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Yellow is a new perfume by Perfume.Sucks for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is spicy-synthetic. It is still in production.

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Andreas Wilhelm

Fragrance Notes

Patchoulol, Ambroxan, Norlimbanol™, Davana, Labdanum, Moss, Cumin



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Submitted by Garcon, last update on 28.01.2019
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Greatly helpful Review    23
Sweaty cumin erupts from a rough surface, armed with a wooden club and a bucket of glue. Demanding! But too much perseverance is not necessary, because within an hour the matter is creamed by Labdanum (recognized without announcement!). The sweaty impression is thereby pushed back, without being completely disenfranchised. It is flanked by a bitter, tarry resin note - Opoponax perhaps? In the course of the morning a moderately heated ascetic Oriental emerges from the Interlude-Man-/Tauer-No.-02 corner, although the latter, especially of course the Amouage, come along richer orchestrated.

Despite this thinner equipment I like 'Yellow' surprisingly well. And a lot better than most of his siblings. Not only because of the oriental orientation, which admittedly leaves open doors. No one should bet on less synthetics than usual for brands.

I can only see the following reason: Close to the skin a powerful earthy aura can be felt. It may be that this is patchoulol - I had never heard of this (replacement?) substance before. In any case, within the assumed synthetic scent image, this note creates a three-dimensionality or depth, so to speak, that other laboratories often lack. Today, the bitter-tinged superstructure (cumin, tar, resin) does not appear flat, but voluminously lined and thus remains interesting. It can be tolerated that the fragrance is almost unchangeable in character for hours on end.

In the afternoon I smell a kind of Tauer rubber, creamy bound. The spice has swapped its sweatiness except for a tiny residue for a warm, late summer evening sunny resin tone, which accompanies me into the evening, before it fades away into a rocky, earthy, rough end.

Conclusion: The best fragrance from the house with the stupid name.

I thank Garcon for the rehearsal.
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Very helpful Review    9
Sun, you didn't feel like deodorant today?
First of all: Thanks to the generous donor of the Perfume.Sucks samples - a really not boring collection! Since the sun from the sky does not pop like for a long time any more, I grabbed first without hesitation to "Yellow". But I wasn't expecting a refreshment or a Somer-Sun-Strand-Quickie, but rather a spicy-creamy patchouli caraway pot, which benefits from the fact that I like caraway in scents much more than in food...

"Yellow" is a human and slightly sweaty caraway scent as it is written in the book. So if you don't know what to do with the Arabic spice, you should go a long way around this perfume and agree with the brand name in this case. The rest can stay. Because the patchouli in combination with a whole team of laboratory discoveries underpins the defensive caraway caraway with a green-brown warmth, creaminess, softness. Almost as if a miniature Orient bazaar had opened its doors under kilo of leaves on the holodeck of the Enterprise. At least interesting, despite monotony.

Flacon: unfortunately it's a bit boring
Sillage: Many people don't like caraway - they hardly notice this one.
Durability: a crystal clear strength - 8-9 hours.

Conclusion: This spicy Semi-Orientale calls out to caring fans without synthetic dislikes "Test me! For the rest, Perfume.Sucks has better things in the back. I mean. I think. I hope so
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6.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Helpful Review    5
Fragrances suck, man! In short, perfumes suck! Well, didn't I always say this? Why do you think I registered here for Parfumo? I wanted to get you away from your stupid passion!!!

But no, all of a sudden you liked my comments. Me somehow cute (which you don't say enough!!), but also stupidly freaky nerdig (which you again say to OFT...). And what do we learn from that? Parfumas and perfumos and all of them who like to deal with perfume are somehow difficult, strange, really weird people :D

Which would probably also explain why the perfumer of this brand prefers to stress that he would create "alcoholic solutions" instead of creating perfumes :D

Well, that doesn't mean you can drink those "scents," does it? Well, I can't guarantee anything! He he he, and start with the fragrance "Yellow". Why this one of all? Well... with several scents of a brand I always try to "tick off" the potentially most uninteresting scents first, so that in my opinion the better ones are left to last, which one can look forward to especially, so after the moth "The best at the end" so to speak (but I don't need to mention that these settings often go totally down the drain! :D).
And since there is cumin in this scent, which I don't like at all, the scent sounds the least interesting of all five scents to me and is therefore tested first. Of course it can also be that this fragrance doesn't smell bad here and maybe even becomes the best of this series :D

All right, I'll snoop around
The fragrance:
Okay, admittedly, although I perceive the cumin as a spicy note right from the start, this is not as bad as I thought it would be with this fragrance. So there still seems to be hope for this fragrance here :D
Anyway, I immediately smell the patchouli with its unmistakable earthy scent, which goes well with the spicy notes, but also makes the scent a bit heavier or more intense.
Only a few minutes later the first sweet notes appear, these should come from the amber or ambroxan. The background of the fragrance is slightly herbaceous green and also mossy (well, moss is also mentioned after all), but nevertheless the spicy fragrances together with the patchouli are still very much in the foreground.
Gradually the fragrance seems to become softer. Not creamy, not powdery, but softer. This makes it look a bit looser again, but not fresh.
The spicy notes now smell about the same as sandalwood, which also goes well with the base here, especially together with the sweet notes.

Sillage and shelf life:
Despite spicy scents, the scent's charisma is rather moderate, well, maybe a little better than that. It is certainly not room filling, but a small fragrance cloud could remain for a short while.
However, the scent remains on the skin for a long time, only it is quite close to the body in the very late hours. I'd put the shelf life at more than eight hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is cylindrical and quite simple in itself if it had not been fully printed with the large letters of the brand name. The brand name has been written in yellow to match the fragrance name. The lid is also cylindrical and black. A yellow lid might have been cooler here. Well, it's okay though, the whole thing.

Okay, I have to admit that the smell hasn't gotten soo bad despite cumin. It is not my fragrance, but I don't find it repellent :D
But what I don't understand is that many people here consider this fragrance as a fresh summer fragrance. Okay, it may not be soo heavy now, but for me it belongs more into autumn because it's spicy and earthy and therefore much heavier than the fresher scents that are usually used in summer. Anyway, I wouldn't wear this scent on a hot day like today!

Well, they say that in countries like Arabia you like to use heavy oriental scents even in summer, but I personally find such scents to be exhausting in summer, at least a little bit. But, that's always a matter of taste, so just use it the way you want,... just not near me :DDD

Yes, you can test the fragrance and I am curious to see how the other four fragrances of this brand smell!
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