 1990, I myself have no real connection to what was worn in this decade, but I associate some of the perfumes from this period with slightly older men and somehow don't really feel comfortable wearing Percival, even if I like it in itself. I feel the same way about Cool Water and the like. There are simply many fragrances that you perceive as relatively pleasant, but would never wear yourself.

As mentioned in the introduction, Percival has a very proud price to pay, for which, I think, many are not prepared because of solid alternatives. Nevertheless, I have to admit that the shower gel vibe was not staged cheaply here and the overall impression is a bit more complex than with most fragrances of this genre. Furthermore, you get a great performance and a nice contrast from the slightly fruity, playful top note and the more serious base. Contrary to many praises of Percival and Parfums de Marly in general by some YouTuber, I find Percival less elegant than a simple everyday scent, in which only few people can perceive the differences to cheaper alternatives.
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8.0 7.0 8.0 7.5/10

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Nothing going on without moss.
Looking for Fierce, the 38. Why Fierce? Because, as is well known, this was reformulated and is only a shadow of itself. I mean it. No early perfume-XY-yet-egg-and-oak moss whining. So Rossmann-Sillage, we understand each other.
And why Percival? He was kindly recommended to me here as a test candidate if I wanted to go in this direction. And I've really been through a lot of models; from Police to be - the Illusionist to Tous man intense, Platinum Egoiste to the inevitable Montblanc Legend.
I can't really describe this DNA in a really diffuse way. Synthetic-fruity fresh maybe? At least this is true of Percival; in the top note he comes across as surprisingly conservative and showery. But then this pointed, orange freshness quickly comes across, but not as in fragrances like Terre d'Hermes, where one attaches importance to a natural image, or at least to an interpretation close to the fruit, but rather to an artificial exaggeration, a reduction to the essential, the "perfumed", intense, which strictly speaking one can no longer call fruity. But it's this de-naturalization that makes me think the sex appeal of this fragrance. Terre d'Hermes, for example, is good - but not aphrodisiac. A completely different fragrance intention. Percival, like Platinum Egoiste, is one of the more natural representatives of this fragrance within this synthetic phase anyway, which is probably due to the quality of the ingredients owed to the price. But as said before, the authentic depiction of a fruit is not the aim here, but rather to attract the attention of the weaker sex, look at me, I'm fresh!, and at the most to suggest fruitiness. Panty drops halt - how I hate that expression!
because I like Percival, because he does all the above mentioned very solid, conservative, for the intention of this fragrance DNA perhaps too little offensive and provocative, but with quite perceptible projection and durability.
But when I spend so much money on a fragrance, I expect something special somewhere, something surprising, a quirk, something recognizable, something! But Percival is just the 5 Series BMW, the A6, which doesn't do anything wrong, and that's exactly his problem
So the search goes on...
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7.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    11
PdM fragrances have not really convinced me yet, but this is due to my personal taste and not to the way they are made. Only Galloway I found pleasant, although this one also gets a somewhat "sneezy" impact in the drydown.

Since Percival is controversially discussed, I became curious about the new blue one.
Last weekend I had the opportunity to test Percival for the first time in a perfumery. Sprayed on my arm, I was immediately reminded of something. It was on the tip of my tongue. A familiar feeling and slightly faded pictures arose in my head.

Flanker, this has something to do with your past!
I've seldom been so stunned in a perfume test. This familiar feeling, this smell... you know what it's like! But what is it?! I was just sure it had to be from the '90s. It was fruity in the beginning, paired with lavender and light geranium...I could have gone crazy! At some point I only noticed the scent on the side. Thinking about it has made me weird.

But he didn't let me go. I had to test him again and so a bottling moved in with me.
1. Day: Sprayed on and analytically approached the perception of fragrance, which meant that I could perceive certain notes, but this familiar feeling failed to appear. Beautiful fragrance; 90s; mainstream; fruit, lavender,...and slightly aromatic.
2. Day: Sour on the bottling and on myself...break!
3. Today: I saw the bottling and decided to start another, last test at short notice...

