Pour Monsieur / Man's Cologne (Eau de Toilette) by Pierre Cardin

Pour Monsieur Man's Cologne 1972 Eau de Toilette

19.01.2022 - 09:30 AM
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Classical sandalwood fragrance

I have just recently bought a bottle of Pierre Cardin's Pour Monsieur. I love classical fragrances, and as a scent this one is 100% that: a sandalwood heavy, classical barbershop. I have never smelled any vintage bottles of Pour Monsieur, but unfortunately I have to state that current formulation has absolutely no longevity.

I have tested Pour Monsieur now a few times, last time was total 9 sprays, 3x3 pattern: 3x same spot inside both my elbows and 3x on clothes. After 2 hours, it is totally gone. Not even a skin scent. Very unfortunate; the smell is good but no longevity at all makes it a useless fragrance. Not worth even $10.
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