360° Red for Men (2003)

360° Red for Men by Perry Ellis
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360° Red for Men is a popular perfume by Perry Ellis for men and was released in 2003. The scent is fresh-citrusy. It is being marketed by Falic Fashion Group.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Clove, Lime, Mandarin, Nutmeg, Orange, Cinnamon
Heart Notes Heart NotesCoriander seed, Lavender, Parsley
Base Notes Base NotesOakmoss, Musk, , Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedarwood



7.6 (215 Ratings)


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5.4 (190 Ratings)
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4.0 6.0 7.0 9.0/10

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Very helpful Review    8
The better Acqua di Giò? Or just a good perfume!

Yes, the Perry Ellis 360° Red is deceptively similar to Armani's Acqua di Giò. Maybe it lacks the lightness and elegance of the AdG, but it has more substance and depth, I think. Also, the performance is definitely not worse, but rather better than the AdG.

If we leave all comparisons aside, it is ultimately a very beautiful (and cheap) fragrance for spring and summer, which always gives a good, sunny feeling. Personally, I even like to wear it in autumn to keep a summer holiday feeling for as long as possible.

Especially because of the not inconsiderable price difference to AdG, I can only warmly recommend 360° Red; at least for those who don't necessarily attach importance to the original, but just want to smell good...
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7.0 8.0 8.0 7.0/10

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Quite passable scent dupe for Acqua di Gio
I love Acqua di Gio. But since the latest bottlings of this scent icon from the 90s unfortunately only last 2-3 hours on the body with a mediocre Sillage, I was looking for a suitable scent Dupe, which has the same or similar scent properties as the original, but lasts longer. 360 For Men then also fulfils this purpose, but unfortunately nothing more. The fine fragrance nuances of Acqua di Gio and also its fruity, unobtrusive elegance are simply missing. Immediately after the drydown, 360 for Men starts an unpleasant odor odyssey in the background for me. Somewhere between the heart note and the base note there is a strange, cheap, synthetic smell, which creeps out from time to time in a repulsive way. I wonder if that's the oakmoss flavour In any case, something is struggling against the bergamot, orange, pachouli aroma, which is successful in itself. This makes the fragrance in itself rather unharmonious and unfortunately not useful in the long run. Every now and then to the sport or as an everyday perfume sufficient, but when it comes down to it, I prefer the original.
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Helpful Review    5
"Alternativa di Gio
To the fragrance:

Smells 95% like ADG. This one is a bit pepperier and almost more adult I'd say. Durability and Sillage are on my skin even slightly better than the original.


Absolutely everyday scent. An evergreen just in the warm season. No winter scent for me, but it also cuts well through the cold and lets longing for summer rise.
A swiss pocket knife! especially for office work


Well, I think it's natural that an ADG offshoot that is well done is compliments and draws attention to itself..
Therefore guaranteed! Especially among younger women.
All for a fraction of the original ADG
6.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    72
Class conference

Due to the last incidents we were forced to invite her to our house to discuss the matter with you and to talk to you about your sons.

Mr. Ellis and Mr. Armani, nice of you to come. I would also like to start directly with the essentials.
Her sons Perry and Giorgio are constantly disrupting the lessons, so we have to take measures here.
In the class register I found the following entries, which will reflect what exactly it is about.

-Perry insults Giorgio that he's a wimp because he can't last as long as he does.
That may be true, but is not an issue for math classes.

- Giorgio insults Perry, he looks like a dildo, whereupon Perry says to him, he is a frosted glass boy.
You can imagine that Mrs. Hahn went red in art class.

-Giorgio makes fun of Perry for having parsley between his teeth. Perry says Giorgio is not fresh anymore.
For my part, I think they are both quite fresh, but both still splashed themselves with water, which doesn't have to be.

-Perry said he was sweeter and Giorgio looked old, and Giorgio got angry like a lemon. They're still throwing oranges at each other.
Mr. Löffler our caretaker had to dispose of all the flowers. Rose, Jasmine, Freesia and Violet took Giorgio home with them. Perry just said he could live without flowers.

10. May
-Giorgio screams through the classroom " Perry is a cinnamon bun", whereupon Giorgio traded a cyclamen.
That was probably because of the cookies your wife Mr Ellis, but they were also quickly gone.

-After Giorgio Perry insulted as a sandalwood head we had to separate the two musk oxen.

They both don't do much to each other, but everyone has his favourites.
We came to the conclusion that we would put them in different classes.

Perry comes into the 8a, he is a sweet boy, who is fresh in the head and can also endure a lot. He gets along well with modern teaching techniques and knows how to use them.
Giorgio stays where he is, he is precocious and quickly absent, here a few hours of tutoring or endurance training would be useful.

Both will benefit in everyday life.
16 Replies
8.0 6.0 8.0 7.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    13
Elegant freshness kick for the office
As a "freshness fan" I ordered this fragrance blind due to the comments and ratings here. Priced more than in the frame, 360° RFM of the US brand is not necessarily easy to get. But then it worked in the third attempt! :-) The colour red symbolises only in a few cases a fresh scent, mostly blue and white/transparent dominate this area. Not so with Perry Ellis, where colour and shape make the slim bottle a real eye-catcher.

