Kuhuyan by Parfums de Marly
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Kuhuyan is a perfume by Parfums de Marly for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is spicy-resinous. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesViolet leaf, Jasmine
Heart Notes Heart NotesLeather, Heliotrope
Base Notes Base NotesOud, Ambergris, Tonka bean



7.3 (52 Ratings)


8.0 (43 Ratings)


6.6 (47 Ratings)


8.4 (52 Ratings)
Submitted by Joe, last update on 11.01.2020.
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Greatly helpful Review    48
Recently in the Ruhrpott.... Part 7

"Mr. Spangler, it's a pleasure, how are you?"

Allet vertical master? Jau, I'm standing stable and I was just in the neighborhood. Was still voting today and thought I'd come by your place sometime.

"That is reasonable, we have the possibility to decide for ourselves and we should do so. How's your wife at home?"

Magda can't complain, she's got me, understand? Hömma I have Bock once again watt newet for the nose to find, abba ma sowatt, watt also not every third Chinese has getz, white?

"Yes, I understand, I'm sure I have something for you. Follow me
You're the boss boss. I know I've had good experiences with you, I've already become the expert at home. When the Ulli does brag with his new Armani, I always do smile.

"I'm glad if you're so interested in fragrances, it's also an exciting hobby, who could judge that better than me, right?"

Jau getzt hau ma not so on the kettledrum master, allet watt you have kept me under the nose was now also not always porn.

"How about a perfume of Parfums de Marly? I think we're gonna find something there that fits your bill. The brand is quite popular among niche friends"

Niche? Hmma, I don't want to hide out, what's this about?

"Fragrances that are a little more exclusive and not available in every perfumery. In most cases these do not smell as the current market dictates. You've already met some of them yourself"

Is that clear and I'm sure I'll go back to the Penunsen, oda? I know you, sport. I've seen your chocolate before. Don't go pimping me now for the money.

"That is unfortunately correct, however, one pays also for higher quality of the smell and many young people want this exclusivity "

Children who want wadding, get wadding on bollards. Oh, dates are abba fast flacongs. It's heavy, this lid's heavy, too. They're real men's flankongs on that date. Not like the girl's schmaltzy. Abba Watt shall datt here with the ponies on it?

"These are horses, Mr Spangler. This brand combines in its fragrance line the passions of Louis XV - perfume and horses. The olfactory homage to those perfume creations of that time are named after noble horse breeds and are presented in bottles elaborately decorated with thoroughbred horses."

So horse perfume? Do you have an egg hiking? I don't want to stink vienna horse. You were also breastfed through your sweater. Do I live at Ponyhof or watt?

"No Mr. Spangler, as I said before, this is a tribute, which means that the fragrances have only names of horse breeds"

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Have you been leafing through the Clever & Smart magazine again, you bitch? But that was a good one. My humor is slowly rubbing off on you, too, so my colleague?

"Excuse me, but the template was just too tempting. Try this one, the Kuhuyan"

They got cows too? It smells best on the grill. I thought it was horses

"Does Mr. Spangler. Kuhuyan is a breed of Arabs, the noblest of all horses."

Let datt ma not hear the ali as you call him now here tus, then Panhas is at the swivel mast colleague, but come, watt can datt then Mopped?

"Now this is a light oriental scent. I'll just spray Mr. Spangler. In the beginning, notes of fresh violet leaves cavort together with jasmine. That's very nice."

True hate. Datt reminds me here of that wow from Jopp. This isn't wrong. Strong and fresh. Not bad, Mr. Woodpecker. In any case, no horse-dog.

"Exactly and in the middle part a light leather chord opens up, accompanied by a little sweet vanilla. Only a hint, but refined"

But is it more velour? But I have to concentrate to smell it Master, is definitely not as leathery as my couch at home. Comes abba quite well getz.

"That's right, it's finely worked in, so it just accompanies the scent. The base consists of ambergris speckles and tonka bean, which caramelize the fragrance a little supported by oud, but you don't notice this here as clearly as in other oud fragrances. It gets a little woody"

Sports lover? What's that? Oud?

"The so-called Eagle Wood. Rare and precious. In principle, the wood is also not necessarily used, but actually its resin, which is produced by fungal infestation and bacteria"

I think that's totally flawless, if you're so honest master, but does your boss know that you sell gamma scents? I mean, I don't want to get anything out of here. I had a mould inside, that's not funny. I'm gonna crawl into a dadderich.

"Don't worry Mr Spangler, on the one hand it's harmless and on the other hand it's synthetically manufactured here in this case."

Oh, watt? Ey wattn Brimborium. Dates too. Well, a board with mushrooms isn't enough for so many bottles? I get it, and I have to say, it's very comfortable to wear. Not so obtrusive, abba does not come out like that either.

"That's right, the brand has even stronger fragrances in its range, which has a good shelf life, but no strong sillage. I would say he is rather quiet, but this can be not wrong."

And is that high school erotic again?

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Unisexy you flat pliers. Now I want to be funny and you don't get it again.

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"No, I'm afraid not, I can only add a few samples to your list"

Well, look, datt is not bad, but there I speak nomma middle iris about it, if the datt can carry also datt. I don't tip out on mountain pines either. I'm so missing the bang, more like a gelding for the ashes here. I gotta go, too. Keep your ears stiff colleague.

"Until next time Mr. Spangler"
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Mickle33 7 days ago
Hält bei mir länger als jeder andere Duft (teilweise bis zu mehr als 24 Stunden am Körper wahrnehmbar). Das Leder ist sehr markant!

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