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Kalan is a new perfume by Parfums de Marly for men and was released in 2019. The scent is woody-spicy. The longevity is above-average.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBlood orange, Black pepper, Spices
Heart Notes Heart NotesLavender, Orange blossom
Base Notes Base NotesSandalwood, Moss, Woody notes, Amber, Roasted tonka bean



6.7 (32 Ratings)


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8.9 (40 Ratings)
Submitted by MuffinXS, last update on 19.08.2019
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Very helpful Review    4
Aren't all good things three?
After Percival and Sedley unfortunately couldn't convince me, I was full of anticipation when the new fragrance Kalan was announced. The fragrance pyramid didn't read badly and I had really hoped that this would finally be another fragrance from the house that I like.

I'm actually a big fan of the house, own Layton, Layton Exclusif, Herod, Pegasus + Carlisle myself. I can't get enough of each of the fragrances and I feel very comfortable applying them. Kalan's different, I'm afraid.

After reading MuffinXS's commentary, I could guess in which direction the fragrance was going. Well, BR540 isn't a bad scent in itself, just too feminine in my eyes. This paired with a pinch of masculinity could become interesting. I have sprayed a small splash on the back of my hand. That should have been around 6:00. My first thought was straight: "Okay, that really smells like 540." Paired with pepper and a lot of spices. For me unfortunately too overloaded with spices, so I can't really enjoy the fragrance. After a few minutes, lavender, tonka, etc. are added, so that the fragrance appears a little rounder/creamer. Unfortunately, I can't concentrate on anything more than these spices/BR540 Fusion. I would love to like the smell, but I can't imagine when and where I would like to smell it so much
The next morning I was able to clearly perceive the fragrance, which is Marly's typical long shelf life. From a purely objective point of view, the Sillage + durability is really strong, but from a subjective point of view this will unfortunately be quite exhausting at some point.

Oh yes, the bottle is also very nice :-)

For me unfortunately now the 3rd in a row of PdM, which could not convince me.

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The Ferrari of the Marlys?
Honestly, the bottle had me from the first second on. If Kalan had gone out of the first 20 evaluations with 2.5, I would still have taken him directly. My skin gets along extremely well with PdMs and I have consistently had good experiences with the brand so far, smelled about 8 out of the house and owned 6.

With the colour of the bottle I expect the direction of the fragrance. With the existing association to a Ferrari one would have had here a perfect direction also fitting to the strengths of the house. Prolific, sweet and powerful, in any case the playful direction, something above the pleasant, so that you just don't know if you like it or not and then you are polarized according to the motto: Is too much show for me, or do I find horny. Just like looking at a Ferrari.
And the teaser video about Kalan had also given me hope that this direction would be taken.

But what comes out with the actual fragrance can't be described any differently than disappointing. Not because Kalan smells bad, but simply doesn't find any connection at all to what he could (should?) be. Red as a signal color and color of romance or whatever you associate, followed by a sour, herbaceous scent. Hardly sweet, hardly proliferous, not attractive, not marly.
He is not unpleasant, that what was created is not badly done and something in it also has a good charm. But with that medical, sour note, I personally don't get warm yet.

And maybe that's why it's the Ferrari, a car that sounds big and attracts attention, everyone knows it and most people dream about it. But when you sit in it, you understand that it's just the name and the direct competition makes it a lot better.
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10.0 8.0 10.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    9
More than a masculine Baccarat Rouge 540
So, Parfums de Marly, Sedley used to be nothing at all, right? Various Facebook groups have speculated that Kalan was so quickly replenished due to Sedley's lack of success.
But I'm not a resentful person, you don't lose my favor so quickly and so I jumped at this release. I have now worn Kalan for two days and try to give you an idea of my impression.

Flacon 10/10
The bottle itself is of course well-known and does not differ from the other men's and unisex scents from PdM.
The dark red bottle is really beautiful and looks super noble. I like personally very much and fits also somehow to the fragrance.

Fragrance 8/10
Spray on and...wait, I know you, don't I? Baccarat Rouge 540 from MFK in spicy and stronger. No, it doesn't do him justice. Kalan's not even close to being a clone. I can't tell which notes trigger this association, but it's there.
Kalan starts with a really strong peppery orange. This fragrance is really complex, in the process I can actually perceive most of the notes of the fragrance pyramid. Spicy, woody, slightly sweet and long this pepper. So after one hour I smell Amber, which may be because I don't like Amber :P...
I don't like to divide into gender and gender. If I have to, I'd rather see BR540 on a woman. Kalan is for me a scent for androgynous women or men.

Shelf life 10/10
On both days, I washed Kalan off after eight-nine hours. On the first day I even did some sport for it, around the six-hour mark. I could still perceive the scent well until I washed the dishes.

Projection/Sillage 8/10
Projection and Sillage are already neat, but not intrusive. I might not be Kalan at work, but I wouldn't be Kalan at parties either. Projection and Sillage are somewhere between these two situations.

Mine isn't Kalan, but it's really complex, and I respect that. Unfortunately nobody from my environment likes him :P. He's certainly not a crowdpleaser like Layton, but that's more often the case with niche fragrances
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ScentedGent 7 days ago
Kalan is way too medicinal smelling for my tastes. Pass.+1
SmellGoodGuy 9 days ago
Maybe it's me, but I think I may pass on this one. Need to resample it...TBC...+1
FranknSense 20 days ago
There are 540 reasons to buy this perfume. On top of it it's a bit darker, dryer, woodier, more subtle and manlier than 540. A good option.+3

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