2 sprayers on the back of the hand and nose. Break, enlightenment, Hallelujah I got it!
Fruit (it could be pineapple and not mandarin), geranium, lavender, musk, light green spice....

I was a big fan of Joop Nightflight in the 90's until he was finally, years later, reformulated on a splash of his self-destructed. All attempts to get hold of an original version failed miserably. It was practically my signature scent over several years (yes, now it's out and I'm proud of it).

When I started my 3rd test with Percival today, it was like dandruff from my eyes. The fragrance reminds me in its characteristic, very much of my fragrance favorite from the 90s. Percival is the slightly more sneezy, finer Flanker. It differs to Nightflight by a certain aromatic portion and with me from time to time slightly flashing impressions of laurel leaf. Nightflight was always a bit "harsh" and "prickly" in its way, but with great sillage and aura. Percival is for me the more high-quality looking, rounder offspring.

The memories of that time, in connection with Percival, have put a grin on my face today and it doesn't matter if he could be a crowdpleaser or not. Before I buy a diluted NIghtflight version in the www, I'll probably go for Percival, even if only for a few moments. Some times are simply best remembered ;-)
Marginal note: To my mind it has practically no overlap with Gentle fluidity from MFK
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6.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    54
I just wanted to say....
I'll fall right into the house with the door.

That's nice and fresh.
That's also good spicy.
Of course it's very modern.
It keeps for a fresh fragrance very neat.
He surprised me personally.
One recognizes despite all criticism that it is a Marly, straight in the base.
For me unusual that I like that, but that I had with the Layton too.
No Ambroxan overloading as in other so-called shower gel fragrances.
Very good suitability for everyday use.

Similar to other fragrances.

And now?

Since a few days the community has been overturning here because of the new Explorer of Mont Blanc or the new Loewe Esencia, because the Aventus resemble, but a Percival must not smell like another fragrance. A Marly has to be unique or how?

May I remind you that many Marlys resemble other fragrances?
Godolphin-Tuscan Leather
Galloway-Lalique White
Oajan-Hermessence Ambre Narguilé
and the for me overrated Herod reminds me of Pure Havane.

Surely an expensive scent has a corresponding expectation, which you might have automatically and yes scents of this kind will certainly be cheaper, but the smell is also partly cheaper, or even different and only the direction is perhaps the same.

I went with very few expectations to this fragrance and maybe that was the advantage for me because I was surprised more pleasantly and positively. I usually don't care much about this direction, I own the Bleu de Chanel Edp and I'm happy with it. From Sauvage I get headaches and this is not just so said, the Dylan Blue I find grottenlande boring and the Invictus I also found boring, just to name some of this direction.

But Percival still convinced me. It's not pushy, it's sparkling fresh, has a great spicy combination, a nice pepper that I always love and the musk at the end is great. As in all Marly I find it difficult to recognize all single components, here again everything together results in one. I think it's great, I think it's carefree and I think it's optimal for the coming season.

I understand that so-called gourmet noses turn up their noses, as I already said at Layton. That's okay, too. This fragrance is also more likely to appeal to younger people in normal cases. Stupid that I'm not normal, but there's always something. You know.

I can understand if you basically reject this direction, but I don't understand complaining that it smells like XY, or that it's nothing special for a Marly. I understand if it's too expensive, if it has no added value for you, but here so many scents are compared with others and again and again so-called hypes like the ones mentioned above are created, nobody needs to come and tell me that it smells like XY.

Especially since it has its own note for me, I clearly recognize a Marly DNA that I already have in the Layton, which is certainly much sweeter, but a little bit resonates there. The shelf life is not quite as with the dark blue, but for such a fresh scent quite decent and it is independent.

I don't know if I need him, basically he would have to become cheaper for me, but I don't find him bad. Anyway, better than it's done here.

I just wanted to say.
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7.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    44
The perfume trap?
Did I fall into the perfume trap? Have I become a niche snob?
Actually I don't want to go to such a discussion level, because I can't do much with the drawers (think) niche/mainstream, but the statement in a statement about this scent has made me think.
Have I become a niche snob in all these years at Parfumo?!
I associate a niche snob with someone who finds per se niche fragrances better than mainstream fragrances, then my judgement would be rather no. I like to be blinded by the beautiful exterior, yes that happens. But this is absolutely human for me and you can discover it in every area of life..women, cars, why not in perfumes too?!

