Pink Sugar (Eau de Toilette) by Pink Sugar
Longevity 10.0 Scent 2.0
Will be joining Insolence in the Post-Nuclear Holocaust Perfume Hall of Fame
For some reason Aquolina PINK SUGAR smells like coffee-tinged cotton candy to me. I was expecting cotton candy, but the licorice in this composition smells initially rather like the residue at the bottom of an empty cup of coffee. Unfortunately, as this fragrance dries down, it becomes somewhat annoying to me, smelling more and more synthetic, like cheap candy that's bursting with artificial flavors. I'm not opposed in principle to gourmand licorice fragrances, but, as all black licorice connoisseurs know well, there's a world of difference between Panda and Twizzlers.

I did not expect to love PINK SUGAR, but I don't even really like it and will not wear it again--not even to finish up the remaining 1.5ml in my sample vial. Désolée.

I should perhaps add that PINK SUGAR conforms fully to Murphy's Law of Longevity. After three scrubs, with three different soaps and copious ablution, the smell still lingers on...and on... So it looks as though this liquid will be joining INSOLENCE in the Nuclear Holocaust-ready Fragrance Hall of Fame.