Cacao Aztèque (Eau de Parfum) by Perris Monte Carlo

Cacao Aztèque 2017 Eau de Parfum

06.06.2018 - 07:44 AM

Don’t fear the Bogey Note

If it wasn’t sprayed on me without warning or warming words, I would hardly have experienced this fragrance: The note "Cocoa”, especially when prominently displayed in the perfume name, usually leads me safely and widely around the fragrance to the next exit.

From the point of view of a cocoa lover, my experience apparently is reversed: sandwiched between chili and cardamom, the bean reveals its true, pristine, nesquick-free beauty. What is, for example, an interesting counterpoint to a noble citrusy-woody-spicy convention like in „L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme“, becomes an unpretentious choir member.

As interesting as I often initially find cocoa notes in perfumes: Curiosity regularly gets the "interesting" with a petrified face . Why? As already mentioned in other comments several times, "chocolate" is frequently expected with "cocoa", and this gourmand note I usually feel as a chocolate mustache in the face of a scent.

In the process, I experience "Cacao Aztèque" essentially as initially light spicy; in particular, the peppery notes and undeclared chili set the prelude ("Series 2: Red - Harissa" sends greetings), which are already beautifully grounded by cardamom and the dry cocoa. In the further course, I perceive floral notes as only slightly independent - at best they accept the melody line imperceptibly, under which the increasingly woody notes already prepare the Drydown.

But that can get a bit too somber.

Remedy if necessary, the layering with a citrus-fruity and / or light-woody fellow who has little solo ambitions. I was recommended there Rojas "Elysium", which I have felt until then as pretty faceless - it was then suitably great; but certainly there are also far less wallet-busting alternatives.

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