Papyrus Oud/71 (2018)

Papyrus Oud/71 by Parle Moi de Parfum
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Papyrus Oud/71 is a popular perfume by Parle Moi de Parfum for men and was released in 2018. The scent is smoky-woody. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Michel Almairac

Fragrance Notes

Indian papyrus, Somalian frankincense, Oud, Musk



7.9 (22 Ratings)


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7.1 (21 Ratings)


7.2 (18 Ratings)
Submitted by Mefunx, last update on 11.02.2020.

Interesting Facts

According to the brand, Papyrus Oud/71 represents Michel Almairac's original idea of Gucci pour Homme (2003), created by him under the creative direction of Tom Ford – not considering the modifications Tom Ford asked for.
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Do-it-yourself scent
Basically I could simply copy parts of my commentary on Oud by Elie Saab and paste them here, because Papyrus Oud/71 seems just as uncompromising and unfortunately also quite unfinished. But while Francis Kurkdjian at least made sure that his creation is softened a little bit, I discover nothing of the sort here.

You should be careful with the first smell, because you could get a medium sneezing attack due to the brittle dryness and the black pepper, which is clearly present for me. Instead of complex wood aromas or a scent reminiscent of the forest, here you encounter dead, long-dried cut wood from the DIY store - practical for the do-it-yourselfer, less suitable for a perfumer. Oud I can only guess at in principle by a minimal, I would say leathery facet on the skin. Frankincense darkens Michel Almairac's creation and gives it a somewhat perfumed quality after all.

There may be people who can appreciate such harsh scents, but I personally find it quite uncomfortable to wear something like this. I also have the feeling that contrasting elements are missing here, which would provide for more development and would not give the wearer such a repellent aura. After all, the fragrance remains true to itself and retains its dry, woody-smokey quality for a long time, without any surprises - as ParfumAholic very aptly writes: "sober, straight and somewhat distant".
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Greatly helpful Review    26
Repeated Resurrection - or Deadly Said Live Longer
I remember very well how much Gucci pour Homme grabbed me back then. This mixture of papyros, clear, but oh so seductive frankincense and absolute soft focus in the base has fascinated me standing foot. Gucci pour Homme was never and never wanted to be subtle, but to spray cool sexyness in an elegant way that absolutely suited the then Gucci creative director Tom Ford. Not to mention the bottle. This heavy glass block with the corrugated bottom was certainly no hand flatterer, but nevertheless incredibly sexy, angular, angular, masculine and very noble.

What a shock when the scent was set. It was even more shocking that I had sold a bottle in ignorance because I had somehow smelt myself full. But afterwards you are (almost) always smarter.

So began the Gucci pour Homme - free years. Here and there flacons appeared in the bay - at moon prices that I was not willing to pay. At some point I was able to get hold of a 30ml bottle, which I have kept like a treasure since then and only use "for good". Whereby strictly speaking this is nonsense, because the smell doesn't get better by standing around....

But there seems to be someone else that this scent won't let go of: Michel Almairac. Creator of the Gucci pour Homme, who also lifted Bentley for Men Absolute and Papyrus Oud from the cradle of fragrance. That's what I call a real passion when a perfumer doesn't want to let go of (s)a scent.

Bentley for Men Absolute is something I would never have come up with without Parfumo. I haven't consciously perceived the scent anywhere. For me a perfect replica of the original with a beautiful base.

And now Papyrus Oud, who should have been the original Gucci pour Homme, Tom Ford wouldn't have wanted any changes. Strictly speaking Papyrus Oud would be the original Gucci pour Homme :-o

All three fragrances contain incense and papyros to create this absolute and unmistakable Gucci pour Homme feeling. The further design then proceeds somewhat differently, but the basic DNA always remains recognizable.

But Papyrus Oud does not want to become soft or cuddly at any time or hour. It remains in the name-giving frame. Not harsh or even scratchy, I would rather describe it as sober, straight and a little distant. This sensual warmth of the GpH can be found here in vain.

Gucci and Bentley probably make the leap to sexiness just because they both build a bridge between frankincense and papyrus on the one hand and soft focus like sandalwood, tonka and vanilla on the other.
Since exactly this does not happen with Papyrus Oud (or only in the smallest musk measure), Papyrus Oud stands out clearly from the other two smells.

I find all three fragrances very successful and would wear any of them, but my personal ranking is quite clear:
1st place: Gucci pour Homme
2nd place: Bentley for Men Absolute
3rd place: Papyrus Oud

For those who like the old Gucci pour Homme (and are looking for a good alternative), the two replicas are definitely recommended.

Merci Monsieur Almairac!
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