Pure Grace (2003) Eau de Toilette

Pure Grace (Eau de Toilette) by Philosophy
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Pure Grace (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Philosophy for women and was released in 2003. The scent is fresh-powdery. It is being marketed by Coty.

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Fragrance Notes

Bergamot, Jasmine, Lavender, Musk, Waterlily



6.0 (12 Ratings)


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5.4 (12 Ratings)
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240 Reviews
She or He is So Clean!
Just imagine a relative trying to set you up on a blind date and in spite of your initially emphatic protests sighting every possible common sense reason from (a.) 'I can handle this myself' all the way to (z.) 'I already know there is something wrong with this person or they wouldn't be agreeing to go on a blind date with me.' You eventually acquiesce, partially out of a morbid curiosity about what, exactly, their malfunction will be revealed to be. So, you open Pandora's box by asking "Uh...ok, tell me a few things about this person- why do you think we should meet? What makes them so perfect for me?" and you get this reply "Well, for one thing...She/He's very clean". Your heart nearly explodes with the joyful realization that you're about to meet your soul-mate, right?! What are the chances! But just to push yourself into permanent euphoria you press on asking "...and what else?" to which you get the reply "hmmm, well She/He's quiet, organized and likes to collect and catalog bars of soap, so there's that, as well." - Your mind is blown; Sold! Where do you sign up for your destiny!

Well guess what- those also happen to be two of the three key characteristics of Pure Grace by Philosophy. 1.Clean, 2. Discreet & subtle and 3. Reasonably priced in a simple no-nonsense package. Scent-wise, this is a near replica of Carriere by Gendarme, if you have one of these you needn't bother sampling the other, they are so close. Provides just a wisp of a lingering aroma which disappears entirely after 1 hour with the EDT. The Rollerball oil and solid forms provide about 3 hours of wear before reapplication is needed. The Shower gel, condition and lotion combined with the roller ball oil might buy you a decent 8 hours of 1-2 inch radius of projection, but I've tried all these things at once, several times and gotten literally no reaction from anyone, good or bad and felt simple fresh- nothing more, nothing less. Yawn!

Carriere is probably made from slightly higher quality ingredients. Both Pure Grace and Carriere are strictly low sillage short lived clean soapy affairs with a dash of lavender and a pinch of the blandest clean white musk available- so clean that they make Jovan's White Musk seem like the scent of harlots of biblical proportion. Pure Grace is one of the 2-3 scents I would not be offended by if my Dentist or Doctor was leaning over me wearing, because I would just assume that they had bathed. I went in big for this whole line a few years ago when I was a Restaurant Inspector, and it was perfect for that type of professional application. Now that I've moved on in the world, I feel no need to go back for more of this, since I have a bottle of Carriere that I will also never bother finishing. This is not the fragrance that exotic wild magical dreams are made from unless perhaps One is a Virgo with Virgo Rising and ascending as well as Virgo in the 5th house, in search of the same for quiet walks on even clean sidewalks and soap shopping, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that if it makes thy soul feel pure and good. Personally, I'm a Cancer with Leo Rising and Aries ascending so, I'm going to play in the sun with dirt and dogs and then make a big messy garlicky feast in the kitchen while wearing something spicy and hot.

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All Too Redundant
Philosophy PURE GRACE is a serious shower-in-a-bottle in the bottle scent whose sole purpose appears to be to make the wearer smell as though s/he recently showered. No surprise really, since it's printed right there on the label: “nothing smells better than soap and water clean”. As I recently bathed, it all seems a bit redundant to me.

The philosophy here is one of inoffensivity: don't rock the boat and by all means avoid drawing the attention of the perfume police to you! Very much in line with the output of the house of Clean, PURE GRACE smells like a middling hotel soap with a sliver of vetiver thrown in for good measure and reminds me in its personal-hygiene-obsessed intention of breath mints or scented deodorant (both of which I shun). I prefer to start with a clean body and then layer on top a bona fide perfume. That said, since I have it, I might wear this fragrance now and then, when I know that I'm going to be in a congested public setting, such as today, when I'll be at the library surrounded by people some of whom really could use a good lathering... Perhaps my just-showered-smell will inspire them to raise the (soap) bar and finally suds up! On ne sait jamais...

Update: okay, after about an hour, I could not even smell PURE GRACE anymore. This is definitely much more of an unperfume than a perfume. There are better choices for public-friendly fragrances, it seems to me. TRACY and CERRUTI 1881 are good examples of very clean-smelling scents with a bit of perfumic integrity and depth.“Nothing smells better than soap and water clean”? Au contraire. For example, perfume.

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