The beauty of 360° RFM: Even the top note doesn't make me think of a typical aquatic à la Cool Water or citric spray à la Versace pour Homme. Although citrus fruits (which I like very much in themselves) set the tone here as well, carnation, nutmeg and cinnamon give them a pleasant springing and, so to speak, a spicy thrust, which is finely integrated into the harmonious composition. In the first seconds a little "clinically" smelling, 360° RFM remains clearly perceptible without being loud. In addition, I actually mean (and that means something to me) to perceive parsley. Not exactly the most famous aromatic herb, but cleverly embedded here.

The overall olfactory impression that emerges after a few minutes is retained from now on: an elegant freshness with moderate sillage, but quite a long shelf life. Attributes like "sensual", "beguiling" or "extravagant" are of course out of place here, but the freshness of 360° RFM stands out clearly from any shower gel thanks to the peppery spice in my nose. It is the ideal office companion from spring to autumn. For me no scent to "bathe in it", but one with a solid and serious external effect, without being directly associated with the boardroom ;-)
2 Replies
6.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

276 Reviews
Helpful Review    8
With Perry Ellis Red on an esplanade and a bit of Estoril sunshine
Today I sat on an esplanade facing the sea for two hours. The light breeze was constantly reminding me the scent of 360º Red sprayed in my clothes. What some glorious two hours. When the sillage fainted, I just went home,

I own ADG currently (a 200ml flask) but I am not a big fan of aquatic/fresh/citrusy fragrances. Perry Elis is not distributed in my country, but I could not resist a special offer in Fragrancenet and bought PE 360 Red for 25€ (200ml).
I was curious about this frag. Is it a clone of ADG? (I hoped not). I always missed some spice in ADG. I think that ADG is a great fragrance but it is not really "my thing".
PE360Red opens with a strong similarity with ADG, but in a good way (for me at least). Besides the strong citrusy top notes you have a mix of Cinnamon (great!) and Cloves (great for some perfumes, horrible as a food condiment). I could not feel the nutmeg but probably I was getting it mixed with the cloves as the scents are not that different. Comparing with ADG I did not sniff either oceanic/water notes (great) or flower notes. The main flower top note in ADG is Jasmin. Probably it would be a nice addition to the PE360 Red top notes. I missed it! On the other hand I am thankfull for the cinnamon.
Some of the top notes made their way to the heart notes. A very nice new note of Lavender showed up with a very faint coriander. Again comparing with ADG, the Armani frag lets you smell some flowers instead of the remaining Cinnamon and other spices in PE360Red. For me that is a plus for PE360, not a minus.
The dry down and bottom notes of PE360 Red are preety similar to ADG. Both leave a trail of Wood tempered with faint Musk and Patchouli.
As a conclusion I would like to comment that this fragrance is recommendable as a fresh citrusy EDT or even as a look alike of ADG.
But speaking about inexpensive citrusy scents I recommend you to take a look (a sniff) at Bogart's Silver Scent Pure. It's an amazing fresh fragrance and as cheap as PE360 Red.
No, no sir!... Silver Scent Pure is not a ADG clone.

I wonder why some people are so obnoxious with inexpensive very good colognes and keep on commenting "cheap, does not last, synthetic" and so on. I have seen that opinion stated at 360º Red many times.
360° Red for Men by Perry Ellis is a very good fragrance. In my opinion it is a day time cologne that should be used in mild or hot weather. It lasts quite a while if sprayed on clothes.
Similarity with Aqua di Gio: It is quite high; I would rate it 85~90%.
The vast majority of people will not differentiate them when comparing side by side, in any stage of the fragrance evolution..
I do not differentiate their dry down. Longevity, sillage and projection are similar in both fragrances.

My rates on 360° Red for Men by Perry Ellis:
Scent: 7.5 (Citrus fragrance - not my preference)
Base and Dry Down: 8.0
Longevity: 7.0 (high for a fresh fragrance)
Sillage: 7.0 (high for a fresh fragrance)
Uniqueness: 6.0 (after all it's a clone, although a good one; Another nice clone of ADG comparable to 360º Red is Blue Touch by Frank Olivier)
Wearability: 8.0 (Mild to hot weather)
Usability: 8.0 (Everywhere you can use casual dressing; Gym/Work out; Beach)
Quality: 8.5
Presentation: 5.0 (Lower rates only for some Armaf/Coty/Dana fragrances)
Price: 10.0 (quite cheap for the shown quality)
Staining my shirt: 10.0 (no stains) - not counting for the average

Overall rating: 7,50/10.00
I like this fragrance but I do not love it. My 200ml flask will last an eternity in my closet. Probably I will not buy it again. But nevertheless is a great fragrance. It's just my problem not being a fresh scents lover.
5.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

4 Reviews
my favorite citrus perfume
An extraordinary scent! Similar to ADG but better. And this is what I call it, of course, stimulated by the price of it. And the smell is more special not being as aquatic or floral as ADG.
Negative: bottle! The rest is close to the maximum mark.
I recommend moisturizing the skin before applying it: I get to projection for over 2 hours and longevity to the skin all day at the office.
For those who look for fragrances of up to 20-40 euros and do not go into the analysis of synthetic natural components (and other "connoisseur") I consider it a great option for having a citrus perfume.


Carlitos01 9 months ago
360° Red for Men by Perry Ellis is a very good fragrance. In my opinion it is a day time cologne that should be used in mild or hot weather.+3

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