Pure Grace Nude Rose by Philosophy

Pure Grace Nude Rose 2017

22.11.2021 - 11:23 PM

Airy floral

As much as I love a good fresh floral scent, the scents in this category (from a multitude of high end brands) frequently fall into the trap of smelling exactly like each other, so perfectly pleasant but without a point of view or discernible olfactory note beyond “clean.” Not so for this beauty! Pure Grace Nude Rose is a clean, airy floral with perspective, and it is identifiable as all rose at it’s heart. Weirdly enough, this scent occupies the same space in my head as my Alfred Sung Shi, despite lacking any aquatic or fruity element. It’s probably the clean coolness and directness of the scent. This was an impulse buy that will be a mainstay in my collection, though next time I will try the new EDP. The toilette has a good longevity, for the concentration that it is, but because I love it so, I of course want it to last even longer.

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