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Simply Pink by Pink Sugar
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Simply Pink is a perfume by Pink Sugar for women and was released in 2013. The scent is sweet-fruity. It was last marketed by Selectiva.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Green leaves, Almond, Forest raspberry
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmine, White blossoms
Base Notes Base NotesStrawberry, Licorice, Pink praliné, Vanilla



7.0 (31 Ratings)


6.5 (25 Ratings)


6.5 (25 Ratings)


5.5 (31 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 18.08.2019
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Attack of the killer Maoam
The apartment is somewhat tidy and vacuumed, everything on my todo list feels pointless, so what do you do on such a busy Sunday? Right: Test perfume. And the mood's about to rise, I guess. I'll try a half-blind test, so:
1. Pull sample blind
2. write down first impressions
3. Read names and note further associations
4. Look up the fragrance pyramid and compare it with what you have experienced

So I sneak to my small drawer unit on the bedroom chest of drawers and try not to read the name when pulling out the sample. Pooh made it. To be on the safe side, I stick over the label and feel a little stupid, but what can you do for an exciting comment. The test sprayer is filled to about 1mL with a pale yellow liquid.

I sniff the spray head and take soft, slightly citric, slightly vanilla-kewy notes and am happy that no stinker has caught them. A sprayer on your left wrist has to do for now. The cookie notes take the upper hand here, the citrusiness steps into the background and is more reminiscent of the baking aroma of the lemon type. Light woodiness spreads, the lemon could also be a fat piece of cedar wood, but it quickly disappears again. Whether I find the fragrance pleasant, I can't say at this point yet, it seems a bit too synthetic. Definitely it is not a pure men's fragrance, because in the background a sweetness emerges, which lets one guess that it is a ladies' fragrance - at most a unisex fragrance. A little reminiscent of multivitamin juice at this point. Then the sweetness and fruitiness increase, I smell Maoam, definitely pink colors, taste raspberry or strawberry. Now it's clear it's a lady - or rather a girl's scent!

I pull the blank sticker off the label, it says Simply Pink, I think from Pink Sugar. When I added the sample to my collection I had actually noted that the spray head smells like Maoam and I'm afraid there won't be much left. And yet, it's getting more and more twitchy. It's hard for me to recognize individual notes. At this point I have to say that I don't like the fragrance very much anymore, I had hoped that the fragrance would develop in a fruity fresh direction.
A look at the pyramid reveals the overpresented forest raspberry in the top note, the lemon turns out to be bergamot, the woodiness probably as the fig leaf. The indicated heart notes of jasmine and white flowers are mercilessly lost. The base notes of strawberries, liquorice, which I can't smell explicitly, pink praline, whatever that is, and vanilla make the scent sweeter and sweeter.

The fragrance matches the name and is not uneven per se. I'm sure he'll please all the sweet tooth who want to smell like a Maoam. But it is definitely too sweet for me and, as already mentioned, I would have liked the citric notes to prevail, I could have safely done without raspberry. I still had fun.
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Too pink and fizzy
I had this, but I gave it to my daughter. I enjoyed it, for about a year. It goes on at first with a plasticky smell, but it dries down into a vanilla-y, strawberriness. It is definitely a gourmand, yet fizzy. It's like a virgin carbonated drink one serves their kids on New Years Eve. I just got sick of its super-sweetness and started to develop headaches to it. I still like the Gold Sugar, though. That one is less plasticky-sweet and more coconutty-tropical.
7.5 9.0/10

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Pink Sugar with Less Bark and Less Bite
I've been in love with pink sugar since it was released 10 years ago. I've had the real deal, samples, dupes, and smelt many things trying to impersonate it's character. Pink Sugar is really something else, I've noticed this silly little fragrance getting some growing respect over the years because as strange of a fragrance as it is, it really holds it's own.
I didn't have high hopes for simply pink, simply because it was supposed to be less. Less for me usually doesn't mean better, especially with gourmands. I was still eager to try though and sprayed the top of one of my fingerless gloves. When I first smelled simply pink I was floored. Simply pink is just done right! The top notes delivered me a sugary punch of 3 of my favorite notes. Green leaves, almonds, and raspberry. Wow. That really shook up my senses in a pleasant way, just holding the simply pink bottle I was expecting that all too familiar licorice but it was just totally gone, poof!
The floral heart is pretty and nice, imagine walking through trees filled with white petals showering on you.
The bottom is really nice! A strawberry pink praline?! Unusual, still very sweet and lovely. The licorice vanilla helps the fragrance smell more like the old pink sugar at the dry down. Overall I was just sniff, sniff hooraying with my glove all the way home. Best of all my glove smelt like simply pink all the next day and it was the best smelling drives to school ever. The even better best of all you can still smell a bit of the top notes even till the end, and for me this was so important because the top notes are my very favorite!
I encourage all pink sugar and non-pink sugar lovers to try. Simply pink is still somewhat similar to pink sugar but packing a lot less of a punch. Simply pink is simply pretty! I am head over heels for that green leaf, almond, raspberry combo.
I've had a good run with pink sugar, 10 years of loyalty, but simply pink has me switching sides to try something different. Very pleased with aquolina once again.

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Diet Coke version of Pink Sugar
This is very similar to the original flanker, Pink Sugar. The raspberry, licorice, and cotton candy-like notes are there; but everything is lighter. After going through 2 bottles of Pink Sugar, I grew tired of it; this is a more refreshing take on the original. Of course, if you don't like Pink Sugar to begin with, chances are you won't like this one either.

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