In the last 3 weeks I made an interesting experience. For various reasons I didn't go around on Parfumo so often and constantly any longer and from the constant smell testing, evaluating, classifying etc. really had my nose full. Didn't have a single (niche) fragrance sample at hand, then with the last fragrance package came a sample from Percival, the new fragrance from Parfums de Marly.
I made him a statement, so ala "Drugstore-Backware in niche garb", because I just don't like shower gel scents like that, the Versace PH's, Invictus Aqua's and other products are just not my world, although I came out of 2013, before I had registered with Parfumo.
Nevertheless, I gave Percival considerably more chances than the comparable fragrances from this fragrance, which I always waved away in the Müller/Douglas. And yeaha..I liked Percival better and better, day after day, even though the fragrance experience seemed very familiar to me, of course, without finding a 100% hit, all somehow similar and yet different. What exactly? I don't know, the fragrance appeals to me in its spicy freshness and light sweetness. Have I already fallen for the niche robe? I think that the brand and the bottle in general somehow influences me to be more benevolent towards it, equating the price and the heavy bottle with value and quality. I'm already honest to myself, I can't exclude it completely in this case..and with other scents (meanwhile) also not (anymore). I only noticed over the weeks of abstinence that the fewer niche fragrances I tested, the less I read about them here (daily), the less I put perfume in the spotlight, i.e. more daily users (without thinking much about it) than obsessive collectors who screen fragrances from 100 angles, i have always searched for the best fragrance of the respective category, the more fun I found in such fragrances again, to simply wear them without great fuss and without rising white smoke, as I used to do when it was all about smelling good, at least to me.
I would have liked to find more fragrances full of character for me over the years. They fascinate me, would correspond better to my self-image, I thought at least, but I won't be happy with them in the long run, they just don't suit me, they don't create a feeling of well-being around me, they just give me a touch of exclusivity, the feeling of holding something special in my hand, which was somehow "important" to me for a long time, now I ask myself why!
I could have written these sentences about many fragrances and brands, but it was Percival who turned it around, holding the mirror in front of my nose. The last Lost Cherry comment just confirmed me again. I love niche scents, I've worn them too long for the wrong reasons. Percival has only paved the way "back" for me through his skilful camouflage, for light-hearted enjoyment, so it should be, but there will never be a black-and-white world for me, only one of my own nose-confidence.
Percival holds extraordinarily well, 8-9 hours go without problems, for a so-called freshness fragrance already times ne announcement, the Sillage is above average.
I just like its fruity freshness, somehow aquatic and yet somehow not, herb-spicy and slightly woody from the heart note.
If you are looking for an uncomplicated feel-good factor, if you like to smell like freshly showered and well-groomed, you are in good hands here. Also here I am quite honest, for the shop price of 200€ I would not have bought it for sure, but online you can get it for about 45% less, so it fit for me.

Suitability for everyday use: 10/10
Feel-good factor: 9/10
Wow effect: 5/10
Price/performance: 5/10
Packaging/Bottling: 9/10
Idea+implementation: 1/10
Similar fragrances: Versace PH, Dylan Blue, Invictus, Invictus Aqua uvva.
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9.0 9.0 9.0 9.0/10

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Percival is what Galloway always wanted to be...
Thanks to the friendly perfumery Kirner I got a sample from the Percival.
It is fresh, but from my point of view not aquatic!
The certain uniqueness Galloway still had has this Marly now completely discarded!
Mainstream and Daily Scent.
Pity is only that among these prizes he lacks one: The unique selling proposition!
Mistakable with 100 other fragrances.
Nevertheless he judges somehow "well done", but would not move me to any purchase at this time.
Maybe that will change!
One day and nothing happens. No euphoria, but also no direct dislike!

- To be continued
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Carlitos01 92 days ago
Percival is just to common to justify its price, with a nice fresh opening and lots of spices. The Fierce/Legend brigade costs a lot less...+4

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