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EauMer by Pekji
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EauMer is a popular perfume by Pekji for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is synthetic-aquatic. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Ambergris, Aniseed, Bergamot, Haitian vetiver, Herbs, Jasmine, Lavender, Lime, Mastic resin, Musk



7.7 (18 Ratings)


8.0 (14 Ratings)


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7.2 (7 Ratings)
Submitted by Drseid, last update on 30.07.2019
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11 Reviews
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buckle up for summer in eaumer
EauMer goes on as a simple-ish neroli-heavy eau de cologne. That clichéd stage lasts literally mere seconds before you realize you are dealing with a VERY different animal here. The quality of the neroli is obvious but it cleverly and immediately takes a backseat to what can only be described as an “industrial green marine” accord that wobbles in like the wobbling on gasoline fumes. I’ve never smelled anything like it, and for some this stage may flummox or unsettle. Imagine a forested marshland with a petrol refinery a couple of km away on a windy day and you start to get an approximation. The neroli and a tart petitgrain are firmly in place throughout but this crazy accord seems to float over it. EauMer ( a play on its creator's first name: Ömer) is clearly brave perfumery, executed with daring and confidence. What happens next?

For a good 30 minutes the petrol-green (from what, I dunno, perhaps seaweed or maybe even basil as in Eau du Sud)-neroli-aquatic presence stays put. If this seems unpleasant it certainly is not, and on the one real hot day I’ve worn it, this accord positively shimmered above my skin, making it feel quite organic - a very clever trick indeed.

Around the 45min mark, EauMer’s true genius becomes apparent. This isn’t a twisted eau de cologne made by a disgruntled sailor, it’s a bloody vetiver! The first time I wore this I grinned ear to ear from this olfactory epiphany. As the shimmering petrol-marine accord slowly backed off I was treated to a very high quality Haitian vetiver in all its grassy glory, like I moved further down the marshy shore into a fresh air patch. The petrol still lurks in the background, the neroli still impressively sticks around but EauMer joins the illustrious ranks of the Vetiver + club. I didn’t see that coming, and man I love it.

A shy, wan jasmine note later joins the party, and it fuses with the vetiver to provide a degree of organic elegance. It’s this subtle jasmine that really convinced me that EauMer should be included with a couple of my favourite summer frags. It demonstrates that Pekji respects classicism while embracing the avant garde, which is something I’ve always respected in the creative arts, particularly music.

EauMer is something that I could see Mark Buxton or Geza Schoen doing at their best. The juxtaposition and effortless evocation of organic & synthetic are factors in perfumery that get me genuinely excited and EauMer is an exciting frag. On the Pekji website – incredibly – Pekji quotes someone who has worn EauMer and they invoke cottage country in summer in Ontario. I spent my first 18 years in that precise area, and can attest that this remarkable frag convincingly evokes summers in cottage country, with seaweed, mixed forest, outboard boat engines and marsh areas. But above all, I smell the sun gently beating down on this unspoiled part of the planet. This must be the only vetiver + that smells like my childhood summers, and now you can go there too.

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Great mediterran sea view through vetiver aroma
In my exploration of Pekji creations going first on the ones i thought i wouldn't like I chose as a second candidate Eau Mer. The name is a play on the pronunciation, which in French is similar to pronunciation of its creator's name, Omer, and contains an aquatic theme, the second most dreaded subject for me after animalic scents.

I was less afraid tough after I read the description of Eau Mer, which is inspired by Omer childhood memories, when his uncle took him and his brother to fish. The author defines it as an overview of an aromatic and acquatic mediterranean aroma - a mixture of ocean salt smell, gasoline, jasmine, algae, ouzo. On another level, the author also defines a clean aroma, a sterile hospital environment, where the smell is mixed with water from the ocean breeze.

In my view, Eau Mer explores interestingly the salty nuances that you can get both of vetiver and anise roots - here represented by the typical alcoholic drink of Greece and the island of Chypre, Ouzo. Vetiver seems to me the main thing here, providing the damp aroma and herbal algae and the distant water tap. The opening has a metallic, salty tone, but that blends to the clean aroma and slightly floral jasmine - which I suspect to be the sambac variety due the neroli flower nuance that variety that this variety has and that is in evidence here. The anise smell appears soon after, and it is interesting that it seems in fact less sweet here, slightly alcoholic and complementing the light floral smell. As it reaches the base, vetiver gets increasingly dominant, an slightly salty and green woody aroma that makes me think of a very good quality vetiver and that intrigues me for not having the earthy nuance so evident.

Just as Holy Shit, Eau Mer was a pleasant surprise, one that I did not expect to like and that pleased me. In its exploration, it mades me think of an old classic Annick Goutal which was recently reformulated- Annick Goutal Vetiver - but without the watermelon nuance that sounded strange at the Annick creation. It is a creation that fulfills the purpose of the author's memory at the same time offering a quality interpretation thereof and easy to use. Certainly falls under the category of good vetiver perfumes.
7.5 7.5 10.0 9.0/10

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The Birth of a Star...
EauMer opens with a quite natural smelling bitter green orange and herbal green leaf accord tandem with a slightly sparkling gentle marine undertone. Making its way to its early heart the composition stays highly linear as it soon falls into an approximation of the classic reference Eau de Cologne style but with the marine aspect growing in strength and adding an airy ozonic quality with just a tinge of pollution and jasmine florals. During the late dry-down the slightly polluted ozonic marine accord recedes, revealing a pleasant clean, slightly sweet musky base the melds with its remnants through the finish. Projection is excellent and longevity nears outstanding at about 15 hours on skin.

I was lucky enough to sample this composition well over a year prior to its release when the perfumer was generous enough to allow me to blind sniff a sample under a different holding name. I actually wrote most of the comments in the objective section of this review back then as feedback, only tweaking them modestly for this review of the now finished product with its final (and dare I say ingenious) name, EauMer. One of the things I added into the descriptor that I did not pick up on well back then is the "pollution" aspect. When I say "pollution" I don't mean the kind of rank scent one smells with rotting rubbish hovering in the air from a trash bin, but rather the kind you might smell as the wind whips over the sea letting one catch a whiff of airy ozonic marine with a tinge of something not quite pleasant, but really not *unpleasant* either. The whole thing conjures up maybe a grove of orange trees overlooking the slightly polluted sea, where you get the whole fragrant experience together, smelling both realistic and absolutely fabulous. Apart from its extremely interesting and unusual natural smelling marine aspect, EauMer sets itself apart from pinnacles in the fresh citrus and marine genres with its tremendous performance metrics while still maintaining all the quality of compositions like Eau de Cologne by Chanel. In fact, EauMer lasts and lasts on skin to the tune of a solid 15 hours with excellent projection. This is truly a gorgeous, easy to wear reference caliber composition in the "fresh" genre, and indeed if Pekji ever could ramp up production, they would surely sell a heck of a lot of this stuff as despite words like "marine" and "pollution" EauMer is extremely accessible and easy to wear at all times. Folks, take note right now that the fiercely talented perfumer behind EauMer and the rest of the amazing Pekji compositions, Omer Ipekci, is more talented than most of the top names in the field and those lucky few smelling Mr. Ipekci's compositions now are witnessing the birth of a star in real time. I recommend anyone reading this review to not miss out! The bottom line is the $105 per 30ml bottle EauMer is as good as it gets in the fresh genre, both in fragrance profile and performance metrics earning an "outstanding" rating of 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 and an extremely strong recommendation to all.

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