05 L'Eau de Circé (2005)

05 L'Eau de Circé by Pierre Guillaume
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05 L'Eau de Circé is a perfume by Pierre Guillaume for women and men and was released in 2005. The scent is sweet-floral. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Ambergris, Woody notes, Honey, Jasmine, Mandarin, Orchid, Osmanthus, Patchouli, Peach leaf, Rose, Ylang-ylang



6.5 (47 Ratings)


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Greatly helpful Review    12
a densely woven fragrance composition
Circe was the daughter of the sun god Helios. (If he really was the father and not again father of the gods Zeus, whose lustful nature is sufficiently known, also became active here. No woman was safe from this womaniser in Olympus and even on Earth. His god wife Hero could still be so angry and throw lightning around her!)
Circe, called the goddess by Homer in the Odyssey, had a loom created by gods in her palace in the middle of the tree-rich island of Aiaia.
Well, good! She has to spend her days with something, because the good one of course had staff - a lot of servants.
But Circe used this loom quite surprisingly: she turned her visitors into "tame" wild animals, which she then kept in an enclosure.
There are visitors (this is especially true for the huge number of craftsmen in the past year) for whom I would like to have this spell; but the times have changed in the meantime.
Of course Odysseus outwitted the good one, his comrades transformed into pigs (and also the other enchanted creatures) got back their original shape.
Only Circe left deeper traces in our present and language than the super-hero Odysseus!

We women are still accused of glamouring men. The male resistance is simply too weak and the legacy of the sorceress is a component of our genes!

Under this aspect I was very curious about the magic of "L'Eau de Circé": I met here a "little sorceress".
Right from the start, mandarin sits comfortably and pleasantly fragrant on a large stack of well-dried wood. In my opinion, it is Central European wood, as it can be found in stacks along every forest path and in every sawmill; nothing particularly exotic and that is a good thing.
In addition the crushed hairless leaf of the peach tree with a bright "green" fragrance is added.
A successful companion, both for the two "door openers" of this fragrance, as well as for the flower of the Osmanthus bush.
As rare as it is (the plant blooms only for one night!), as unconventional is its slightly dull aroma; in green tea it always looks slightly earthy. (A friend of mine once said, "You, your tea's smelting today."
Up to here it is still a slightly fruity green melange; but it changes fast.
At first the orchid comes forward; both of us are not necessarily friends, she often runs me over with her sweetness and strength.
There is a spoonful of nice ripe honey with it; the sweetness is first of all subscribed.
Already now I am grateful for the beautiful wood that is still present from the fragrance opening.
Jasmine, in its gorgeous white, and gorgeous fragrant roses bring ripe flowering to this composition.
When felt, they neutralise the flashing sweetness into a feminine, slightly vibrating round of flowers.
Slowly the fragrance is sorted; everything finds its place, the fights between the fragrances are fought out, "L'Eau de Circé" now resembles a moderately flowing stream.
But this also makes this sorceress a bit boring: she needs a powerful base full of sensual life.
Amber and Patchouli now appear resinously spicy - together a "dream team" for me.
Ylang-Ylang lets bright light reflexes fly through this fragrant painting.
It seems as if fine gold dust or powder would be dusted over warm honey brown summer skin.

The result is a fragrant seductress who enjoys flirting, testing her limits, creating a bit of anxiety - and enjoying all that!
L'Eau de Circé" lacks the sensual depth of a goddess with sex appeal. But to light a little fire, this creation can do very well.
This Circe is tamer, somewhat more subtle than first suspected from the pyramid; but more portable as well.
In situations where the quiet tones are more appropriate, "L'Eau de Circé" is a very good choice.
The wearer's attention is assured; for what develops over time is a feminine, delicate floral scent cape with warming lining.

From such a light-footed creature coming from it no very long life span is to be expected.
But "L'Eau de Circé" accompanies you for a few hours and the fragrance development allows you to spray on it without any problems: there are no unpleasant "entanglements" that could confuse you.

I meet here a sympathetic "water" without big shallows, but nevertheless with beautiful fragrance whirls, which surprise and also delight.
"L'Eau de Circé" is a truly enchanting companion through the day; but no magic potion and certainly no "L'Elisir d'Amore".
More like a charming encounter that leaves us smiling
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7.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    7
Envious magic power
Yesterday I tried Circe, and the fragrance has actually becirst me in the word's boldest meaning.

This ability was also said to me at that time, and even today I still like to flirt.
That lifts the spirits and is non-binding.

Of course, I don't have the enviable magic power of the legendary Circe that could turn people into animals.
This lady housed an entire zoo of tame wolves and lions, who once walked along as humans.
What kind of contemporaries might that have been?
Some nasty homo sapiens would also be better for me as a faithful wolf or cuddly lion.
Because despite my flirting, I appreciate the company of animals.

L´eau also flirts with me.
Elegant woody blends apart with sweet ambergris and flowing honey.
Very attractive.
The aquatic mandarin keeps the scent transparent, so that nothing sticks.
Osmanthus creates noble accusations, irradiated with light jasmine.
Patch provides depth, and red rose petals float down.
In general, the fragrance has something floating and implies the bewitching word : perhaps.
Ylang seems beguilingly soft.

Today, on our day of getting to know each other, I will flirt unrestrainedly with my husband - and, who knows - maybe I will turn him into a cuddly teddy bear?
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