New York (Eau de Toilette) by Playboy

New York 2010 Eau de Toilette

02.12.2017 - 08:19 PM
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Boss Bottled Fierce?

Playboy New York is a nice cheapy but common clone scent but taken in a direction it has never been before. This is Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce, Axe Apollo or Ed Hardy Skull & Roses, and countless other fragrances. But it is one of those with a twist that don't exist in any of that corner of the mass market chick-magnet scent. While it does open like them a lot, in the mid and base, it is as if it was ever combined with Hugo Boss Boss Bottled but in a summery way like say Boss Bottled Tonic or Unlimited. It is an interesting twist on Fierce.

I have to give props to whomever at Playboy fragrance came up with that idea for this scent. I know most times Playboy is sweetened if not gourmand takes on popular fragrances (that are or aren't already sweet scents) but this is really good stuff. It takes Fierce into a new direction and unique enough to not be a straight up clone or dupe. That said the notes to copy Fierce are interesting and very New York with vinyl and aledhydes replacing for fir.

From there, it goes into a nearly Boss Bottled direction with the apple and some slight pepper. This gives it a slight feel of the apple and cinnamon you get with Boss Bottled and its various flankers or smell-alike. It is cemented with a vanilla and tonka bean base. The vanilla and Tonka bean continues the feel of Boss Bottled.

Playboy does a pretty good job while it lasts. Due to the fact that it is Playboy, you get about six/seven hours of longevity but it only projects maybe two hours at a moderate to soft level. A bit lacking considering Fierce. That said it is a lady pleaser while it lasts. My ex-girlfriend loved this on me.

Overall I can give Playboy New York a 7.3 out of 10. If it lasted, it would be awesome because it took a common style scent but twisted it in its own way. It is the best of the Playboy scents I've used honestly. A best of the best in the cheapies.

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