Appelez-moi Seychelles / Paris Seychelles by Pierre Guillaume

Appelez-moi Seychelles Paris Seychelles 2015

12.06.2022 - 09:22 PM

Damp T-shirt and sunscreen

Among all the variations that you can call or associate this beach / leisure type fragrance to is a damp t-shirt from your trip at the beach contacting with the sunscreen, to put it simply; provided that your sunscreen smells similar in the first place (ahah). I don't know if I have smelled other things like this before: there are a lot of salty, iodized, calonic, beach type of fragrances that want to portray many different facets of the experience but I think many of these are becoming a joke and depicting places in such a detailed way, using more than three or four visual hints, I agree with Pierre Guillaume: becomes ridiculous, well not this one. I think the closest beach-floral from the same category I have smelled would be Sabbia Bianca from Profumum Roma and although it has a different key-note and it's at a different concentration I place it in the same 45° degree angle of the spectrum.
I smell a very faint iodized note, not sure if it's entirely due to monoi oil or if there's also ylang. To me Ylang-Ylang is one of the lesser indolic white florals and has an iodized smell on top of a creamy one right after: this is where I start to smell solar amber, sunscreen. It locks in with a comeback to something slightly tart but it isn't all salty. Of course if you weren't trained to like white florals as I do probably you would consider this perfume misleading. It's a really brilliant blend of coastal human experiences bottled for everyone to use. Personally I love to use it to complement my late afternoons from may to september, the creaminess comes forth when you're blessed by the last sun rays and the white florals deploy like one of those gorgeous night flowers after blue hour.
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