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Purple is a new perfume by Perfume.Sucks for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-spicy. It is still in production.

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Andreas Wilhelm

Fragrance Notes

Ambergris, Swiss stone pine, Maceal, Mimosa, Frankincense, Ginger, Hedione



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Submitted by Garcon, last update on 28.01.2019
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Greatly helpful Review    19
The strange ways of the alleged mimosa are however only later topic. At first it smells - and I am not the first to notice this - of carty iris, woody underlaid. Since I am of the opinion that iris and wood go well together, it starts off well; I like to book a blob of glue as a small edge.

And the prelude did not promise too much, the following knows how to please as well. Woody-powdery, a hint of resin, a tiny bit of fresh florales. I even imagine a minimal citric sherbet powder note in the underground. Purple' is more aura or veil than perfume.

The beak, of course, is a sour-leathery twist, for which wood may be responsible to a large extent. But Rose might also be there, as she is sometimes involved in such missions. Even in the course that the pyramidal mimosa I mentioned may become plausible because of me, I would certainly have unsupportedly typed on watery rose instead, which mixes originally with the carotene iris. The final point under my relevant considerations sets a soapy noble rose approach in the advanced morning.

Enough of that, the floral performance is not that prominent at all, it subordinates itself to the diffusely floating overall picture and performs its acting tasks well. In the afternoon a woody thought and an idea are added to the smoke. Everything is well done and of unconventional, but never obtrusive freshness.

It's a pity that just that freshness back out becomes a bit lame and blurs in a watery pinkish something, like an aroma that has too much liquid to take care of. Nevertheless a respectable newbie with a splash of originality that looks good in any office.

I thank Garcon for the rehearsal.
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Helpful Review    4
The Phantom
Purple is a great, attractive and futuristic color - not only for our dear Taurus ;-). Therefore the next test was Perfume.Sucks. "Purple" on the table. Anyone can do blue ;-) A scent of iris - I would certainly have typed without looking at the scent pyramid. But it can still be, after all the pyramids are never really complete, often even misleading.

"Purple" is a soft, powdery little fog you can't find. It comes to you. A delicate plant, more the ghost than the shell. Ambergris and frankincense merge skillfully and of high quality (even if again highly synthetically!) to a soft veil of harmlessness. Nice and wise, pretty and fragile. Ginger and mimosa lighten the fragrance and push it clearly in the feminine direction without making it completely unusable for men. In the future, for which color and fragrance clearly stand, the gender boundaries seem to be blurring a little more anyway... Androgynous aerobics of all ages.

Flacon: booooring... one would call in the Rocky Horror Show
Sillage: super discreet and very close... no track.
Shelf life: already better... 6 hours

Conclusion: for shadows in neon color and advertising in pink, for David Bowie and Prince, for heaven and paradise.

P.S.: The headline refers to the cheesy, friendly superhero bullshit from the 90s with Billy Zane! To stick to the heroic theme...
6.0 4.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Very helpful Review    9
A summer night in Gotham City...
Today I come to the fourth perfume.sucks fragrance, the brand that seems to be making fun of itself. Does the brand mean "fragrances suck"?
Anyway, you shouldn't take such names too literally and say something like "Hello, I'm looking for scents that suck" in a perfumery... :D Otherwise you'll be presented with Aventus by Creed... okay okay, I should really stop making fun of the Aventus freaks, he he he he :D

Soo, the first three fragrances of this fragrance series were quite nice or at least quite okay. Two remain, the fourth of which is Purple. It's a simple name, but it sounds good. Especially since the color looks really great. Reading from the scents also quite nice, I am curious how he smells now so.

Oh, yeah, my title? ... Is it something to do with comics again? A little... I'll tell you after the scent description, so you don't leave before. Or called me a nerd. Or rolls his eyes. Or point your fingers at me and say that you already knew that I would write something about comics again. Or... oh, I think that should do it for now.... *sigh* :D

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins fresh with light powdery notes that remind me of an iris and iris root. By which of the given fragrances this is now "caused", I cannot say so exactly. Anyway, it's a pleasant, light scent. Then the scent becomes more flowery, and I think that I now smell the slightly sweetish mimosas, which exude a slightly dry-sticky, but also fresh spring-like scent.
If you smell very close to the sprayed area at the beginning, you will briefly notice a light, medical-looking camphor note. I was able to smell the jaw (which, by the way, goes well with the camphor) for a little moment, but then it was gone again, which is a pity, because I always like pine notes.
Oh... what is Maceal anyway? Hmm... no matter, continue with the text :DD
A little later the stuffy note disappears, but it wasn't strong anyway. One still smells flowery notes, now also some amber, but above all a stronger, herbaceous note (which still reminds me a little of camphor, but also of mint). This turns out a little later apparently than the ginger. The herb that smells good, but unfortunately often tastes horrible :DD
This is how it smells most of the time in the base, where the amber shines through every now and then, but which is rather loose and therefore also very summery. Frankincense also exists, weak, but unusually well optimized for warm days.
In the later base the fragrance also seems a little aquatic to me. The incense is then only minimally present, otherwise it smells further (but very weakly) flowery.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The scent's charisma is mediocre, well, maybe even a little weaker than that. In my opinion, it will be perceived more than at close range rather less at one or at one.
But the shelf life is good, the fragrance lasts eight to ten hours loosely, but at least half of this time it is close to the body.

The bottle:
The bottle is cylindrical and has a slightly thicker base. There is no label, instead the brand name was printed in large violet (or purple) lettering (which makes the fragrance name visible) directly on the bottle. The lid is black and cylindrical. Might seem a bit functional, but the large font and the arrangement of the letters in the brand name make it look okay.

Purple. Oh yes, the colour violet or purple (this is the German name for purple, and not the name for the noises cats make, like purrrr purrrr,... uh yes I just wanted to make that clear for a moment!). Do you know whose costume has purple tones?
No, I'm not talking about Batman now (though in an old Nintendo game he actually had a purplish-looking costume...) ... And I don't mean clergymen who have purple garments like bishops (whose caps are purple or violet, for example). No, I'm talking here about a character who, like Batman, watches over Gotham City (and still fights with Batman a lot). It's Huntress, a hot Italian teacher in a violet-purple costume, who also hates crime and... *sigh* I always get carried away to such things,... things like comics that interest you NULL *sigh sigh* ... and soon there will be commissión to... Captain America. And Iron Man (oh... the bottle of Iron Man is so cool!!!!) is also sometime on the turn *sigh sigh sigh*

Bah... you're banshees. Well then... Purple is a very nice spring scent, which smells pleasantly of floral and herbaceous notes with a little sweetness and generally comes across as fragrant. The powdery notes also give it a somewhat clean appearance.
Due to its loose nature and freshness it is a wonderful summer companion, although it is less suitable for going out as it unfortunately has a low sillage.

In any case, it is very worth testing, especially if you want to have a fragrance that radiates a rather loose amber in the base and therefore also suitable for warmer days, but also has a slightly aquatic floral fragrance
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