Oud - Black Vanilla Absolute (2015)

Oud - Black Vanilla Absolute by Perry Ellis
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Oud - Black Vanilla Absolute is a popular perfume by Perry Ellis for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It is being marketed by Falic Fashion Group.

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Fragrance Notes

Rum, Vanilla absolute, Vanilla CO2, Oud, Dark amber, Tobacco absolute



8.4 (204 Ratings)


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1 Review
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Beautiful vanilla with a hint of oud.
Cake with rum and vanilla aroma, a hint of clean, soft oud and a white flower wrapped in a slightly animal tobacco mist. There IS rum in it, there is also oud in it (but not this typical fecal, strong oud) and the vanilla is not at all one-dimensional on my skin. She lives and floats and lingers and breathes and changes all the time. One of my favourite vanilla creations and one of the few tippiest fragrances that I really like

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7.0 7.0 7.0 6.0/10

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One-dimensional vanilla or where are you, rum?
Note: When I mention the original of Guerlain in this commentary, it is not to make an objective comparison between the two scents. This is not possible at all, because I only smelled the Guerlain once and of course cannot have an exact impression. So if I draw an apparent comparison here, it is only in order to draw up an imaginary foil from which it becomes understandable what disturbs me about this scent in reality. So it's not about what's better about the other scent, it's about what Perry Ellis would have to be like for me to like it.
I bought the Perry Ellis because of the admittedly very ephemeral impression the Guerlain had left in my scent memory. Whether this impression itself was solid is of negligible importance here.
So what did I think I appreciated about the Guerlain? I tested the fragrance in midsummer, but not the best time of year to sniff it - and yet: I liked it, it was less vanilla-heavy than I had guessed. On the contrary: the rum, I think, loosened the whole thing up. It was something easy that didn't even bother me in the midsummer sun.
So it was on this basis that I bought the Perry Ellis - a bad buy, as it turned out. Because if the scent I had in mind was a "boozy vanilla" with a distinct light-footedness, his discount version turned out to be a heavy vanilla with a double bottom. I almost smell vanilla. You can also smell the rum, but it is clearly too weak for my taste. One senses a breath and wants to force him to spread out and show himself in full splendour. But I'm afraid that doesn't happen. Instead of spiritually balancing the vanilla note, the rum is just a tiny accent crushed under the vanilla blanket. Unfortunately, the fragrance loses its complexity and becomes a one-dimensional vanilla for me.
For me, the fragrance is only beautiful when I smell it in a kind of contemplative place on my hand. Then I can consciously enjoy the rum - of course by strengthening it in my imagination. In the Sillage, however, only a penetrating vanilla cloud remains, which even somehow smells 'cheap' to me. One knows this fragrance impression of vanilla coconut skin creams, from which one sometimes gets a whiff of a person passing on the street.
So no scent for me. I don't want to make him look bad either. Under two criteria it is perhaps better, than described by me: 1. it is in each case a better lady smell by the Vanillelastigkeit and 2. it is for the same reason definitely a winter smell for the same reason Anyway, I had to part with him and keep dreaming about the rum that didn't want to show itself.
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8.0 8.0 8.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    15
Again a " I steal my husband's scent " scent ^^.

Actually I only wanted to write a statement but the thing with the characters ^^ no matter how often I started new and how I wanted to write it, it did not work, always what was missing or is the smell in my eyes then still more value like a statement. # Frauhattausenddingeimkopf #ichbrauchmehrzeichen

So let's go, as you can already see from the superscription, it has once again been a purchase from my better half. He's always coming around the corner with new scents and that's how it was here too.

He says: "Schatziiiiii, my new Perry Ellis is here, come sniff around "

I'm like, "Who's this? Perry Ellis? Who's that? Never heard of .

If only I hadn't asked but just sniffed ^^

Because now followed a half hour lecture about Perry Ellis, why this fragrance, how great the bottle would look, how great it smells, how happy a man is, which fragrance twinning is indicated and what a bargain it was. He was very proud, the man ;-) #eristschonsüß,derMann

Yeah, wow the price sounds really good and 100 ml again. Cheeky as I am, I say once again...okay you take it then also to the grave ;-) . #Givennotsmaller ? ^^

No there's not smaller he says and then he sprayed off. #endlich

First moment and I think, wooow very oriental, not too sweet, slightly bitter, a creamy vanilla cloud sloshes towards me. It reminds me directly of Black Orchid, so a little bit, somehow I find it wicked and so different .......dark, warm, sensual, this rum with the vanilla wow and everything at the same time and in me this feeling comes up again, oh I could wear it too.

