Sable & Soleil by Phaedon

Sable & Soleil 2016

15.06.2018 - 06:09 AM

Beautiful marine flowery

I'm not familiar with Phaedon fragrances and I chose this one to start exploring the house, because it's by Pierre Guillaume and I love how this handsome nose manages to get a tropical, escapist twist out of every fragrance he makes.
No exception here, where tropicality is allegedly stated in the name itself, Sable&Soleil (Sand&Sun).
The overall impression is of a soft aromatic with a floral accord. The base of sandalwood and jasmin provide some body for the vanilla-coconut heart.
The coconut effect is similar to Virgin Island Water: watery and transparent instead of gourmand and meaty.
In the dry down the aromatic aspects becomes more and more prominent, revealing a semi-bitter geranium and spice accord.

I sense the notes list isn't true to the ones I smell. I definitely smell an ozonic-salty note, plus the spicy, at times pungent notes, and a herbal vibe that are not listed.

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