Chypre Mojo/45 by Parle Moi de Parfum

Chypre Mojo/45 2018

04.03.2021 - 02:04 PM
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Got my mojo working
Chypre with patchouli and fruit. I admit, not only was I puzzled by the combo, I was also very suspicious. Feared old-fashioned mossy earth, pappy synthetic fruit and ole patchouli. Fantasized a hell of a concoction. However, you guessed it already: I was wrong. The fragrance is great!

A galactic prelude - I want to cheer. The mango still with green skin and firm flesh, bergamot gives pleasant freshness, nevertheless, the tickling of an overripe fruit with thought, but exclusively delicious, tingling, exciting. Not too sweet, thank goodness, and not the generic mango from the iced tea or the care product respectively room fragrance.
Patchouli, yes, underlining and clean, soapy almost. The scent is not vaporous, but really nice and refreshing, watery-clear (and I don't mean aquatic) in the heart notes.
There's nothing edgy, an easygoing scent if you like the general direction. Nothing earthy on me, nothing mossy. Pleasing, in a good way!

I have to agree with the previous speaker about the "horny, horny, horny". So: this is a sexy scent, too, and one that's a super fit for all genders. Intellectual, tongue-in-cheek sexiness with a splash of irony. More the flirt in the elevator than the seduction across the table sparkle in a cocktail bar. Light on its feet.

Longevity and sillage no monsters, at least not on my wrist. A light, clean scent for spring or summer. A coffee or a soda in the sun with the date, but also in the office, why not? I won't buy it because its vibes are close to Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate, which I like to wear for such occasions. And he should also be a little more feminine for my current taste, Chypre Mojo/45 is already a pants fragrance, so to speak.

The composition is not what I would call Chypre, ever, but what I would call Mojo. And I segue into the obligatory babble section:

The titular mojo is not just what Austin Powers loses in one of his movies, but also, and more to the point, an amulet or outright spell that you carry with you. As a talisman or a pouch, in any case close to the body. Mojos are known from Afro-American music (play tip: Muddy Water - Got my mojo working); Mojo comes from the African hoodoo religion of the slaves who were brought to the USA. Southern states yes, swampy chypre, Louisiana moss on the other hand no. But this is a romantic notion communicated through images, songs, and books, a mood translated into perfume, not the muddy organic swamps. I welcome that here!
But back to the mojo: since love spells always find much demand and through use and change of meaning of the word it was also enriched with the connotation already mentioned above in connection with Austin Powers, which is: libido. And that fits wonderfully to music, the attracting and initiating agent for amorous this since the beginning of mankind, actually quite similar to perfumery.
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