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Ruh is a popular perfume by Pekji for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-spicy. It is still in production.

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Amber, Cardamom, Rose, Coffee, Jasmine, Musk, Oud, Patchouli, Saffron, Sandalwood



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Submitted by Drseid, last update on 30.07.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review    18
I was tired, sat down in a café. The area was deserted and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul's shopping streets. A young woman came to my table, wearing dresses made of very fine black fabric, probably silk. Floating, as it were, she first moved towards me, but then away from me again. She was accompanied by a strong scent of saffron. Somehow I had the impression that I had seen her before, but maybe it was just the smell of saffron that made her seem so familiar. In the meantime she had already moved too far away from me. Unable to move at all, I froze - had I dreamed or was I awake? I looked in my memory.
The café suddenly filled up, the owner placed a vase with a bouquet of deep red roses on my shaky table and smiled at me. I stretched out in the sun, involuntarily burying my nose in the flowers and opening my lips. The roses smelled so delicious.
I don't know how much time wasted that way. Finally I got up and went to the bar to pay for my mocha. Or rather: I did not go, but I floated like that young woman in black robes. Mechanically I put a banknote on the brass plate in front of it and walked into town. When I came to, I noticed that I was in front of the Blue Mosque. It began to dawn.
I had tried to escape from myself far away. But now I had arrived.
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693 Reviews
Spiced Rose Oud Or No Oud; Ruh Has Soul...
Ruh opens with a brief blast of saffron spiced jammy dulled rose before quickly moving to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the saffron led spiced jammy dulled rose remains the focus, now joined by a hybrid tobacco and Oud-like significant supporting accord. During the late dry-down the jammy rose abruptly fades, leaving traces of the now gentle saffron spice to couple with a dry slightly powdery accord through the finish, Projection is excellent, as is longevity at over 12 hours on skin.

Ruh on first glance comes off as an extremely high quality rose and Oud composition, but while there would be nothing wrong with that, it really doesn't tell the whole story... First off, the rose used by perfumer Omer Ipekci is absolutely gorgeous. It has a spiced dull jammy quality to it with an underlying faint powdery sheen that is not quite the same as any I have encountered to date, with the saffron spice playing a key role in its transformation. Also quite interesting is the key supporting tobacco and Oud-like accord in the composition's middle that most likely is actually spice derived. Things stay pretty linear, but seemingly out of nowhere the jammy rose abruptly disappears, leaving remnants of the spice to pair with gentle dry powder in the base. This late dry-down is probably the least interesting aspect of the composition, but the powder never even approaches worrisome levels, meshing perfectly with the spice remnants. At the end of the day, Ruh is all about appearances but things aren't necessarily as they seem. There *could* be some Oud or maybe even some tobacco in here, but I think not. There also *could* be some oakmoss in the base behind the powder, but I am leaning against that too... I guess what ingredients were used to create this stellar work is more for mystery buffs like me to debate. More importantly for most is that Ruh, regardless of what is in the composition smells absolutely amazing, impressively walking the tight wire of smelling faintly familiar and altogether unique at once. Kudos to emerging star perfumer Ipekci for pulling this one off! The bottom line is the $105 per 30ml bottle Ruh is puzzler in all the best ways, earning an "outstanding" 4.5 star rating out of 5 and an extremely strong recommendation to all (even those that typically dislike rose compositions).

94 Reviews
Arrogant coffee with the strong opinion that it is oud
I had tested Holy Shit first, so it took a day or two to get around to trying this one. I shouldn't have waited... what a whopper of a fragrance. A massive resinous sugared coffee but almost on a spritual plane. Not of this world. The full on coffee smells smoky on my skin and not really like coffee. It reminds me of spicy myrrh and baclava sugared pastries. This has a huge boozy quality to it that is dry and almost oud in it's behaviour. The darker ambery side lets very little of any flowers through to show up on me. I'm getting darker woods with spices like cardamom and saffron and warmed with slightly smoky, burnt strawberries. The whole caboodle ought to be massively heavy and cloying, and yet it is not at all. It behaves as a good oud and sings on many levels above, as if it were on a higher plane and looking down at the scene below. Nice entry to perfumery.... with a sledgehammer. Loving this one.

Fans of slumberhouse.... get in the queue right now.

190 Reviews
Non amber and oud take on the orient
Pekji Perfumes Ruh. Once I have made an immersion in the 5 Pekji creations, it's hard for me to say which is my favorite, whereas all are very well made. But from the beginning Ruh stood out: its scent was what permeated my pack and stayed as an indication that the week of evaluations would be very good.

Ruh is part of creations trio that Omer defines as spatial (Holy Shit and Eau Mer also part of this trio), since they use the combination of aromas for a more abstract impression of an environment. Ruh, which means soul, it is as if captured the eastern soul avoiding falling in Western cliches. Therefore, there is no dominances of amber or ouds, synthetic or natural, in this composition.

Ruh for me is mainly a combination of coffee aroma, fruity roses, spices and white flowers. It's something I really associate with an oriental atmosphere, a full-bodied aroma, striking, rich in its nuances. The first thing I notice is the smell in Ruh Roses, sugary and fruity roses. They mix with the smell of spices, which seem abstract in composition. The aroma of coffee is remarkable to me and shares the scene with the smell of roses, as if someone was taking a roasted coffee freshly prepared in an environment where the aroma of them spreads.

In the background of the composition, I realize a white floral sensuous aroma, which at first I thought it was a lily of the valley chord, but which is actually jasmine combined with the rose producing this sensation. This is a narcotic jasmine aroma, an aura almost neon and with fruity grape nuances that only appear discreetly at the very end of the composition.

One thing that strikes me is that in Ruh to avoid the cliché of oud it seems to suggest it the mainly through the presence of rose and spices It's like you mentally fill the aroma that is formed with the oud. Another interesting thing is that Ruh has a fantastic duration of the roses on the skin. It develops working, as some Arab perfumes, more in a linear way while keeping the main notes, so that you will realize the different details of them over time. It is a magnificent scent, high quality, a beautiful modern homage to the east.

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