Still, I keep this thought with me and congratulate Mister Parfüm-Men on this great discovery. # proud to stand on his100ml

The rest of the evening I sniff at him every now and then, I really like the smell, he invites to cuddle.

In thought, I have the fragrance but already applied to me ;-) I imagine how I would smell with it.

Since I already know that he doesn't like it so much when he has to share (although it's 100ml) I praise him again for his great choice and then ask him quite nicely if I may use the fragrance the next day.

It came back as it had to.... first sentence " But please don't spray too much " . Small miser, I think to myself so and benicke his sentence ;-). #erhatjaimmerrecht

The next day I wore it ( 3 sprayers ) and it was really enough to have a nice Sillage and to feel my vanilla rum tobacco cloud all day long around me.

I like the whole interplay of the fragrance, not too sweet, not directly feminine but still very interesting.

Again a great discovery :-) and recommendable for both sexes.

Scarlet #this well-beloved stone bottle must be ordered
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8.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    12
Boozy Vanilla
That Perry Ellis was in the game with my last order last month. He's been on my watch list for a long time and now he's standing here. A good buying tip for the coming autumn/winter. Overall, this is a great less known brand with great value for money fragrances. I own the Aqua dio Gio-Double 360 Red and the Allure-Double M will probably be bought soon.
I made a blind purchase here. Can you dare with the ratings, the pyramid and this price. 100ml you get between 30 and 40 euros. Fair and absolutely valuable for this quality. It is also said to be a Double of Spirituose Double Vanilla, which I don't know but which is highly esteemed here.

The bottle looks noble. The sign is reminiscent of a private blend. Well made with a prollige golden lid. One of three from the Oud series next to Vetiver Royale and Saffron Rose.
The pyramid is very clear and the scents are also good to smell. Also great smell development is to be recognized rather less here. The star of the creation is, of course, vanilla, as the name suggests. Vanilla is in the foreground from beginning to end. In addition a boozy rum note and a pleasant over not too penetrating tobacco note. This vanilla-rum-tobacco mix is very successful and also very suitable for the nightlife. It is not a second Tobacco Vanilla, because especially the lush spices are missing and here a great rum note is present. Also so: A very high-quality fragrance that has a lot of class and elegance. But through rum and tobacco also a little playful and wicked. Amber is rather less active, but provides a sensual touch. For the Oud title I can see extremely little Oud. I don't notice a clear oud note when minimally active in the background. Oud enemies should not be deterred.
All in all a beautiful gourmand who has rightly reached the 8.5 here. Altogether one will not make oneself enemies with this smell. A true crowdpleaser that will suit both sexes equally well. A good choice especially for leisure on colder days and for evening and night life. And for this price.
Also the performance is great with many hours durability and a good sillage. The Sillage is not as devastating as many other vanilla fragrances. Well dosed for this rather penetrating fragrance type.

Overall, I make my recommendation. Especially for those who like vanilla, rum and tobacco.

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7.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    34
Blueberry basin Reloaded
"Little Schoork wants to be picked up from the blueberry basin"

He doesn't! He just wants to stay in there. He won't get out of there.
So my comment about the Kalemat of Arabian Oud started on 15.08. and what should I say? I'm lying down again!
There's no such thing.

Anyone who read this commissioner then and found it boring can switch now. There must be a movie playing on Pro7. If you like documentation, you can stay tuned.

So the perfume................................................................................................
Bullshit. I'll get back to normal.

One by one...

This is more of an introduction now...not that I didn't say it before.

Slowly the summer is in its last stages, many fresh fragrances had to be used in the last weeks to make the days more bearable and slowly the desire for something else grows. Again a real Wummser, which fits well for the coming colder time.

Even before the summer I tested the Tom Ford Noir Extreme and have refrained from a purchase, because it did not fit to the season, now it was very attractive in price and I struck especially since the said season for it is coming.
For a long time this Perry Ellis lay in my watchlist, without knowing that he resembles the Kalemat, which I liked so much nevertheless so much.
The reason why he was on my watch list at all was of course the positive resonances, the good note and that I also like vanilla. And rum, oud and tobacco? Yummy!!!!!

By the way, this is still the introduction!

But now you can't test Perry Ellis very well, if you don't try the souk, so I decided to buy it blind, because the price for 100ml is really cheap. Whereby this costs more today than on Friday, when I ordered it..so be careful if someone feels animated to buy.

Introduction End.

So now comes the part with the wide grin on his face.

The bottle...

So I unpacked, I don't need to explain now, right? So, foil off, cardboard open and bottle out.
Wow, that's a moped.
Sturdy thick brown glass with golden plaque in the belly. Chic and noble up to the golden cap plus decoration, because they are made of plastic.
But makes nice click and clack when open and make and lies very nice in the hand.

