Pink Sugar (Eau de Toilette) by Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar (2003)Eau de Toilette

04.06.2020 - 06:21 AM
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Gourmand Treat That I'll Admit To Enjoying...And It's Pink, Too
Aquolina's Pink Sugar is a pleasant, fun favorite of mine. I'm not a floral person, I love my vanilla scents and will also gravitate towards anything that drys down to my favorite vanilla. Pink Sugar does that for me in a musky way.
On me, Pink Sugar drys down to vanilla, caramel, woodsy, musky and licorice notes. It's more complex than I actually would have thought. As with any fragrance, let its aroma waft through the air and don't let it's initial scent sway you. Wait a good 20 minutes before you decide how it interacts with your own body's chemicals. There are three phases to a fragrance. Delight in all of them. And if you enjoy them all? The fragrance is for you.
I spray Pink Sugar and it reminds me of going into a candle shop and finding just the right vanilla candle. Of opening the candle jar, smelling it and saying that's just the right one. It's not obnoxious to me or cloyingly sweet. It's light enough to wear year round. It transcends age. It's not a young girl's fragrance or a grandma's fragrance, either. If it suits you, it simply does.
After about 30 minutes I do smell the scent of licorice lightly on myself. But it's mixed with a very light muskiness of butter cream caramel vanilla. It has a good lasting power of 12 hours or more, and that's with one spray. I've used the Eau de Toilette and the Parfum.
Frankly, I think the name turns some people off because it sounds young and frivolous so they think it's not sophisticated enough to wear. I'm a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel good, smell good, feel cozy, feel sexy, or whatever you want your mood to be. It shouldn't matter what the price is, or who makes it. After all, are you wearing the label of the parfum on your neck? Or are you wearing a parfum simply to make yourself feel good and lift your spirits?
Pink Sugar makes me feel good. It's a fragrance I enjoy wearing. One of those I'll wear to bed to feel snuggly, too.
I know it's one of those fragrances that fall into the "embarassment" categories and that's too bad that people apologize for wearing something that makes them feel good. How much money is spent on designer fragrances for the name, or design house perfumes again, because of the name? No apologies are made there, are they? But Pink Sugar has such a bad rap because of it's "pinkness", but it's really a delightful fragrance. It's much more complex than one realizes. I love that bergamot, vanilla, and musk , three of my favorite notes, are mixed with licorice and cotton candy. What a gourmand treat. You just wouldn't know unless you try it, and I have and I enjoy it. I'll admit it. I love gourmands and this is one of them. I'm just not embarrassed to admit it. And I'm far older than the target audience, too.

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