18.09.2020 - 01:45 AM

No king's lunacy, just royal attitude

Because of the kindness of some of the community members some time ago, when I made it my focus to experience the tobacco/vanilla combos, I have managed to get the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Phaedon Tabac Rouge samples, probably the two most famous ones in the group… and it was a disappointment for me. Shortly afterwards the TH Pure Havane has arrived, and I felt it was a little bit different than the first two, it felt most wearable of all three. I like Tom Ford and Muglers, but I couldn't fall in love with these, no matter how hard I tried.

In the quest of getting my hands on all possible vanilla/tobacco fragrances, I got the Herod that has left a completely different impression. It was the time before I learned that PdM are naming their perfumes after famous horses - I remember I was thinking that this perfume would be something crazy, dark and almost insane. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, fantasizing about how avantgarde it must be. Unfortunately, Herod turned out to be nothing like the mad king I leaned the mental image of the perfume onto. This is a very pleasing male perfume that I wear gladly and easily and that has a positive vibe.

The opening is pleasant and spicy, mildly peppery and with loads of cinnamon. At that point the perfume resembles L’Erbolario Dolcelisir a lot. Twenty minutes past, a dry and not too sweet vanilla makes it’s appearance, accompanied by the notes of tobacco, and this is the smell of raw tobacco that I am accustomed to - the tobacco from a pack of cigarettes, not the honey-like cigar tobacco. Herod was there around me for about five to six hours and was delighted each time a Herod wave around me would appear. This is excellent longevity as my dry skin has an increased appetite and eats up most perfumes - the usual longevity may easily be cut to 60% in my case.

The thing that Herod won me over with was a set of notes that (besides amber that makes everything you put it in so much better) are somehow leathery, and give a feeling of sophistication and… well, wealth. This is further enhanced by beautiful note of patchouli and a bit of musk that will be noticeable fairly close to skin, just as faint soapy scent that will appear somewhere in the drydown.

Herod is a very wearable perfume in my opinion, creating positive, calm and serene feeling to the wearer. It does not have the historic king’s lunacy, but it certainly has the royal attitude.
It is not mundane nor boring, as - unfortunately - the aforementioned ones are.

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