The scent...

At first I sprayed it on my arm to test it for the first time and Woahhhhhhhh I first recognize the alcohol, the rum, but not as strong as I got to know it for example in the Bentley for Men or in the Dark Rebel, also in my Replica Jazz Club the rum is much more penetrating. There one must have usually desire on it, otherwise it can go you also on the cookie.

That's just a slight hint at first and then the vanilla already sets in, clearly recognizable, but not only...there's something else I can't interpret, because now he's starting to remind me very strongly of the aforementioned Kalemat. Hence the Woahhhhhhh.
My previous speaker wrote cherries, I recognize the blueberries which I found so great. If I had recognized vanilla in the calemate, which is actually not in it, it is here the berries which are not in it. Crazy!

I am flashed, so so Woahhhhhhh I tell myself how awesome it is then and sprayed me with it. It's also not too sweet at all, it's just made very fine. Very oriental. Creamy and a little powdery, no racket of one umhaut.
He doesn't have a great scent, later it comes along more easily and some tobacco is added and I don't really notice anything from the oud, but that doesn't bother me. The best is to hold and hold and hold. 8h are nothing.

The conclusion...


Who would have thought? I was sad that the Kalemat was nowhere to be found and now I have it in the form of Oud Black Vanilla. Yes, the Arabian Oud may be of even higher quality and actually have berries in it, but that's enough for me. I am satisfied, especially for a blind buy.

No I'm excited!!!!! Woahhhhhhhhh

Autumn/Winter...you can come.
Are you still there? I see I only have 3200 characters left, was now long or?

But he was worth it.

To Bald

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7.0 7.0 7.0 5.0/10

61 Reviews
It's nice I suppose for Perry Ellis standards...
What we have here is Perry Ellis trying to create a oud fragrance since the rest of the universe is heading into that direction. Do they succeed in doing so? I think not!

This is your typical cheap, synthetic smelling fragrance that you could find in Macy's. The oud is barely there if at all, the vanilla is bland yet sweet & rather annoying to my nose. Typical for this house.

While it lasts a reasonable amount of time,
(8) hours & projects at a decent length & the price is perfect for what you are getting one can't really make to many gripes about this scent, that is if you are looking for quality than I would suggest you run for the hills because you won't find that here.

Over all I'd give this a average rating for what it is. Nothing ground breaking here, I would suggest this to someone who does not want to spend a lot of money yet wants a somewhat of a Tobacco Vanille effect. Just don't expect this to smell like Tobacco Vanille. A pass for me.
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9.0 8.0 8.0 9.5/10

247 Reviews
Very helpful Review    8
A good Gourmand fragrance with a topping of well behaved Oud
I love vanilla, booze, oud, amber and tobacco notes. It looked impossible for me not to like this fragrance. So, I blind bought it and I am glad I did it.
After spraying you get a boozy sweet vanilla scent that reveal an oud background some minutes later.
The vanilla persists almost all the time. As you reach the dry down the vanilla-oud scent is blended with amberish-sweet tobacco notes. The blending is very well made, and if like Oriental Gourmand fragrances, you will love this one.
Nice performance with 2 hours projection, an armlenght sillage at the peak and a longevity of 8+ hours.

Let us see what the maths tell us about this EDT:
Scent opening: 9.0 (my judgement)
Scent dry down: 9.0 (my judgement)
Longevity: 8.0 (average for the existing notes)
Sillage: 8.0 (same as longevity)
Uniqueness: 9.0 (You may get vibes of other vanilla fragrances but this cologne is preety unique)
Wearability: 8.5 (Winter, Autumn, early Spring, Night and Day)
Versatility: 8.5 (yes but with some moderation to socializing, events, restaurants, and office type of situations; Ok for clubbing, night out, bar with friends, dates and "close encounters"; Not for the gymn or any situations where you may swet)
Quality: 8.0 (my judgement; In my opinion this fragrance should perform better)
Presentation: 9.0 (very nice bottle, classy and not tacky; good sprayer)
Price: 7.0 (100 ml for $32.00 + VAT)

Overall rating for this fragrance: 8.40/10.00

I do recommend it. This is the best Perry Ellis fragrance together with "360 Red for men" and "M". I want to try "Saffron Rose Absolute" now.
Watch out Oud lovers out there. This is a Vanilla fragrance with Oud, not an Oud fragrance with Vanilla.
8.0 6.0 7.0 8.5/10

64 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
See Vanilla. See Vanilla Rum. Rum Vanilla Rum.
Have you ever had rum-soaked vanilla spongecake? That's it. That's what this smells like. Especially when you first spray it. The distinction however, is the tobacco and oud that join the party a few minutes in.

If you smell this on a test strip, it's unlikely that you'll be able to appreciate the true fullness of the fragrance as it opens up on the skin. My guess is that's the reason so many people don't detect the oud. To me, it's quite clearly blended in with the amber and tobacco, but nowhere near as dominant as in some other oud heavy fragrances. Plus it's basically absent in the sillage. But it's the vanilla that soon becomes the star as it dries down into the 2nd and 3rd hour. In fact, if you spray this on clothing, that vanilla will last for days and days, easy.

But there are still two things that surprised me when I picked up a newly-released bottle. The first, is that the bottle is essentially transparent and not as opaque as all the ones you'll see in pictures and on YT. The second, is that the fragrance is incredibly subtle - meaning that it doesn't project very well at all. The sillage is decent, don't get me wrong, but I seem to go anosmic to it very quickly, and only get comments when people get in real close.

But boy, those comments in close quarters are phenomenal. If you've got on a wool sweater or maybe a thick turtleneck and you get some of this stuff in there, you're in for a treat. Literally. A rum-soaked treat. There are scents that this is sort of reminiscent of like 24 Gold (minus the raspberry) and Versace Man (minus the saffron), but this is simply far smoother and subtler. I can't comment on the comparisons to SDV since I haven't sampled it, but I can understand why that one has such a glowing reputation. Because BVA is really good stuff.

So there you have it - excellent juice, weak projection. But fear not, for the elegant occasions that this is perfectly suited for, that's all you need anyway. And for a Perry Ellis product? Hell - you might as well freeze it over. Enjoy.
8.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

144 Reviews
Very helpful Review    7
Liquid Vanilla Candle
Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me

The fragrance is nicely composed. The notes are perfectly mashed together. It opens with a gorgeous boozy vanilla kick that reminds me of baking the cookies during the festive season. Beneath the rum and vanilla there is a shady darker note, like a moist soil, possibly due to use of some oud or even patchouli. Usually vanilla is a boring, one-dimensional, attention-grabbing note, but tobacco flower perfectly saves the day from the vanilla monotony. Under all these layers I can sense some salty ambergris or amber accord and Iso E Super woody undertones.

This composition reminds me of beautiful Esteban’s Vanilla candle with its waxy, calming quality. It is serene, romantic and warm. Like a well-educated introverted person.

Rating: 7.5/10

More on Scentimentalwords
1 Replies
10.0 5.0 7.5 9.0/10

96 Reviews
Very helpful Review    5
I'm guessing not many people have smelled Morphine or Helium. This perfume smells exactly like those two: sweet, boozy and balsamic. I don't notice any tobacco. It's mostly a boozy sweet cinnamon smoothed together in a dessert. The dry down reminds me of frankincense: super smokey and woody. It is similar to SDV but not as boozy. Is this a perfect replacement for SDV? No, but it is damn close. It lasts and projects more than SDV but it is not what I would call a power fragrance. I can see myself spraying this liberally. The bottle is great: heavy and with a metal top. The price is great too so get some while you can cause I am sure they will raise the price once it comes back in stock.
10.0 7.5 7.5 9.0/10

11 Reviews
Greatly helpful Review    6
A nice surprise!
Yes! I'm glad to say that the fragrance exceeded my expectations.

The presentation is outstanding, the pictures don't make much justice to it. Beautiful box, heavy bottle, metallic cap, excellent atomizer, nothing cheep like CH Prive for example.

The juice is very well blended, is not an oud or a vanilla bomb. I get a Coca Cola Vanilla vibe, with rum, tobacco, oud and something fruity, maybe plums. Is kinda linear but that don't bother me to much because its smell is delicious.

The performances are good, nothing out of this world, but still very decent for this kind of fragrance, moderate projection with about 8h of longevity.

If you love fragrances like Dolcelisir, Eau des Baux, Tabac Rouge and you find a good price for it(40-50$), I guess would be a reasonable safe blind buy for you.

Is miles away better that many of the newer designer releases, like Ch Prive, Spicebomb Extreme or La nuit Intense!


AmberScent 3 days ago
A very good vanilla fragrance with the right amount of oud and amber to keep it an oriental sweet scent. I do recomend this inexpensive gem!+3
Carlitos01 10 months ago
I love vanilla, booze, oud, amber and tobacco notes. It looked impossible for me not to like this fragrance.+4
Hajuvana 20 months ago
Lacks the floral edge of SDV, hence more casual in a good sense. I guess that boozy, dark, clean & woodsy ...thing somewhat resembles oud.+2

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